Chapter 716

Yu Qi went to the restaurant as soon as possible.
Her grandfather was already here.
She could not leave her workplace on time.
She informed the waiter that someone with the surname Mu was waiting for her.

The waiter asked about her name.
After getting her name, the waiter nodded and led Yu Qi to the private room.

The waiter knocked on the door and waited for the people inside to give permission to enter the room.
Then he heard the old man telling him to enter.
Until then he opened the door and gestured the young girl to enter.

”Grandfather. ” Yu Qi called happily to Grandpa Mu.

”You have come, my granddaughter. ” Grandpa Mu patted Yu Qi ’ head.

The waiter then closed the door quietly.
Actually, he had misunderstood the woman.
He thought the young girl was a mistress of the old man.

When the old man informed his manager that a young girl with the surname name ’Tang ’ would come and see him, his manager had to lead her to the room.
So, he thought it was another shameless young girl that became another mistress.

Then he heard the young girl happily called that old man ’Grandfather ’ and the old man called the young girl ’Granddaughter ’, he felt guilty.

Yu Qi was happy to see her grandfather and did not know what had played in the waiter ’s mind.
If she knew about that, she could not care much about that because the waiter had no relationship with her.
It hurts if someone that you knew or closer to, misunderstood about you.

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”Grandfather, what are you doing, coming to Binhai? ” Yu Qi asked after they ordered the food.

”Well, I have some business here.
And I remember that you have told me that you are having your internship here.
So, I come earlier to meet you. ” Grandpa Mu said.

”I see.
But may I know what business do you have here? ” Yu Qi looked at Grandpa Mu.

”The world class resort. ” Grandpa Mu mentioned it.

”Oh… ” Yu Qi deepened the gaze.
”But how a chairman itself come to inquire about the project? ”

”Well, it was a second. ” Grandpa Mu looked away.

Yu Qi titled her head.
”Huh? Second? Second what? ” She could not understand that.

”Miss Yu Qi, what Chairman Mu meant is the project is the second matter.
Meeting with you is his first priority. ” Grandpa Mu ’s secretary explained to Yu Qi.

Yu Qi was stunned as she heard that explanation.
Grandpa Mu coughed several times as he looked away from Yu Qi again.

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”I ’m so happy to know about that, Grandfather. ” Yu Qi indeed felt happy when she heard that.


”Tang Yu Qi. ”

Yu Qi turned around to see the person who had called her name.
Then her eyes showed disgust when she saw that person.
Bai Yu.
This person still dared to come and meet her.

Yu Qi ignored him and turned back as she continued walking away from the place.

Bai Yu looked at the woman walking away, he quickly stepped in front of Yu Qi.
Yu Qi was about to crash into him, stopped her step and even stepped back 5 meters from Bai Yu.

”What do you want? ” Yu Qi said coldly to Bai Yu.

”Don ’t be cold.
I just want to greet you for now.
After all, we are from the same university. ” Bai Yu smiled ignoring the hostility from Yu Qi.

”Oh, then, you are done, right? Let me leave. ” Yu Qi did not falter even though he was as good looking as his brother.

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”Tang Yu Qi, why do you hate me so much? ” Bai Yu sighed.
He did not remember to offend Yu Qi this much.

”Oh, you don ’t know.
Ask your brother.
Now, move.
Otherwise, I don ’t mind sending you to the hospital. ” Yu Qi warned him.

Calm down. ” Bai Yu quickly stepped aside.
He knew how strong Yu Qi was.

Yu Qi returned home feeling unhappy with the encounter.
She thought that she would never meet the Bai family members here.
What was the reason? Her eyes lifted up as she thought about one possibility.
Bai family wanted to involve in the world class resort.

After creating trouble with her business, they wanted to have a new project.
Yu Qi laughed coldly.

Actually, she knew who was the actual mastermind in the Qi Qi Skincare controversy recently.
Yeah, it was Bai Group.
After failing on having people stealing the formula, Bai Group made another plan to disturb Qi Qi Skincare ’s business.

At the same time, they wanted to use the disturbance to make another attempt to steal the formula.
Luckily, Yu Qi had well prepared to repel it.

However, she could not find another concrete evidence regarding Bai Group ’s involvement in the case.
For only, Sunshine Company ruined in the process.


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”Where do you go just now? ” Bai Shu Jin asked his younger brother during dinner.

”Meeting someone. ” Bai Yu answered with his carefree.

Bai Shu Jin sighed.
”Remember, tomorrow is the day where we going to meet the mayor. ”

”I remember, Brother.
Don ’t worry. ” Bai Yu answered.

”How do you study? ”

”Well, moving forward.
Brother, when do you want to get a girlfriend? ” Bai Yu asked.

The question made Bai Shu Jin coughed several times.
He quickly got the napkin and wiped his mouth.

”Oh, my brother is fl.u.s.tered.
May I know who is the girl? ” Bai Yu teased his older brother.

”I will introduce her to you when I succeed in getting her. ” Bai Shu Jin said.

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”Oh, that girl must be interesting since you are still not getting her. ” Bai Yu said while thinking about the girl that looked at him coldly.

”Yes. ” Bai Shu Jin nodded.

Neither they knew that they were thinking about the same girl who hated both of them.

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