Yu Qi and the team that did the operation on the patient had been called to the conference room on the next day.
When they entered the room, there were doctors in the room waiting for them.

One of the doctors asked Yu Qi why she made the decision to lead the surgery and did not wait for the other doctor that had more experience to do so.

Yu Qi chuckled while telling them if she waited for them to come, the patient right now would already be stepped into another world.

Then they started to ask about the surgery itself.
Yu Qi explained in full detail about the process of the surgery.
Others that followed nodded.

However, Yu Qi said it was not considered a success surgery yet since the patient was still in the ICU ward.

The doctors were satisfied with that answer.
They thought that Yu Qi ’s action was good but still did not recommend that.
However, as for now, Yu Qi was not be charged for anything.

The team was relieved.
Yu Qi then went to check the patient that she operated on yesterday.
There were some people lingering outside the ICU ward.
Probably waiting for the ward to open for visiting.

Yu Qi entered the ICU ward and went to the patient ’s bed.
She checked on the patient.
The patient showed improvement in his health.
He might be going out of the ICU ward the next day.

She realised that the ICU ward was fully packed with the patients today.
The same happened in the other wards.
Probably because of yesterday incident.

She remembered that the nurse had said, there was a production crew involved.
The more she thought about that, the more she was shocked.
She remembered that Song Su Jin had a shooting here too.
Is this her crew?

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Yu Qi went out and walked around other wards.
She spotted some people that were talking in the corridor.

”Excuse me. ” Yu Qi greeted the people.

”Yes? ” A girl looked at Yu Qi.

”May I know, are you from the production crew? ” Yu Qi asked.

We are. ” The girl nodded.

”Is there a person with the name Song Su Jin among you? ” Yu Qi asked again.

”Yes. ” The girl answered.

”Is she okay? ” Yu Qi was nervous when she asked about her.

”She is injured but not serious. ” The girl said.

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”Oh, thank you. ” Yu Qi thanked the girl and walked away.

”Hey, why are you telling her? ” Another girl asked the girl.

”Well… ” The girl did not know to say anything.

”We don ’t know who she is and yet you reveal everything.
She may be a reporter. ” Her friend said.

”But she is wearing the doctor gown. ” The girl was nervous.

”She may take it somewhere.
Let ’s get her. ” Then his friend said.

So the people began to chase Yu Qi.
Yu Qi was going to go to the meeting room where the first year resident sat.
However, her hand was held by someone.

”What? ” Yu Qi was surprised.

”We will not let you release the news. ” A girl said.

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Yu Qi realized it was the group that she asked about Song Su Jin earlier.
She tilted her head did not understand why this girl tried to say to her.

”What are you talking about? ” Yu Qi asked.

”Don ’t pretend to be a doctor.
We know who actually you are. ” The girl said.

”Pretending? ” Yu Qi was confused.

”Doctor Tang, Professor Rein is calling for you. ” A nurse came and informed Yu Qi.

I am coming. ” Yu Qi nodded.

The group was dumbfounded when they heard the conversation between Yu Qi and the nurse.

”Why are these people here? This is a restricted area.
You are not allowed to be here.
Are these people your friends, Doctor Tang? ” The nurse said.

”No. ” Yu Qi shook her head.

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”Misses, please. ” The nurse said showing the way out to this group.

The girl was embarrassed when she misunderstood the person.

”Doctor, I ’m sorry. ” The girl apologised to Yu Qi.

Yu Qi was still confused about what the girl was trying to do.
However, she ignored it and went to meet Professor Rein.

As for the group, they were led outside by the nurse.

”It is embarrassing. ”

”Yeah. ”

”I have never thought she is the true doctor here. ”

”But why is she asking about Sister Su Jin? ”

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”I don ’t know. ”

After meeting with Professor Rein, Yu Qi managed to get information about Song Su Jin.
She was injured.
Her bone was dislocated.
She was currently in a normal ward.

Song Su Jin was surprised to see Yu Qi came and looked at her.

”Miss Yu Qi. ” Song Su Jin was trying to sit.

”Just lay down. ” Yu Qi held her back.

”Oh, okay. ” Song Su Jin stopped moving.

”What has happened exactly? ” Yu Qi asked.

”One of our equipment failed resulting in this to happen.
Plus there was a small landslide. ” Song Su Jin explained.

”I see. ” Yu Qi nodded.
No wonder when she first saw the patients in the emergency department, there were several patients covered with mud.

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”Have you tell Brother Yu Hi? ” Yu Qi asked.

”Well, no. ” Song Su Jin shook her head.

”I know that you don ’t want to disturb him but you need to think about his feelings when he is the last one to know about your condition.
If you are worried that will disturb his work, don ’t worry, I will give him a week off. ” Yu Qi chuckled at the last sentence.

Song Su Jin also chuckled.
I will call him after this. ”

”Take a good rest.
I ’m leaving. ” Yu Qi then left Song Su Jin.

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