”Eh, I think I have already told Doctor Ah that I am coming along, though? ” Yu Qi tilted her head.

The person who spoke before scratched his head.
”We have just thought that he is lying since Doctor Tang has not joined our gathering once before.
So, we have thought you will not join us tonight. ”

’Doctor Tang ’ for them, was an outstanding person among the first year residents.
She was the one among them that led the operation even though she was just a first year resident.
So, to be simple, she was a legend among them.

Yu Qi understood.
She really did not interact much with other first year residents, other than Min Gu Su and Ah Kean because they were in the different departments.

”I ’m sorry. ” Yu Qi bowed.

”Eh, no…
Doctor Tang, you don ’t need to apologize.
We are also wrong.
We have also never asked you to join us. ”

”No more talk here.
Let ’s go to the restaurant. ” One of them said.

”Since it is probably our last night, let ’s eat big tonight. ”

Who will be paying if you eat big? ”

”Don ’t worry about that.
I will be paying.
You can eat and drink as much as you like. ” Yu Qi suddenly said.

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They were speechless for a while.

We can ’t do that. ”

Others rejected the idea.
It was their invitation.
How could they let a girl like Doctor Tang pay for it?

”I insist.
It is my first time hanging out with all of you. ” Yu Qi firmly said that.
”Have you decided which restaurant you want to go to, then? ”

”Yes, we have thought we will be going to the same restaurant that we always go to. ”

”Its name? ” Yu Qi asked.

So, they mentioned the name.

”Well, how about the Moon Hotel? I have eat there.
The food is not bad. ” Yu Qi suggested.

”But… ”

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”Don ’t worry about the payment. ” Yu Qi said again about the payment when she saw the hesitant faces.

They finally agreed with Yu Qi ’s suggestion.

Yu Qi brought her handphone.
”Wait a minute. ” She dialled a number.

I am Tang Yu Qi…
I will like to book a room right now…
About 10 people are coming…
About 15 minutes…
Thank you. ” The conversation ended.

”Let ’s go. ” Yu Qi looked at the people.

”Are you sure, Doctor Tang? I ’m sure that place is expensive. ”

”I am telling you, don ’t worry.
I will get it covered. ” Yu Qi smiled.

They looked at each other.

Let ’s go.
We will enjoy it. ”

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They went to the Moon Hotel separately.
There were some of them that shared the car to go there.
Yu Qi went there using her car.

They arrived at the Moon Hotel.
Yu Qi walked in front of them to enter the Moon Hotel.

”Welcome Miss Tang.
I am Manager Wang.
Let me escort you to your room. ” Manager Wang welcomed them.

”Oh, okay. ” Yu Qi nodded.
She did not expect the manager to come welcoming them himself.

Manager Wang smiled.
He was surprised to get a call from Yu Qi.
The big boss had already told him to treat the girl better if she wanted to come to the Moon Hotel.
The person that his big boss wanted them to treat better, he would not do half heart.
They were led to the room.

Manager Wang signalled the waiter to bring the menu book and gave it to Yu Qi and her friends.

Take your time to choose the dishes. ” Manager Wang said.

The people took the menu book and started to discuss what to order.
Sometimes they called the waiter to ask about the menu and asked for the suggestion which one was delicious.
The waiter cooperated very well with them.

After everyone selected which ones to order, a waiter took the order while another waiter was serving drinks to them.

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”Doctor Tang, I have heard that you are from the ’Tang Family ’, is it true? ” One of them asked.

They usually did not have a chance to talk with Yu Qi even though they were working at the same hospital.
So, when Yu Qi joined this gathering, they wanted to talk to Yu Qi in person.

But I am adopted daughter of the family. ” Yu Qi thought that it was no point to hide anymore.
So, to be honest, was better.

”Being adopted into ’Tang Family ’ is very good. ”

But how you have been adopted into the family? I am curious. ”

”Do the Tang Family have the test to enter their family? ”

No… ” Yu Qi shook her head.
”Actually, because I was always hurt while I was younger, I learned to mix the herbs.
That caught my grandpa ’s eyes.
I became his disciple.
After knowing I was an orphan, he decided to adopt me into the family. ”

”Oh, Doctor Tang Jiang Man is a very good person. ”

”I heard the Tang Family has three young masters. ” This time, one of the three girls from the group asked.
Her eyes were shining.

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”Yeah. ” Yu Qi nodded.

”Do they have a girlfriend? ”

”Big Brother and Brother Jin Wei do have a girlfriend.
But I am not so sure about Brother Qin Hao since he is usually at the hospital doing his research. ” Yu Qi said after thinking for a while.

”Oh, what a shame… ” A girl said in a low tone.

Yu Qi heard but she did not respond.

The food arrived.
They ate happily.

”Delicious. ”

”Yeah. ”

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