Feng Yue already felt annoyed with the name.
That woman still wanted to find trouble with her.
She was not a soft person.
Troubling her, she might troubling you back.

Eventually, the rumour die.
And the days were back to normal.

As Xia Zi Qie, he directly told Feng Yue that he did not believe Feng Yue would do something like that since the work spoke for Feng Yue ’s ability.
It was the moment that Feng Yue felt pleased with Xia Zi Qie.

Then, the planning department had been assigned to a big job.
Everyone could give some ideas for the job.
The interns also could join it.
The most interesting idea would be used.

So, everyone in the department fought to prove themselves.
The idea would be presented to the planning manager.
On the day of the presentation, Bian Ma Ri wanted to present her idea before Feng Yue.

When Feng Yue saw the title, she knew that Bian Ma Ri was picking a fight with her.
The title in Bian Ma Ri was the same as her.
She could see the proud look given by Bian Ma Ri as she presented the idea to others.

Feng Yue already learned to control her anger.
She wanted to become as Yu Qi that did not show any anger to the enemies but silently destroyed them.

Then, it was Feng Yue ’s turn to present her idea.
When others saw Feng Yue ’s title, they were surprised to see the same title as Bian Ma Ri presented just now.

For those who were very close to Bian Ma Ri felt angry about this.
One of them stood up and pointed to Feng Yue.

”Team leader San, this is Bian Ma Ri ’s idea.
Feng Yue shamelessly stole Bian Ma Ri ’s idea. ” Bian Ma Ri ’s friend said to their team leader.

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”Silent. ” Team leader San glared at Bian Ma Ri ’s friend.

Bian Ma Ri ’s friend sat back after Bian Ma Ri pulled her sleeve.

Team Leader San and others did not talk anything about the idea even though they knew it was the same idea.
They were not stupid.

Something happened here.
Someone shamelessly stole someone idea and used the idea as their own.
It happened a lot in the industry.

Team Leader San and others planned to see whose this idea was by the presentation.
They could evaluate it by the presentation.
The person who owned the idea would understand more about their idea rather than the person who just presented the idea.

Feng Yue continued the presentation.
As the presentation continued, Feng Yue explained a lot better about the idea that she wanted to present.
On top of that, she gave more details about the idea.

Then the presentation ended.
Bian Ma Ri ’s face already turned pale.
She could not process this current situation.

She remembered that she just took this slide presentation two days ago after she saw Feng Yue finished editing it.
She studied the slide presentation very hard and tried to understand what Feng Yue ’s idea was.

After that, she did not see Feng Yue editing the slide presentation again.
So, she expected that Feng Yue would use this slide presentation.
What she could not expect that Feng Yue ’s slide presentation was slightly different and more details on it.

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The presentation was going on after Feng Yue finished her turn.
About one hour later, the presentation was ended.
The team leader and the planning manager told them that they would announce which ideas they would choose.

However, Feng Yue and Bian Ma Ri had been called by the team leader and the planning manager to the planning manager ’s room.
Both of them went as they ordered to.

As they walked to the planning manager ’s room, Bian Ma Ri said something to Feng Yue.

”Feng Yue, you are sly. ” Bian Ma Ri clenched both of her fists.

”Thank you. ” Feng Yue smiled cunningly.
”You are still a good one.
Stealing someone ’s idea and presenting it first.
It is a great idea.
But unfortunately, I am well prepared. ”

”You!!! ” Bian Ma Ri was so mad till the vein on her neck could be seen.

They already arrived in front of the planning manager.
Feng Yue knocked on the door.
Bian Ma Ri was still angry.
They could hear someone ’s voice asking them to enter the door.
So, both of them entered.
Team leader San was also there too.

”So, tell me the truth. ” The planning manager asked.

”That idea is mine. ” Bian Ma Ri desperately claimed it.

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Feng Yue was still silent.

”What do you think, Miss Feng? ” The planning manager then turned to Feng Yue.

”I have something to show the Planning Manager. ” Feng Yue placed a memory card on the planning manager.

”What is this? ” The planning manager m.

”The proof showing that Bian Ma Ri has stolen my idea. ” Feng Yue said.

”Planning Manager, don ’t believe her.
She is lying.
How could she had what so called video? ” Bian Ma Ri said wanted to frame Feng of Yue.

Regardless what Bian Ma Ri said, they watched the video inside the memory card eventually.
In the video, after searching a certain time, showing a particular person casually walked to Feng Yue ’s desk and opened Feng Yue ’s computer.
After a while, she left.

”It does not show that I am stealing your idea. ” Bian Ma Ri said after watching the video.

The video only showed her stopped by at Feng Yue table, touched Feng Yue ’s computer and left.
Nothing else.

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