Yu Qi was in the meeting room with Min Gu Su discussing about the patient who just came out from surgery yesterday.
Min Gu Su was involved in that surgery.

Out of a sudden, the blue code in the meeting room lit up.
Yu Qi and Min Gu Su understood that.
They quickly ran outside.
They went to the front desk to ask about the situation.

”What has happened? ” Yu Qi asked one of the nurses.

”Dr Min, Dr Tang, please go to the emergency ward.
There are a lot of patients coming in.
The doctor in the emergency can not handle it. ” The nurse told them.

Without wasting any time, both of them went to the emergency department as quickly as they could.
A lot of patients were at the emergency entrance.
As the nurses said, there were not enough doctors here.

Min Gu Su and Yu Qi helped the patients.
The patients were crying because of the pain.
So, the emergency department was in chaos.

”Try to check those in life-threatening situations first. ” Doctor Lau, one of the doctors in the emergency department said.

Yu Qi spotted a patient that had a tree branch stuck right on his chest.
He just came out of the ambulance van.
Yu Qi quickly got at him.

Yu Qi asked the paramedic about his condition.
They told her that the branch of the tree penetrated the body.
Yu Qi quickly brought him in.

The nurses that received the patient was shocked to see the condition of this patient.
She then calmed down and help Doctor Tang to move the patient into the bed.
Luckily for them, some male nurses there came to help them.

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Yu Qi checked the patient.
It seemed the tree branch stuck on the chest, and wounded the heart.

”This is serious.
He needs to be operated on now.
Otherwise, he would die. ” Yu Qi said.

Help… ” The patient cried slowly.

”Go and see whether other doctors are free. ” Yu Qi instructed the nurses.

After three minutes, the nurse came back with some of the doctors.
The doctors were shocked.

”He needs to be operated on now. ” Yu Qi said and explained the current condition of the patient.

”I can ’t.
I don ’t have enough experience with this. ”

”Me too.
We need to wait for the other doctors. ”

”Other doctors are already in the other surgery.
If we need to invite another doctor, it will take a longer time. ” The nurse said.

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”The patient will die if we wait any longer.
I will lead the surgery. ” Yu Qi made the decision.

We should wait for a more experienced doctor to do this. ”

”Are you insane? I tell you he will die.
We need to operate him faster. ” Yu Qi looked at the doctor that said that and turned to the nurses.
”Go and prepare the surgery room and you call the anaesthetic.
I will lead the surgery. ”

The nurses ran over to complete the order.
One of the doctors stepped forward.

”Dr Tang, I will help you. ” He said.

”You… ” The doctor that told them to wait for a more experienced doctor to come was shocked by his colleagues.

”Okay, let ’s move.
The room is ready. ” The nurses came back and they quickly moved the patient to the surgery theatre.

Ah Kean just finished treating a patient and saw Yu Qi.
He approached Yu Qi and asked her.

Yu Qi told him that she would lead the surgery on this patient.
Ah Kean was shocked.
However, he told her that he would help them too.

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Luckily for them, the anaesthetic was already there.
The surgery began.
First, the tree branch was cut off in front and behind the man.
Then the chest where it penetrated, Yu Qi cut it opened.

Everyone in the surgery room was very surprised by the skill that was shown by Yu Qi.
Her hand did not waste any movement at all.

A part of the tree branch that still inside was pulled out.
The next thing, to treat the wound in the heart was the tricky one.
Yu Qi checked the wound caused by the tree branch.

”What, a first year resident is leading the surgery? ” A doctor was shocked.

It is Doctor Tang. ”

”Is she stupid or what? ”

”She probably makes the decision after considering everything. ”

”No one has expected that something like this will happen today. ”

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”Yeah, all of us have another work at that time. ”

”You can ’t look down on her.
Do you forget who she is? ”

”That ’s right. ”

”So, we just need to wait and see until the end. ”

After four hours, the surgery room ’s light was off.
The surgery was finished.

The team went out.
The patient was brought to the ICU ward for further observation.

”Doctor, how is he? ” Asked one of the people when seeing Yu Qi came out from the surgery room.

”We still need to observe him first.
However, for now, he is out of danger. ” Yu Qi explained.

”Thank goodness, he is safe.
Thank you, doctor.
Thank you. ” The people were thanking Yu Qi.

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”It is our job to save him. ” Yu Qi nodded.

”How the situation in the emergency department? ” Yu Qi inquired to the nurses that just walked passing them.

”Currently, everything is under control. ” The nurse said.

”What has happened actually? ” Yu Qi asked.

”From what I have heard, they are production crew that came and to shoot at the mountain.
And the accident has happened.
But I still don ’t know what exactly has happened. ” The nurse explained.

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