”Auntie Ming Yue, Auntie Su Xia, what are you doing here? ” Yu Qi was very surprised to see her aunties here.

Yu Qi came to the cafe when hearing that two middle aged women asked for her from a nurse.

Yu Qi could see from the far that the women that she fully knew, were having some drinks at the hospital ’s cafe.
They just arrived at Guanying City.
Since it was daylight, they figured that Yu Qi might still be working.

”Coming to see you.
I miss you, my dear. ” Ming Yue was about to hug her tightly but when she remembered that the girl was injured before, she held back.

”My dear, you are still working? ” Su Xiao also came to hug her and she was thinking the same thing as Ming Yue.

”Yes, I will be going to watch one minor surgery at two p.m. ” Yu Qi nodded.

”I see.
Do you have the night shift today? ” Ming Yue asked again.

”Nope. ” Yu Qi shook her head.

”Well then, we will go to your house and wait there. ” Ming Yue clapped her hands once.

Here is the key. ” Yu Qi brought out the keys from her pocket.
Coincidently the key left behind in her pocket.
She forgot to put it in the locker.
”How do you want to go there? ”

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”Don ’t worry.
We get our driver.
He will send us there.
And I still remember the place. ” Su Xiao said.

”Oh, okay. ” Yu Qi nodded.
She did not think anything about why her aunties suddenly came to Guanying City.
She did not expect that her brother already blurted everything to her aunties.


Opened the door, she could smell some fresh cooked food.
She thought someone had broken into her house.
Then she thought twice, she finally remembered that her aunties came to visit.

”Oh, you have returned.
Do you want to eat or take a bath first? ” Su Xiao came out from the kitchen together with Ming Yue.

”I will take a bath first. ” Yu Qi said.

”Okay then, after that, we are going to eat together. ” Ming Yue said.

Yu Qi went to her room.
She took a quick shower.
Before she wanted to leave the room, Aoi shouted telling her that he wanted to come outside.

So, she entered the space, grabbed Aoi and came outside.
Then, she left the room together with Aoi.

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”Oh, he is home.
I have thought he is not here, playing outside since I find him, wants to feed him but he is not here.
Come here.
I will give food to you. ” Su Xiao looked down at Aoi.

Aoi ’s tail waved happily when he listened that there was some food to him.

Then, they were sitting around the table.
Chatting and eating happily.
Yu Qi asked why were her aunties here.
Her aunties avoided answering the question.

They changed the place now after finishing dinner and cleaned up.
They sat in the living room.

”Yu Qi, do you know that we love you so much? ” Ming Yue began to speak.

Yu Qi was silent for a moment.
Until she nodded.

”Then, why don ’t you tell us that you are injured? ” Su Xiao said.

Yu Qi was stunned.
’Brother Jin Wei, you…
Watch out when I see you again. ’

Tang Jin Wei was working at that time sneezed several times.

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”What has happened to me? ”

”Probably you catch some cold, Doctor Tang. ” A nurse told him.

”Well, I don ’t want to worry all of you.
I ’m sorry. ” Yu Qi could not say anything more.

Ming Yue and Su Xiao sighed.
They really loved this girl since they could not have a daughter anymore.
Ming Yue grabbed Yu Qi ’s hand and held it tight.
The same thing was done by Su Xiao with Yu Qi ’s other hand.

”I know it was not you want that happened.
But if something like this happened again, I hope you can tell us about that. ” Ming Yue patted Yu Qi ’s hand.

In her past life, she never felt the mother love because of Wang Family.
Even after she moved into Mu Family, she could not have the mother love.
And her future mother in law in the past life seemed did not like her much.

However, in this lifetime, she was blessed with two mothers.
That was something that she did not expect at all.

”I will. ” Yu Qi nodded.
Her tears came out.

Ming Yue and Su Xiao knew how Yu Qi lived before, after hearing what their father in law told them about Yu Qi.
That girl did not know how to interact with her family since the Wang Family treated her like a slave.

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They were really happy when suddenly their father in law told them that he already adopted a granddaughter.

Let ’s stop talking about sad things. ” Su Xiao clapped her hand once.

”I will like to hear about your love story, my dear. ” Su Xiao grinned.

Ming Yue also nodded.
”That ’s right.
Does Long Hui come here to see you? ”

”Well, sometimes, when he does not have any mission. ” Yu Qi answered shyly.

”I have heard from Jin Wei that he was here during you were injured. ” Su Xiao mentioned that.
”Was he here to visit you? ”

”Well, he was here at that moment because of the mission.
He needed to catch some people.
And that people happened to be my kidnapper.
So, yeah, I was taken care of by him during my injury. ”

”I think after you complete your internship.
Tell him to come to our house to discuss about marriage. ” Ming Yue said.

Su Xiao also nodded.

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