Then, someone screamed.
Everyone was looking at the source.
It was a woman holding a kid in her hug.
Yu Qi quickly approached them.

”I ’m a doctor.
Tell me what has happened? ” Yu Qi said.

However, a middle aged woman beside the crying woman did not believe Yu Qi.

A doctor? Just a little girl.
Dare to say she is a doctor? Young girl, you should never deceive others. ” The middle aged woman said.

Yu Qi ignored that middle aged woman.
Her focus was still on the crying woman.

”Madam, can I take the pulse of the child? ” Yu Qi asked.

”Everyone, this girl wants to deceive others by saying that she is a doctor. ” The middle aged woman said in a loud voice.

”Madam, the child needs to be treated as soon as possible. ” Yu Qi was trying to talk to the crying woman.

”You are really a doctor? ” The crying woman asked.

”Yes. ” Yu Qi nodded firmly.

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Seeing Yu Qi so confident, the crying woman began to believe Yu Qi.
However, the middle aged woman still wanted to trouble Yu Qi.

”Look, she wants to kill the child. ” Once again, the middle aged woman shouted splitting the bullshit.

”Shut up! ” There was an angry voice behind the middle aged woman.

”What are you…. ” The middle aged woman wanted to retort back but she was shocked to see the person who had said something to her.

”She is a doctor.
I know her. ” It was Madam Yi, wife of the mayor.

The people started to believe Yu Qi was a genuine doctor.
Madam Yi confirmed it.
The middle aged woman could not do anything any more.

Yu Qi took the pulse of the child.
There was a violent reaction.

”What is he doing before this? ” Yu Qi asked the mother.

”I think she is eating some cake.
It is that cake. ” The mother pointed to the cake on the table.

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Yu Qi looked at the cafe.
She took the cafe and tried to smell it.
Nothing suspicious on the cake.

”I think she is having some reaction to an allergy.
But I can not determine what allergy is.
What I can do right now is to prevent the reaction.
May I do some acupuncture on the child? ” Yu Qi asked.

Please. ” The mother said.

Yu Qi brought out the needle bag.
She asked the mother to take off the clothes of the child.
Then Yu Qi swiftly put the needles on the various place on the chest of the child.
Her hands were very faster.

After a few, the child complexion showed a better result.
Yu Qi took the needles from the child ’s body.
The mother thanked Yu Qi.

”Thank you…
Thank you… ” The mother bowed.

”You should go to the hospital.
I just hold back the reaction.
Better go to the hospital to determine what is the cause of the allergy. ” Yu Qi shook her head, putting away these needles.

I will go now.
Thank you. ” The mother bowed to Yu Qi and took away his child.

The onlookers who were looking at the situation was stunned by Yu Qi ’s action.
Her hand had swiftly used the needles on the child and were very impressed.
They could not expect that such a young girl could know the acupuncture.

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”Sister doctor! ” A boy hugged Yu Qi ’s leg.

It was Little San.
Yu Qi smiled and patted Little San ’s head.

”How are you? ” Yu Qi asked.

”I ’m fine. ” Little San said in a childish voice.

”Then, it ’s good. ” Yu Qi smiled.
She then greeted Madam Yi.
”Hello, Madam Yi. ”

”You can call me Auntie Yi. ” Madam Yi said while smiling at Yu Qi.

”Oh, okay. ” Yu Qi said.

”Have you see Lishan? ” Madam Yi asked.

He must be busy. ” Yu Qi shook her head.

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They were talking for a while.

”That girl seems to be close to the Mayor ’s wife. ”

Madam Yi seems to like the girl. ”

”Is she her relative? ”

”Or her future daughter in law? ”

”That may be the truth. ”

The onlookers were discussing about Yu Qi ’s relationship with Madam Yi.

Then both of Madam Yi ’s son joined them.

”Oh, Doctor Tang, you came. ” Yi Liwei greeted Yu Qi.

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”Well, Brother Lishan has invited me. ” Yu Qi said.

”Oh, I see…
What? Brother Lishan? ” Yi Liwei looked at Yu Qi and Yi Lishan.
He was greatly surprised by this.
”You guys, when has this happened? ”

Madam Yi also looked very surprised but she was happy with this improvement.

”It has been a while. ” Yi Lishan said.

”Why don ’t you tell me? ” Yi Liwei asked.

”Tell you what? ” Yi Lishan was annoyed with his brother.

”That you are already close to each other. ” Yi Liwei said.
He never thought that his brother would be so fast.

”We are just friends. ” Yi Lishan rolled his eyes at Yi Liwei.

I already have a boyfriend. ” Yu Qi was being honest.

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”Eh!!! Boyfriend? I have thought you are single. ” Yi Liwei was slightly disappointed.

I do have a boyfriend.
But he is not usually around. ” Yu Qi explained.

”Not around? ” Yi Liwei was confused.

”Yu Qi… ” Someone called Yu Qi ’s name.

Everyone looked at the voice.
It was Qin Xia, the winner of the bid.
They were surprised to know that Yu Qi and Qin Xia knew each other.

”Brother Xia. ” Yu Qi smiled as she greeted Qin Xia.

Yi Liwei looked at Yu Qi and asked.
”Is this man your boyfriend? ”

”No. ” Yu Qi shook her head.
”My boyfriend is a soldier.
That is why he is not around. ”

”Yu Qi is like my sister. ” Qin Xia said.

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”Yeah. ” Yu Qi nodded.

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