The middle aged woman that wanted to discredit Yu Qi quietly left the place when seeing Madam Yi supported the girl.
As for the reason why she attacked Yu Qi, she was jealous.

When that girl appeared, her husband looked at the girl with such expression.
She knew that her husband was attracted to the girl.
That was why she wanted to make trouble for that girl.

But when Madam Yi appeared and helped the girl, she left quietly.
Madam Yi was known as a protective person to the people that she liked.

The middle aged woman knew that Madam Yi liked that girl.
She was afraid that Madam Yi would do something.
She left the venue.
She wanted to go to the toilet.

However, she did not expect that something would happen to her right after she left the venue.


”Done? ” Qin Xia asked Min Liang.

”Yes, Mr.
All done. ” Min Liang nodded.

I want to greet Yu Qi. ” Qin Xia started to walk in Yu Qi ’s direction.

Min Liang just followed his boss.
Another one would face horrible things tonight.

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They were watching someone who had made some problem for Yu Qi while Yu Qi wanted to save the child.
That middle aged woman mocked Yu Qi several times.

Min Liang could see that his boss ’ aura since he already worked for a long time with his boss.
He already could read his boss ’s mood.
Mocking Miss Tang in front of his boss was a big no.
It was like telling his boss that she wanted to die.

So, her death had been decided.
To be honest, he was not a good person.
Having a boss like Qin Xia, really taught him that way.
He silently followed his boss from behind.

”Yu Qi… ” Qin Xia called Yu Qi.

”Brother Xia… ” Yu Qi was smiling as she greeted Qin Xia.

”Is this man your boyfriend? ” The man beside Yu Qi asked Yu Qi.

”No. ”

Qin Xia saw that Yu Qi shook her head before continuing to speak.

”My boyfriend is a soldier.
That is why he is not around. ”

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”Yu Qi is like my sister. ” Qin Xia added.

”Yeah. ”

Qin Xia looked at Yu Qi with brotherly love.
This was the part that Min Liang could not understand.
His boss usually liked to disappear for a while.
Sometimes, one week.
Sometimes, one month.
The longest time that he disappeared was three months.
It was the last time he had disappeared.

Even since that, he had never disappeared again.
He began to investigate a girl.
It was Tang Yu Qi.
It was an impressive girl.
Built her business empire at a young age, it was not something that a girl would do.
On top of that, she was also a brilliant doctor.

When he received the order, asking to investigate the girl.
Only one thought was in his mind that his boss wanted to kill this girl.
For what reason, he did not know.
But after giving the report to his boss, for the first time, he saw that his boss was smiling.
Not an evil smile but just a normal smile.

After that, he treated Yu Qi as his future lady boss.
Even though he knew that Yu Qi already had her boyfriend.
However, his boss just treated Yu Qi like a younger sister.
Min Liang sighed.
He really could not understand his boss.

Yu Qi had been called to assist a surgeon.
It was not something that first year resident would do.
But the head of the pediatric department approved it.
Yu Qi was happy since her skill had been acknowledged.

Yu Qi came out from the surgery room.
Taking off the gown and cleaning up.
The patient today was suffering from leukaemia.
So, bone marrow from her older sister had been taken and transplanted in the child ’s body.
The older sister was not too old.
She was only 13 years old.
But because of her love for her younger sister, she willingly sacrificed for his younger sister.

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Yu Qi really admired that older sister.
She was growing up as a slave for a family.
Her so-called sisters and brother treated her as a slave and mocked her.

”Miss…You are really a doctor. ”

Yu Qi was surprised when she was suddenly been greeted like that.
She looked upward and saw the mother of the kid that she had been given the acupuncture at the party yesterday.

”Oh, it is you.
About how your child? Is she okay now? ” Yu Qi asked.

She has a peanut allergy.
Yesterday the cupcake that she ate contain some amount of peanut.
Thank goodness, you were there.
The doctor that treated her praised you for giving the acupuncture.
Otherwise, she could lose her life. ” The mother said.

”Come here and say thank you to this sister for saving you. ” The mother brought her child in front of Yu Qi.

The girl looked very shy as she appeared in front of Yu Qi.
sister. ” The girl said shyly.

Yu Qi made a gentle smile as she patted the girl ’s head.
”It is good since you are already fine.
But make sure don ’t eat food that has peanut, okay. ” Yu Qi reminded the girl.

The girl nodded.

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”Here. ” The mother gave a card to Yu Qi.

”This? ” Yu Qi looked at the card.
’Shu Jian Fan.
Vice President of Hundai Magazine? ’ She thought about that for a while.
And remembered that it was a magazine for women.
It featured many things such as celebrity, makeup and so on.

”It is my job.
You can give me a call if you need my help. ” Shu Jian Fan said.

”Oh, okay. ”

The mother and the child left.

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