The internship was only left for one month.
After that, Yu Qi would be able to finish her internship program.
It was the same for all the internship students at Guanying City Hospital.

As for Yu Qi, even though she was resting for about 10 days due to her injury, the hospital management decided to just calculate the days as she was working at the hospital since she was injured during the hospital ’s program.

The resort also began its construction.
Nothing much changed for Qin Xia.
Sometimes he invited Yu Qi for dinner.
Sometimes he cooked himself.
Yu Qi also doing the same thing.

Qi Qi skincare officially sold at its neighbour countries in collaborations with Xian Family Delivery Services Company.
Xian family was also happy with the result.
It became the official delivery services for Qi Qi Skincare in the nation too.

Su Yu Hi also just returned from Fanghai Nation.
Her greenhouse there would finish.
It is already in the final stage.

Grandpa Fan submitted the list of the herbs that was going to be planted in the greenhouse.
Yu Qi took a look at the list.
For now, she satisfied with the list.

Yu Qi was returning home.
She was stunned as she saw the person in front of her door.
The person was sitting.

”You are late. ” The person said with an annoyed tone.

Yu Qi could not react on time.
The person stood up from the sitting and jumped onto Yu Qi.
She excitedly hugged Yu Qi.
That person was Feng Yue.

”Yu Qi, I miss you. ” Feng Yue said.

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”What are you doing here? ” Yu Qi asked.

”Come to see you. ” Feng Yue let Yu Qi go.

”Why don ’t you call me first? ” Yu Qi sighed.

”What? You don ’t like me to come here? ” Feng Yue frowned.
She was sad to hear that question.

Yu Qi pinched Feng Yue ’s both cheek.
She stretched Feng Yue ’s cheek.

”Whattt aaaree youuu doooing? ” Feng Yue looked and sounded very silly.

”You should call me first.
Fortunately, I am coming home early.
What if I have a night shift for today? You will freeze outside here. ” Yu Qi scolded Feng Yue.

”Oh, is that how it works? You don ’t come home at 5 p.m? ” Feng Yue asked.

”Of course not.
It is not the same as working at the office.
The hospital running 24 hours per day.
None stop.
So, we need to take turns working overnight. ” Yu Qi explained.

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”Oh, I ’m sorry. ” Feng Yue immediately apologized.

”Never mind.
Come in. ” Yu Qi opened the lock and invited Feng Yue in.

Feng Yue sat on the sofa.

”You can get something to drink by yourself.
I ’m going to take a quick shower. ” Yu Qi pointed to the refrigerator.

I will comfortable myself. ” Feng Yue waved her hand.

Yu Qi entered her room.
Once she was in the room, she entered the space, grabbed Aoi and brought him outside.

’Yue come.
You can go outside or wait for me here. ’ Yu Qi said.

’I will wait for you. ’ Aoi laid lazily on the bed waiting for his master to finish showering.

Yu Qi did not take much time for her to finish.
Not more or less from 10 minutes, she was finished wearing her clothes.
Then she came out of the room with Aoi.

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Feng Yue saw Aoi jumped down from the sofa and hugged Aoi.
She patted and kissed him.

”Aoi, long time no see.
You are getting bigger. ” Feng Yue said happily.

In the past couple of months, Yu Qi could see that Aoi was getting bigger.

’Master, help me. ’ Aoi tried to get off Feng Yue but Yu Qi ignored it.

After satisfied kissing Aoi, Feng Yue finally let Aoi go.
Aoi kept away from Feng Yue.

”Are you hungry? ” Yu Qi asked.

”Yes. ” Feng Yue nodded.

”I will cook something simple. ” Yu Qi tied up her hair and wore the apron.

”I can help you. ” Feng Yue asked.

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”No, just wait for me. ” Yu Qi pushed Feng Yue sitting down the chair.

Feng Yue ended watching Yu Qi cooked.

”You must be cooking for Brother Hui like this, right? He will be waiting like this, watching you cooking from behind? ” Feng Yue grinned.

Yu Qi coughed.

”It is true then. ” Feng Yue noticed the cough.
”I have never thought that Brother Hui will get a partner before me. ”

Yu Qi finished cooking and served the dish in front of Feng Yue.
It was a simple Chinese fried rice.

”Here. ” Yu Qi said.

Feng Yue grabbed the spoon and ate.

”As usual, Yu Qi ’s cooking is so delicious. ” Feng Yue praised happily.

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It was a satisfying feeling when you cooked for someone and that someone ate the food happily.

After eating, they were sitting in the living room.
Yu Qi already prepared to sleep at the place since her bed was small.
It would not be enough for two girls to sleep on it.

”So, let ’s talk about what has happened. ” Yu Qi suddenly said to Feng Yue.

Feng Yue was stunned as she heard Yu Qi telling her that.

”As expected Yu Qi.
I can not hide from you. ” Feng Yue made a smile.

”Your vibe is very unusual.
I can feel that.
You need a friend to talk about it. ” Yu Qi patted Feng Yue ’s head.

She did need to share it with someone.
She also wanted Yu Qi to give her opinion on the matter.

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