”Enough. ” Long Hui said one word.

Others gulped.
They forgot that a handsome man sitting beside Yu Qi ’s bed.
His face gave a disgusted look to the people inside the room.

”Okay, Doctor Tang, we will go first.
Hope you will get well faster. ” The first year resident seemed to understand what Long Hui ’s meant.

Everyone also understood the situation.
After they said something to Yu Qi like ’get well soon ’.
they left the ward.

”You have scared them. ” Yu Qi glanced to Long Hui.

”They are disturbing us. ” Long Hui said without feeling wrong about what he was doing.

”Who are those people actually? ” Yu Qi asked.

”Intruders from the neighbouring country.
They are from their army but breaking the law.
They ran away from their country and are staying here.

My mission is to catch those people.
But they are so sneaking.
But, you have already helped me with that.
Thank you. ” Long Hui explained.

”I see. ” Yu Qi nodded.

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”I have never thought they will do something like that to you.
I hold back my anger knowing what has happened to you. ” Long Hui clenched his fists.

”I have thought they are planning to do something like that to me but they are probably regretting doing so. ” Yu Qi chuckled.
”Wait, have you tell my family about this? ”

I know that you will not let them know. ” Long Hui knew Yu Qi would not like to know her family knew about her injury like this.

”Thank you. ” Yu Qi took a relief breath.

Long Hui looked at his watch and clicked his tongue.
”I have to go first.
I will come back later. ” He was fl.u.s.tered when he could not stay with his beloved Qi Qi because of his work.

”Don ’t worry.
I will be fine. ” Yu Qi nodded.


The news Yu Qi was injured by the gunshot known in the hospital.
They went to visit Yu Qi.
Her story about being a volunteer for saving others was also being told to others by the people involved in that incident.
They told others that they were very grateful to Yu Qi.

The next reason why Yu Qi had been so famous right now also due to Long Hui.
He would come to visit her in the morning and at night.
The female staff would like to watch Long Hui coming to visit Yu Qi.

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One of them thought that she could have the chance to replace Yu Qi.
So, one day, when Long Hui came to visit Yu Qi, the female staff offered herself to lead the way to Yu Qi ’s room even though she knew that Long Hui already knew where Yu Qi ’s room was.

Long Hui directly ignored her.
He was already used to the women who wanted to throw herself into him.
He did not want to make trouble at Yu Qi ’s workplace.

Since the female staff saw that Long Hui did not say anything, she assumed it was okay to do so and it was her chance to attract Long Hui ’s intention.
So, she walked beside Long Hui.

There were some people who watched the scene.
As they walked together, she attempted to hold Long Hui ’s hand.

When Long Hui felt that something was about to hold his hand, he moved his hand straight to the female staff ’s neck.
He strangled the female staff ’s neck.
The female staff was aghast by Long Hui ’s action.
Even the onlookers that watched was also shocked when seeing this scene.

”If you want to die, I don ’t mind doing so. ” Long Hui strengthened his hold.

Don ’t…
Me… ” The female staff begged while her tears flew down.

Long Hui showed a disgusting expression on his face and let the female staff go.
The female staff fell on the ground because her legs felt very very very weak at the moment.
She felt that she was about to die just now.

Long Hui grabbed the handkerchief from his pocket.
He wiped his hand that just held the female staff.
After wiping his hand thoroughly, he threw the handkerchief into the dustbin there.

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”It is a warning.
After this, there is no warning.
You will be going straight to hell. ” Long Hui glared icily at the female staff and then he left the place.

The onlookers quickly went to help the female staff.

”Are you okay? ”

The female staff could not answer that question.
She was still feeling frightened and her body was still trembling.
She felt that she was just facing, not a human, but a demon king.

Well, it was this female staff ’s fault.
She knew that the man already had a girlfriend but she still wanted to try to snatch the man and failed terribly.
So, they could not blame him for acting like that toward the female staff.

Long Hui walked into Yu Qi ’s ward with a cold face.
Inside Yu Qi ’s room, there was Nurse Shing Yu Ten and another nurse visiting Yu Qi.
Yu Qi could see that Long Hui was angry about something.

”Doctor Tang, we will visit you again. ” Nurse Shing Yu Ten could sense something.
She pulled her friend ’s hand and quickly left the ward.

”Yu Ten, why are you pulling me like that? ” Her friend asked.

”I am afraid of Doctor Tang ’s boyfriend.
He is indeed look very handsome but at the same time, he is very fierce.
Look at him just now… ” Nurse Shing Yu Ten said.

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I have also felt that too. ” Her friend nodded.

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