The day where they would meet each had arrived.
Mayor Yi and Yi Lishan were waiting at the meeting room when Mayor Yi ’s secretary informed them that the representative from Qi Investment Company had already arrived.
His secretary went to welcome the representative and would lead them to the meeting room.

The meeting room ’s door was opened by his secretary as the secretary invited the people to enter the meeting room.
Mayor Yi and Yi Lishan were stunned as the first person entered the meeting room.

Yi Lishan stood up from his chair.
”Yu Qi? ”

The girl entered and took a seat in front of them.
The person behind her also did so.
Yi Lishan sat back as he stared at Yu Qi.

”Let me formally introduce myself.
I ’m Tang Yu Qi, the owner of Qi Investment Company and this is Ming Xuehai, my lawyer. ” Yu Qi smiled as she introduced themselves to Mayor Yi and Yi Lishan.

”You are the owner of Qi Investment Company? ” Mayor Yi had already recovered from the shock.

”Yes. ” Yu Qi nodded softly.

”But you are a doctor. ” Mayor Yi said.

”Who has told you if you become a doctor, you can ’t own a company? ” Yu Qi rebuked.

Mayor Yi and Yi Lishan were silent.
That was right.

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”So, can we start the conversation regarding the matter? ” Yu Qi crossed her legs.


The discussion regarding becoming the investor for the world class resort was successful.
Mayor Yi did ask her why she wanted to be the investor for this project.

The answer that Yu Qi loved money.
The answer made both the father and son to feel speechless.

When Mayor Yi asked what if the project was unsuccessful, Yu Qi might lose her money.
Yu Qi smiled as she admitted that there were risks where this project might not be successful but she said, she still believed her instinct.

Yu Qi knew that this project would definitely succeed.
However, they would face a problem which was the money.
Someone had embezzled the money from the budget project.

They faced a very serious problem until Bai Group lent their money to finish the project.
Because of that, Bai Group become the biggest shareholder of the resort after it completed and started its operation.

Yu Qi requested 30% of the share of the resort.
Mayor Yi said they needed to discuss with another partner first before making the decision.

Yu Qi told them to call her after they got the decision to sign the contract.

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”That is not the face of the person of a doctor but the face that has a business mindset. ” Mayor Yi commented.

He had seen countless people so he knew that very well.
That girl knew her way of doing the business.

”That girl really knows how to strike the opportunity. ” Mayor Yi commented more.

”So, what is your thought, father? ” Yi Lishan asked.

”I need to ask my partner about this. ” Mayor Yi answered.

Father, I will return first. ” Yi Lishan wanted to excuse himself.

Mayor Yi nodded.
Yi Lishan left the place.

”Tang Yu Qi, which one is you? The kind doctor or the cunning businesswoman? ” Yi Lishan looked at the sky.

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However, someone could answer his question.

Yu Qi seemed to be happy today.
Not only the other staff realized it, but somehow her patients also realized it.

A nurse mentioned and asked Yu Qi about that.

”Doctor Tang, you look happy today. ” The nurse said.

Yu Qi touched her face.
”Am I too obvious? ”

Even the last patient has asked me about that. ” The nurse added.

”Are you going to meet your boyfriend, Doctor Tang? ” Another nurse joined the conversation and teased Yu Qi.

He is in the mission. ” Yu Qi said.
She remembered that Long Hui called her and told her that he was about to go on a mission.
”I ’m going to meet my family member. ”

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”Family member? Oh, I have forgotten that the interns can not return to their hometowns.
Usually, the family members will come and meet them. ” The nurse said.

”I have not seen him for a while.
I hope he is in a good health. ” Yu Qi said.

”We have thought Doctor Tang is going to meet her boyfriend today.
That is why Doctor Tang looks happy.
Turns out she is going to meet her family which will come to visit her. ” The nurse chuckled.

”I ’m kind of excited to see Doctor Tang ’s boyfriend again.
He is kind of sweet. ”

”Doctor Tang ’s brother is also good looking. ”

”Remember that man, Mr.
Qin, he is also good looking one. ”

The nurses began talking about Yu Qi.

”Doctor Tang, how to have good looking men around? ” A question had been thrown to Yu Qi.

Yu Qi was blinking several times as she processed the question.

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Then someone helped her to answer the question.

”The first thing, you need to be is beautiful.
Not only the outside but inside. ”

Then, they laughed at the topic.

Well, the reason, why Yu Qi was happy today, well, it was the truth that her family member was coming to see her.
But the family member from Fanghai Nation.

Yes, her biological grandfather would come and visit her.
Grandpa Mu called her two days ago telling her that he would come to Binhai Nation.
To be more specific, Guanying City.

She knew that Grandpa Mu came here for another reason but she was still happy to meet Grandpa Mu.
It had been a long time since she met him.

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