”I ’m back. ” Tang Jin Wei announced that he was home.

”Oh, welcome back. ” Su Xiao happened to be in the living room working on something, crocheting something.

”Auntie Su Xiao, where is my mum? ” Tang Jin Wei asked while looking for his mother.

”Your mum has gone out with your dad.
As for where they go, I don ’t know.
They are probably going to return home now. ” Su Xiao answered while chuckling.

”I see.
They have probably gone for a date.
I will be going up first. ” Tang Jin Wei nodded.

Well, sometimes his parents liked to act like a young man and woman, going out and having fun with each other.

”Come down at dinner time. ” Su Xiao reminded.

”Okay, Auntie. ” Tang Jin Wei went up to his room.

Tang Jin Wei was very tired of driving for about 4 hours.
He went to send his girlfriend first at her home.
He wanted to take a nap when he looked at his bed but he wanted to refresh first.
His body felt sticky and smelly.

Sleeping in this state was a no for him.
He was a doctor.
So, he was really concerned about the cleanliness.
He would take a shower even though it was very late in the night if he returned home late.

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Done showering, he laid on his bed wanted to take a nap until dinner time.
He ended up after an extra one day at Guanying City because of the sleepiness.

Actually Tang Jin Wei wanted to return after meeting with Yu Qi, but after the incident happened, he lost his sleep.
Worried about Tang Jin Wei going to be tired and not suitable for driving, Ke Su Su suggested that they could spend another one day at Guanying City.
This time, Tang Jin Wei got enough sleep.

Tang Jin Wei had been disturbed by the knocking on his door.
He woke up while yawning and opened the door.

Outside the room, there was a maid that came to inform him that it was already dinner time.
Tang Jin Wei said thank up and asked the maid to tell his family that he would be going down after washing his face.

All the family members were there except for Tang Qin Hao, Grandpa Tang and Tang Jang Qin.
Tang Jin Wei sat beside his big brother.

”How are your trip? ” Ming Yue asked Tang Jin Wei.

”Nice. ” Tang Jin Wei nodded.

”How is it not nice? He has gone with his girlfriend. ” Tang Han Lee chuckled.

”When are you going to allow your girlfriend to meet us? ” Ming Yue asked again.

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She is not ready yet. ” Tang Jin Wei actually already wanted to bring Ke Su Su to meet his parent but she told him that she was not ready yet.
He did not mind.
He would be waiting for her to be ready.

I will not ask any more about your girlfriend. ” Ming Yue sighed.
”Then, how about Yu Qi? Do you meet with her? ” Now the topic moved to Yu Qi.

”Don ’t worry too much.
She will be fine. ” Tang Jung Wen interrupted.

”Humph! What fine? Getting a gunshot is fine? ” Tang Jin Wei subconsciously said that aloud.

The first person who reacted to that was Tang Han Lee, the person beside Tang Jin Wei.

”What? Getting a gunshot? ” Tang Han Lee asked Tang Jin Wei in a serious tone.

Tang Jin Wei gulped.
His mouth said something that he should not say.
He was avoiding everyone ’s eyes.

Yeah, I was getting the gunshot when I was playing a game. ” Tang Jin Wei wanted to play it off.

However, the people in the dining room was still watching him with a sharp glare.
He once again swallowed his saliva.
’Little Sis, I ’m sorry that I can not protect your secret. ’ He cried in his heart.

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He knew these people would not let him go until he told everything to them.
His mother and auntie used the dirty method which is to prevent him to eat unless he told them everything.

He was so hungry because he did not eat anything on the road yesterday.
So, he blurted everything that he knew.

”What? Yu Qi has been injured with the gunshot? ” Ming Yue said while his eyes widened open.

”Yes. ” Tang Jin Wei nodded.

”Then, how is she right now? ” Su Xiao asked in worry.

”She has already completely healed. ” Tang Jin Wei answered.

We need to see her in front of our eyes. ” Ming Yue clenched her hands.

”That ’s right.
Sister, tomorrow morning, we will depart to Guanying City. ” Su Xiao nodded while looking at Ming Yue.

”But… ” Tang Jin Wei wanted to say something.

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”Shut up. ” Both of the women looked and said at Tang Jin Wei at the same time.

Tang Jin Wei shut up his month.
After getting the information extracted from him, he had been allowed to eat.

”Dad… ” Tang Han Lee called his father.

”Better to let them go to see your sister.
It will be better to see her.
They also will be relieved if they see your sister. ” Tang Jung Wen said.
”However,be resistant not to tell your grandfather about this.
You must know his love for Yu Qi.
Who knows what will happen to your grandfather if he knows about this? ”

Tang Han Lee sighed.
I understand. ”

”As for your mother and auntie, I will ask our driver to send them since we can not leave our job. ” Tang Jung Wen said.

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