Tang Jin Wei could not sleep until dawn.
So, right now, he lacked sleep.
After breakfast, Tang Jin Wei and Ke Su Su went to the hospital to take Yu Qi to the police station regarding yesterday ’s incident.

The police called Tang Jin Wei to come to the police station to give their official statement.
Since Yu Qi was also involved in the incident, Yu Qi also needed to go to the police station.

Jian Hee, the man that attempting to r.a.p.e Ke Su Su was treated and then sent to the police station.
Even though the man felt the pain in his waist like some bones broke, however, when the doctor scanned it was nothing broke at all.
Still, the pain was there.

When Jian Hee saw Yu Qi again, he shivered up.
He did not want to feel that again.
That girl was too strong.
When the policeman asked about what happened yesterday, he was being honest and told the policeman what had happened yesterday.

Ke Su Su was surprised when Jian Hee admitted honestly.
As Tang Jin Wei wanted, he would be charged with attempt to r.a.p.e and if he would be found guilty, he would be sentenced to four years in prison.

When Ke Su Su heard that punishment, she told Tang Jin Wei not to charge Jian Hee.
She did not want to destroy Jian Hee ’s life.
He was in his primer age.
If he ended up in jail, his future would be destroyed.
Ke Su Su did not want that to happen because of her.

Tang Jin Wei did not want that but since it was Ke Su Su ’s decision, he respected that.
So, he dropped the charge.

When Jian Hee heard that, he requested to meet Ke Su Su.
He ended up crying while thanking Ke Su Su for not charging him for what he had done.

Ke Su Su knew this man for a long time.
She also grew up with him.
He even became her first boyfriend but that relationship would not last long.
Only five months and they broke up.
Thinking about that, she forgave him.

They were about to leave the police station when suddenly an officer came greeted Yu Qi.

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”Miss Tang, you have already healed from that gunshot? That was fast.
Oh, I need to go first.
Have a nice trip. ” The officer said.

”Eh? ” Yu Qi blinked several times.

”Little Sis, what is that policeman talking about? ” Tang Jin Wei asked while looking at Yu Qi very seriously.

That policeman was joking. ” Yu Qi grinned.

”Really? Do I need to ask the hospital about your medical record? ” Tang Jin Wei did not buy that.

Yu Qi sighed.
She needed to be frank about this.

”I just received a gunshot on my shoulder twelve days ago.
But it has all healed now.
I am already okay. ” Yu Qi moved around the shoulder that was shot.

”Let ’s go to the cafe first.
Let Yu Qi tell us everything. ” Ke Su Su said calming down Tang Jin Wei.

Little Sis, let ’s go.
You need to tell me everything. ” Tang Jin Wei gave a threatening smile to Yu Qi.

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Yu Qi gulped.
’My second brother can be so scary sometimes. ’

So, they went to the nearest cafe.
Yu Qi sat in front of Tang Jin Wei and Ke Su Su.
After ordering some drinks, Tang Jin Wei looked at Yu Qi very seriously.

”So, can you tell me what happened to you in detail? ” Tang Jin Wei stressed out the word ’detail ’.

”Well, I joined a charity program and went to do the medical check up for the orphans at the orphanage.
Suddenly men or let just call them terrorist, they needed a doctor to treat someone.
So, to keep others safe, I went to follow them.
I treated that person.
But they planned to do something to do. ” Yu Qi felt angry when she thought about that again.

”So, I attack them with acupuncture.
Luckily for me, Brother Hui arrived at the place.
But someone pointed a gun at us and shot.
That bullet hit my shoulder.
After surgery, I spent twelve days to rest and now, as I say, I am already 100% healed. ” As Tang Jin Wei wanted, Yu Qi did explain in detail.

Tang Jin Wei and Ke Su Su were speechless.
’Attack them with acupuncture? ’ But it happened to his little sister.

”Why don ’t you call us, your family? ” Tang Jin Wei sighed.

”Well… ” Yu Qi scratched her cheek gently.
”I just don ’t want you to get worried about me.
It was not a big deal. ”

”Not a big deal, you say? Getting a gunshot is not a big deal? ” Tang Jin Wei looked at Yu Qi with widened eyes.
He even stood up.

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”Jin Wei, calm down…
Calm down… ” Ke Su Su pulled Tang Jin Wei ’s hand to sit down back.

Tang Jin Wei eventually sat back.
He sighed.

”Little Sis, you need to tell what if something like this happens.
That is what family is for. ” Tang Jin Wei said.

Yu Qi looked down.
”I ’m sorry. ” She did not think about that.

”I know that you don ’t want to worry us but still… ” Tang Jin Wei did not finish the sentence.

”I ’m sorry. ” Yu Qi said that again.

”The thing is already in the past. ” Ke Su Su said.

”Brother Jin Wei…
I promise if something like this happens again, I will tell our family.
But this time, can you keep the secret for me? I don ’t want to trouble our family to come and see me since I am already fine. ” Yu Qi begged Tang Jin Wei.

”Okay. ” Tang Jin Wei sighed for…
Well for what times, he did not know.

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”Thank you, Brother Jin Wei. ” Yu Qi smiled.

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