Yu Qi looked at the heels that Qin Xia showed to her.
The heels were not bad.
Yu Qi took the heels and gave another look to the heels.

Aunty Ming Yue and Aunty Su Xiao approached the two of them. 

”Yu Qi, are you already make your choice? ” Aunty Su Xiao asked.

”It is a nice choice. ” Aunty Ming Yue said after looking at the heels that Yu Qi held.

”I think it is a nice choice too. ” Aunty Su Xiao also looked at the heels.

”Miss Tang, they are… ” Qin Xia asked Yu Qi while looking at Aunty Ming Yue and Aunty Su Xiao.

Qin  Xia wanted to know these two women.
According to his investigation, the two women were from the Tang Family, daughters in law of Tang Jiang Man. 

”This is my aunties, Ming Yue and Su Xiao. ” Yu Qi introduced them to Qin Xia.

”Aunties, this is President Qin.
We meet at Shiwa Town twice. ” Yu Qi explained to her two aunties.

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”Hello. ” Aunty Ming Yue bowed a little.

”Hi. ” Aunty Su Xiao did the same thing as Aunty Su Xiao.

”Hello. ” Qin Xia replied to the greeting.

Somehow, Aunty Ming Yue and Aunty Su Xiao then looked excited for some reason.
They were looking at Yu Qi and Qin Xia with excited eyes.
A man rushed to Qin Xia and whispered something to him.
Qin Xia nodded after heard the whisper.

”Miss Tang, I have to go now. ” Qin Xia said to Yu Qi.

”Okay. ” Yu Qi just acknowledged it.

”Choose those heels.
It suits you very well. ” Qin Xia left after saying that sentences.

”Yu Qi dear, tell me.
What is your relationship with that man? ” Aunty Ming Yue threw the question after Qin Xia disappeared from their sight.

”Huh? Relationship? ” Yu Qi felt weird hearing the question.

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”Yeah, tell us. ” Aunty Su Xiao joined it.

”Acquaintance, maybe? ” Yu Qi did feel the word was right.

”Just acquaintance? ” Aunty Ming Yue felt disappointed.
Aunty Su Xiao showed the same expression.

”Aunties, what do you mean? ” Yu Qi was lazy to guess what in her two aunties ’ minds.

”What can I see from his eyes, he seems to know you for a long time.
It is a longing feeling that I can feel from him. ” Aunty Su Xiao explained.

”Huh? I don ’t know him that long for him to feel that way. ” Yu Qi remembered that correctly.
She only met him twice.
However, she also remembered the weird feeling that she got when the first time meeting him. 

”Really? ” Her two aunties did not convince with that.

”That is the truth. ” Yu Qi firmly told her two aunties.

”Well, with this, Long Hui already has a rival. ” Aunty Sun Xiao said excitedly

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I wonder what is Long Hui ’s reaction when he meets Qin Xia? ” Aunty Ming Yue also expressed her excited tone.

”Huh? They already met each other. ” Yu Qi told them.

”What?! So, what ’s happening? ” Aunty Ming Yue asked first.

”Well, they just greet each other.
That ’s all. ” Yu Qi answered.

”Long Hui probably already observed his rival.
I hope I was there to see them. ” Aunty Su Xiao made a disappointing remark.

”Yeah. ” Aunty Ming Yue added.

Yu Qi did not understand what was her two aunties talking about.
So, she decided to change the topic. 

”Aunties, here.
I choose this. ” Yu Qi showed the heels that she was holding right now.

”He made the choice to you right? ” Aunty Su Xiao did not want to run from Qin Xia ’s topic.

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Aunty Ming Yue laughed.

”Aunty!!! ” Yu Qi pouted.
She was very fl.u.s.tered when her aunties put her like this.

Let ’s end this topic. ” Aunty Ming Yue said.


The three of them came home in the evening after walking around the shopping mall.
Yu Qi excused herself saying she wanted to refresh before dinner.
She went to her room and saw Aoi was sleeping on her bed.

Sensed his master already came inside, Aoi opened his eyes lazily and saw his master was holding a box.
He quickly jumped down.

”Master, what is in the box? ” Aoi asked excitedly.
He thought it was food that Yu Qi brought for him.

”It ’s a pair of heels.
Not food. ” Yu Qi said.

”Heels? What is that? ” It was the first time Aoi heard that word?

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Yu Qi opened the box and showed it to Aoi.

Why does  Master call it heels? ” Aoi asked in a cute way.

”Well, technically it is a pair of shoes.
Look at its design.
It ’s higher than normal shoes, right? ” Yu Qi pointed to the part of the heels.

”Yes. ” Aoi nodded.

”When it has this, normally we call it heels.
Normally only women wear this kind of shoes.
Well, there are some abnormally where some men also wear this kind of shoes, but not many. ” Yu Qi explained to Aoi.

Aoi like a cute little student listened to her explanation intensely.
Seeing Aoi ’s serious look when hearing her explanation, she put the heels and hugged her cute Aoi. 

”Aoi is the best thing to hug. ” Yu Qi doted Aoi.

”Master, you are the best. ” Aoi also praised Yu Qi.

The master and beast were hugging each other.
After a few hugging and rolling on the bed, Yu Qi got up and looked at Aoi.

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”So, my cute Aoi, today, let ’s take a bath. ” Yu Qi smiled.

Aoi freeze.
The only thing he did not like was taking the bath.

”Master, can I skip it? ” Aoi asked in a pitiful tone.

”Not taking the bath or not eating, which one that you like to do? ” Yu Qi asked with a smile but the meaning of the sentence gave Aoi a death choice.

Aoi gulped.
Not eating? No!!! He could not that.
He would die if he was not eating.

”Master, let ’s take a bath. ” Aoi made his choice.

”Nice choice. ” Yu Qi laughed.

Eating was the most important thing for a foodie.
So, she always used this to make Aoi took the bath.

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