Bian Ma Ri seemed to be less afraid since nothing showed concrete evidence that she took anything on the video.

”Is that so? Then, Planning Manager, please open another video on the file. ” Feng Yue asked the planning manager.

The planning manager did as Feng Yue asked him.
They searched the time frame and watched the video.
This time, the video showed from another point of view.
It directly showed the computer screen.

Everyone could see what Bian Ma Ri was doing at the moment.
She seemed to find something on Feng Yue ’s computer.
Then the screen showed the one file with the name ’Slide Presentation. ’

Bian Ma Ri immediately opened the file.
After confirming it was the file that she wanted to, she copied the file into her own Pendrive.
Then, as nothing happened, she shut down the computer and walked away from Feng Yue ’s table.

Bian Ma Ri was stunned as her face turned to pale.
She looked at Feng Yue like she was looking at a ghost.

why do you have so many cameras at your table? ” Bian Ma Ri asked in horror.

To guard my work from getting stolen by someone. ” Feng Yue smiled.

Others were speechless.
Even they did not guard like her even though they held much higher positions in the company.

”So, what now? ” Feng Yue asked.

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”We can not tolerate this kind of behaviour.
Miss Feng, Miss Bian, you can leave first. ” The planning manager said.

Feng Yue did not wait anymore.
She straight walked out of the room.
Bian Ma Ri saw Feng Yue leaving, she also leaving too.
Outside the room, Bian Ma Ri called Feng Yue.

”Miss Feng, wait. ” Bian Ma Ri said.

”What? ” Feng Yue stopped and turned to look at Bian Ma Ri.

”Can you forgive me? I did not mean anything bad at all. ” Bian Ma Ri wanted to apologize now.

She knew that she would be punished.
It was better to apologize to Feng Yue first and made Feng Yue spoke for her later.

”Dio not mean anything bad? Yeah.
I am stupid if I believe in you. ” Feng Yue snorted.

Bian Ma Ri ’s friends saw this scene and came to support Bian Ma Ri.

”Feng Yue, Ma Ri already apologize to you, why can you let it go? ” One of Bian Ma Ri ’s friend glared at Feng Yue.

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”You really want Ma Ri to feel bad right? ” Another one spoke.

”Whether she feels bad or not? I don ’t give a damn about it. ” Feng Yue smirked.
She looked at Bian Ma Ri that appeared weak in her friend ’s arms.
”I can ’t wait to see the decision made by our planning manager. ” After that, she walked away from there.

Two days later, the planning manager called Feng Yue and Bian Ma Ri.
The planning manager must be planned to tell them what decision that the company had made.

Bian Ma Ri seemed confident, not the last time Feng Yue saw her.
Feng Yue sighed.
This confident mus be related to the decision.
Feng Yue really underestimated Bian Ma Ri so much.

The planning manager ’s face was not so good.
Well, Feng Yue could understand.

”Miss Feng, our management hope that you can forgive Miss Bian if it was not anything to lose from your side. ” The planning manager said as he looked apologetically at Feng Yue.

Bian Ma Ri smiled proudly at Feng Yue.
She wanted to see Feng Yue argue with that.

”Okay. ” Feng Yue nodded.

The planning manager smiled touching as he heard Feng Yue agreed to drop the matter.

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”Okay, then.
Go back to your work. ” The planning manager did not want to waste time on this matter anymore.

Both Feng Yue and Bian Ma Ri went out.

”Feng Yue, you can ’t do anything to me anymore. ” Bian Ma Ri said proudly.

”Yeah, you are so good.
I wonder what kind of price you have paid for it. ” Feng Yue responded.

”You!!! ” Bian Ma Ri pointed her finger to Feng Yue.

Feng Yue left the place ignoring the angry Bian Ma Ri.
This Bian Ma Ri was really similar to her half sister which made her wonder, was this woman Feng Ma Ri ’s clone or something like that.

Xia Zi Qie called Feng Yue to work on the idea together.
The planning manager had chosen two ideas to be presented to the top management.
It was Feng Yue and another workers idea at the company.

So the planning department was dividend by two.
Half of the department went to Feng Yue ’s group.
Another half joined the worker ’s idea.

Bian Ma Ri and her gang joined another group.
While Xia Zi Qie joined Feng Yue.
Feng Yue asked another senior worker to lead the group even though it was her idea since the senior worker had more experience than her.

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Xia Zi Qie became closer to Feng Yue than before.
Seeing this, Bian Ma Ri felt so jealous.
One day, their department planned to have a gathering at a club.

They had a fun drink with each other.
However, Bian Ma Ri was planning something else.
She paid someone to kidnap Feng Yue and planned to r.a.p.e her as she wanted them to record the whole process.
What a sick woman.

Feng Yue went to the ladies to refresh.
So, she encountered a man.
From what she saw from this man, she knew that he had a bad intention for her.

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