The vice captain came after listening to their shouts.

”What has happened here? ” The vice captain asked.

”We don ’t know, vice captain.
They have suddenly fell on the ground without knowing the reason and are telling us that they can not feel their legs. ” One of the men tried to explain.

”Vice captain, I can ’t feel my legs. ” The fallen one cried.

”Why do you gather here? ” The vice captain asked.

”Actually, we want to have a taste of the girl.
There she is. ” The man pointed to Yu Qi that still stood silently.

The vice captain did not notice that she was there.
If the man did not mention it to him, he never knew.
The vice captain looked at Yu Qi.

At first, the vice captain thought this woman was an obedient one.
She just followed them silently making their job much easier.
Then after arriving at their camp, the woman still did not comment much about this place.

After treating their boss, the vice captain could see that she was not even feeling afraid of him.
That made him felt, this woman was not a normal woman.

”Is this your doing? ” The vice captain asked while looking straight to the woman.

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”I have recalled your statement this evening, Mr.
Vice Captain. ” Yu Qi called him vice captain since she did not know what was his name.

”My statement? ” The vice captain frowned as he did not understand what this woman tried to say.

”You are belittling a doctor.
You said, ’What else we need from the doctor? Not like they can kill people. ’ ” Yu Qi then chuckled.
”You know what, a doctor also can easily kill people.
We know where and which point in your body that literally ends your life.
Once I strike the point, you die. ”

When Yu Qi explained that, everyone could feel that the chillness of her voice.

”And for your information, I ’m not a cruel person that kills a person, I just make them suffer. ” Yu Qi added.

Everyone was silent.
Then someone broke the silence.

”You bitch!!! ”

”I ’m going to beat and r.a.p.e you. ”

Brothers, let ’s beat her first. ”

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Everyone did not use their gun since afraid that they would be struck by the bullet and since it was already dark.
So, they brought out the knife.

The vice captain let their men had fun with this woman.
So, the men attacked Yu Qi fiercely.
They did have their fighting skill.

However, in front of Yu Qi, their abilities were not matched with Yu Qi ’s skill.
Yu Qi avoided the attack as she made her own attacks.

”Ahh!!! ”

”Ah!!! ”

”Ahh!!! ”

Once again, the men shouted in pain after falling to the ground.
They held their legs.

”I don ’t feel my legs.
No!!! ”

”You bitch!!! Heal me!!! ”

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”What have you done to my legs? ”

The shouts of anger could be heard for a moment.
Yu Qi just looked down at the men.

Yu Qi opened her mouth after the man tired shouting at her.
”I do tell you.
I will not kill, well not for today.
But I will not let you go.
You can enjoy your life leglessly.
Oh, you will never enjoy the women anymore. ”

BOOM!!! That statement made the men shocked.

”You!!! ” Even the vice captain was shocked by what Yu Qi did.


As for Min Gu Su, Ah Kean and several people decided to return to the city.
Like the group of men said, they did leave the area.
Min Gu Su and his team successfully returned to the city.

The first place they went to was the police station.
They reported the incident to the police.
Then they told the police to rescue Yu Qi as soon as possible.

The police officer called his leader and told the incident to his leader.
The leader told Min Gu Su and his team that they would be investigating this incident tomorrow.

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Min Gu Su became angry with this.
He told the police that this matter needed to investigate as soon as possible.

The police officer just took this incident lightly.
Yeah because they knew that girl would never be found anymore.
Why should they waste this time and energy?

Ah Kean looked at the police officer and told him that the missing girl was the granddaughter of the legendary doctor, Doctor Tang Jiang Man.

The leader was shocked.
Even though he was just middle aged, but he knew the fame of the legendary doctor.
He was a national treasure.

That missing girl was that person ’s granddaughter? He needed to report to his superior.
The leader told the group that he would settle this incident.

Min Gu Su was stunned.
Ah Kean really knew to handle things.


Aoi ran all the way.
Since no one here, he dispelled his invisible ability.
After one hour of running, he finally left the jungle.
Aoi sensed that man ’s direction.

It was closer than he thought.
He thought he needed to go to Shiwa Town since that man usually there.
But that man just about 100 kilometres from his current place.

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Without waiting any longer, Aoi ran again.
Even though he disliked that man, he was the only one that could save his master right now.

Then he arrived at the place.
It was a military compound.
Aoi turned invisible again and entered the military compound.
Then he searched for that man using his scent.

The strongest scent of that man was here.
He pushed the door and entered the room.

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