”Eh, is it for me? ” Feng Yue was surprised.

Yu Qi realized that Feng Yue might not like this kind of jewellery since it was cheap.

”I ’m sorry.
You must have a lot of things like this.
Probably much better from this. ” Yu Qi said.
She considered retreating her hand.

However, Feng Yue snatched the pendant from Yu Qi ’s hand.

”Yu Qi, how dare you to take back the thing that you want to give to me? ” Feng Yue scolded Yu Qi.

”You accept it? ” Yu Qi asked.

”It is from my best friend.
Of course, I will accept it. ” Feng Yue smiled.

’I hope it will protect you in my place. ’ Yu Qi watched Feng Yue who looking happy with the gift.

’Are you sure you want to give to her, Master? ’ Bo Ya asked.

If the pendant is like you have said, it can protect Yue from danger.
It is more useful from just getting back and place it back in the space. ’ Yu Qi answered.

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’Up to you, Master.
It is yours. ’ Bo Ya smiled.

Feng Yue finally returned back to her place.
She already told Yu Qi that she was going to think about what Yu Qi said earlier.

Only two weeks left for the internship.
This week, a lecturer from her university would be coming to see and evaluate her.
A lecturer would come to the student ’s internship place and evaluated them.
The student also needed to prepare a report.

Yu Qi wondered who would be coming for her evaluation.
Well, anyone was better than nothing.

The day where the lecturer came to supervise Yu Qi had arrived.
It was Professor Shi, the lecturer that taught the students about the surgery.

Yu Qi already prepared the report for it.
She welcomed Professor Shi.
Professor Shi told her that she did not need to take care of him and told Yu Qi to do her own work.

So, following Professor Shi ’s order, she worked her normal day as usual.
The professor observed her, the way she worked, the way she interacted with the patient.

And Professor Shi even asked the patient about Yu Qi ’s treatment to them.

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”Doctor Tang is very gently.
She has assured me that she is not hurting me. ”

”She has explained to me in detail.
If I don ’t understand, she will explain in a simple way. ”

Professor Shi nodded as he recorded that.
He was very satisfied with Yu Qi ’s performance.
So, she only needed to submit her report to him and it would settle.

Yu Qi handed over her report to Professor Shi.
When he read the report, he was shocked by what was written in the report.
Usually, the student only needed to write one topic.

But Yu Qi, she wrote several topics including the technique that she applied on the girl when she had fainted on the top of the mountain.
She also wrote several surgery techniques in the detail.

Even Professor Shi impressed with it.
He even questioned Yu Qi.

”Do you really write this report? ” Professor Shi asked.

Is there any problem with my report? ” Yu Qi tilted her head.

She was very sure that she wrote it by herself after reading and looking at the other doctors ’ techniques.

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Its just…
I am impressed with what you have written here. ” Professor Shi said.

And the emergency treatment that she wrote was very helpful for others who really needed it.

”I think there is no problem with your report.
I will take and submit it to the faculty for evaluation.
I think it will pass straightly. ” Professor Shi said.

”Thank you, Professor Shi. ” Yu Qi bowed 90 degrees to the lecturer.

Professor Shi left the hospital.
Yu Qi took a relief breath.

”Done? ” Gu Min Su asked.

My professor has accepted my report without there being any need to repair it. ” Yu Qi said.

The report could be written back if the visiting lecturer was not satisfied with the report.
They would have only 1 day to repair the report and resubmit it to the lecturer.

”Do you have night duty tonight? ” Ah Kean asked both of them.

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”Nope. ” Min Gu Su shook his head.

”No. ” Yu Qi shook his head.

Other first year residents want to go hang out together.
Do you want to go too? ” Ah Kean asked.

”Where? ” Min Gu Su asked back.

”They want to go to eat dinner.
After that, they want to go to drink somewhere. ” Ah Kean said.

”Well, I think I will go since it is the first time we are free at the night and its probably going to be the last gathering. ” Min Gu Su agreed to join that.

”So, how about you? ” Ah Kean turned to Yu Qi.

Yu Qi thought about it for a moment.
She did not have any work to do tonight.
So, it would not be a problem if she joined them.

I will join too. ” Yu Qi answered Ah Kean.

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After completing the work for the day, Yu Qi prepared to leave.
When she got out of the locker room and walked to the entrance, she saw other people were gathering at the parking lot.

Yu Qi saw Min Gu Su and Ah Kean among them.
So, she knew that they were the people that going to the gathering tonight.
She approached them.

”Hi, everyone. ” Yu Qi greeted everyone.

”Oh, Doctor Tang, you really come. ” One of the residents said, somehow in an excited tone.

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