The police who had received the information came to the hospital together with Min Gu Su, Ah Kean and several doctors that were involved in the charity project.

They were greeted with two soldiers and other people outside the surgery room.
The leader of the police looked at these two soldiers.
He was surprised to see the higher ranking soldier there.

He went to greet Long Hui.
Long Hui did not have any mood to reply to the greeting.
So, he just nodded to the policeman.
The policeman saw that and retreated back.

After three and a half hours, the doctor came out.
Long Hui stood up and went to the doctor.

”How is she? ” Long Hui asked.

”She is okay.
She is sleeping right now.
She will wake up soon.
Probably in three to four hours later.
No one should disturb her for now. ” The doctor informed Long Hui.

”Thank goodness. ” Long Hui took a relief breath.
”Thank you, doctor. ”

Everyone also felt relieved after hearing the words from the doctor.

”Staff sergeant Lim, let ’s go.
We have jobs to do. ” Long Hui called the soldier with him.

”Yes, sir. ” The soldier saluted and went with Long Hui.

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The police saw this and went to talk to Long Hui.

”Colonel, can you tell us where do you find Miss Tang? ” The leader of the policemen asked Long Hui.

”It is better if you follow us. ” Long Hui said.

”Yes, Sir. ” The police nodded.


The policemen did not know what to describe right now.
The hidden camp.
The people in this camp were gathered in the middle of the camp.
All the men were laying down while the women were sitting obediently.

One of the policemen went to ask one of the soldiers.
”What has happened here? Why are those men laying down like that? ”

”Well, their acupuncture points were pressed so, they have lost their ability to use their legs. ” The soldier answered.

”What? Can ’t use their legs? Who has done that? ” The policeman shocked.

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”Our Colonel Long ’s girlfriend.
And she is the one who has been shot and is currently in the hospital. ” The soldier answered again.

’What? The one who has been shot? Meaning, the doctor that has been kidnapped by them? She has done this to them? Terrifying. ’ The policeman thought in his mind.

Ren Qian Yi reported what he found out about this camp.
They were the desserted soldiers from their neighbouring country, Cambizia.
The one that they had attacked last week.

They managed to run away before Long Hui and his team managed to destroy them completely.
Never knew that they had already formed their camp in Binhai.
Their leader was the man that Yu Qi gave the treatment before.

Well, their mission was completed with the help of Yu Qi.
These men would be given to the military.
Since they could not walk anymore, Long Hui ordered his subordinates to use the path the men used to get out of this camp.

Long Hui left all of the work to Ren Qian Yi.
Ren Qian Yi sighed.
Man in love…


Yu Qi opened her eyes.
The first thing that she saw was the hospital ’s ceiling.
She turned around and saw Long Hui was in a sitting position, holding her right hand with his eyes closed.

’My man is the most handsome man. ’ Yu Qi smiled.

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Long Hui opened his eyes when he felt some movement.

”Qi Qi! ” Long Hui was relieved.

”Brother Hui… ” Yu Qi smiled.

”Please, don ’t do that again. ” Long Hui begged her.

Yu Qi ’s mind was processing Long Hui ’s word.
’What is he talking about? Oh, it must be that one. ’

Yu Qi shook her head.
”I will do it again and again if the same thing has happened.
Even though I will get the hurt, I will not regret it. ”

Long Hui sighed.

”You also will do the same thing, right? We are the same. ” Yu Qi said again.

”I ’m afraid of losing you. ” Long Hui kissed her hand.

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”Don ’t worry.
I will be careful next time. ” Yu Qi only said to assure Long Hui.
If something like this had happened again, she would definitely do the same thing.
She would protect him as he would protect her.

”By the way, is everyone at the orphanage safe? ” Yu Qi asked.

They are safe.
They have reported about you to the police. ” Long Hui answered.

”Actually, I have thought you will arrive the next day since you are at Shiwa Town, I have never thought it will only take a few hours, you will find me.
Aoi do run faster than before. ” Yu Qi chuckled.

”No, I have been in Guanying City only.
It is also related to my mission.
That is why I have been there earlier. ” Long Hui explained.

”I see. ” Yu Qi smiled.

”Luckily he has found me. ” Long Hui nodded.

”Once he got the smell, he can pinpoint your position.
My good dog. ” Yu Qi was proud with Aoi.
”By the way, where is he? ” She tried to sense Aoi ’s presence.

”I have just given him some food.
He will be here soon. ” Long Hui said.
He gave some food to Aoi since it had been one day he had nothing.

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Yu Qi smiled.
”He must be hungry since he is glutton. ”

Then, there were knocks on the door.

”You can enter. ” Long Hui said.

The door was opened.
A group of people came in.
There were doctors with her during the charity project.
Min Gu Su and Ah Kean were also here.

”Doctor Tang, how are you feeling? ” Min Gu Su asked.

”I ’m okay. ” Yu Qi replied.

”Doctor Tang. ” Another first year resident stepped forward.
’Thank you.
If you have not volunteered at that time, they would kill us.
Thank you very much for saving us. ” He bowed.

Then all of them bowed to Yu Qi as they expressed their gratitude.

”Don ’t mind about that.
Let bygones be bygones ” Yu Qi smiled.

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