Feng Yue looked at Yu Qi drinking her tea.
They were currently at a cafe.
Feng Yue wanted to see Guanying City, so, she asked Yu Qi to show her around.
But Yu Qi also was not familiar with the city too since she did not go around it either.

”You are not familiar with the city even though you have been staying here for about one year here? ” Feng Yue asked.

The place that I often go to is the market to get groceries.
Sometimes, I have gone to a restaurant to eat though.
Guanying Mountain is also good for hiking and have a beautiful scene on top of it.
And I do remember going to the night market once with Brother Hui. ” Yu Qi listed the places that she went to.

”Yu Qi, I think you are devoting your life to your work too much. ” Feng Yue was stunned.
”You should go out and relax yourself. ”

”Don ’t worry.
I am not stressing myself. ” Yu Qi smiled.

”By the way, has Brother Hui come to see you here? ” Feng Yue asked.

”Well, multiple times. ” Yu Qi nodded.

”He is biased. ” Feng Yue rolled her eyes thinking of Long Hui.

Yu Qi chuckled.
”Do you really want him to come over? ”

Feng Yue thought about that and then shivered.
”No. ”

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Yu Qi laughed.
She knew that when Long Hui met Feng Yue, he would train her.

”So, where will we be going next? ” Feng Yue asked.

”We will just walk around.
Coincidently there is a market around there. ” Yu Qi said.

After spending time at the cafe, both of them headed toward the market.
Aoi also followed beside him.

”Wow, there are a lot of people here. ” Feng Yue was surprised to see people here.

”This must be your first time going here, right? People come to this market because it is cheaper than in other markets.
And some of the things here come from our neighbour merchants. ” An auntie heard Feng Yue ’s statement and explained it to the two girls.

”I see. ” Feng Yue nodded.
Her eyes were looking around.

”Have you gone to this kind of market in the past? ” Yu Qi asked.

It is my first time. ” Feng Yue was seemed excited about it.

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Yu Qi smiled.
She sometimes forgot that Feng Yue was a lady from a rich family.
She probably would never come to this kind of market in the past.

However, Yu Qi did go a lot to this kind of market in her past time but not in Guanying City.
Not as a customer but as a worker.
She worked for about 3 months before getting fired from her boss ’s wife because her boss ’s wife thought that she seduced her boss.

Yu Qi tried to explain and wanted her boss to explain but her boss just looking around making his wife suspect her even more.
It was because her boss wanted to sleep with her but she rejected him.

”Seems you are excited to go. ” Yu Qi chuckled as she watched Feng Yue turned right and left looking at the stores.

”Well, it is my first time.
My father doesn ’t allow me to go to this kind of place because it does not suit our status. ” Feng Yue explained.

”What about right now? ” Yu Qi asked.

”Screw him.
I will not follow his orders any more.
He can just ask his beloved daughter to do so. ” Feng Yue gritted her teeth.

”Then, let ’s come. ” Yu Qi said.

Both of them walked around.
The market sold a lot of things.
Food, clothes, bags, shoes, kitchen equipment.
They particularly had everything.

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Feng Yue saw people buying a lot of things.

”Wow, they are buying a lot. ” Feng Yue commented.

”This market is cheaper.
Sometimes, they are not buying for themselves.
They buy things at a cheaper price here and sells them at a higher price at other places. ” Yu Qi said.

”I see.
It can make a profit from it. ” Feng Yue nodded.

Yu Qi stopped at a store.
The store was selling hat.
Yu Qi looked around.

”Are you going to buy it? ” Feng Yue asked.

Yu Qi took one that she felt that suited Feng Yue the best and put it on Feng Yue ’s head.

Nice. ” Yu Qi commented.

She also took one and put it on her head.

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”Sir, we are buying these. ” Yu Qi said to the man that sat in the store.

The man told her the price.
She brought out the money and paid the money.

”What is this for? ” Feng Yue asked while touching the hat.

”The sun is striking.
We must protect our skin.
Even though we wear sunscreen, a direct UV light will not good for our skin. ” Yu Qi also touching her hat.

”Oh, as expected of a doctor. ” Feng Yue laughed.

”Woof. ” ’Master, I want some food. ’ Aoi barked to Yu Qi.

I will get something for you too. ” Yu Qi bent down and patted Aoi ’s head.

”Oh, Aoi is jealous since you have bought something for me only? ” Feng Yue chuckled.

Yu Qi laughed.
He is jealous. ”

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”Come, I will buy meat for you. ” Feng Yue said to Aoi.

They saw a stall selling the meat skewer.
They buy one for both of them and five pieces for Aoi.

”Woof. ” ’Thank you, master. ’ Aoi looked pleased to see the meat.

”Is it okay for us to eat like this? ” Feng Yue asked.

”Yeah. ” Yu Qi nodded.

They were standing while eating.
Well, it was the first time for Feng Yue to eat like this.

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