In the morning, after her morning jogging and exercise, Yu Qi went to the dining room.
To her surprise, she saw someone that unexpected to see here. 

”Morning Brother Qin Hao.
Brother Qin Hao, you ’re home.
It ’s unusual to see you at home. ” Yu Qi greeted Tang Qin Hao.

”Morning. ” Tang Qin Hao acknowledged Yu Qi.

Yu Qi took a place beside Tang Qin Hao.
”Good morning, everyone. ” Yu Qi greeted all.

”It ’s not only surprising you to see him.
We too. ” Aunty Su Xiao said.
”It had been a long time since I ’m as his mother seeing him having breakfast at home like this. ”

Tang Qin Hao only silent.
Then he opened his mouth.
”I want to get something from my room. ”

”Yu Qi, when do you want to depart? ” Uncle Tang Jang Qin asked.

Probably at ten a.m. ” Yu Qi thought for a second and answered it.

The time was about right.
It would not be too late when she arrived at the university.

”You want to go somewhere today? ” Tang Qin Hao threw a question.

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”My semester break will end.
So, it is time to go back. ” Yu Qi ate her breakfast.
Before started, she did not forget to ask the maid to prepare the food for the cutie foodie under the table.

”I see.
Then, let me send you back. ” Tang Qin Hao said in a calm tone.

There was a moment of silence right after Tang Qin Hao said the sentence.
Her aunties and uncle were frozen looking at Tang Qin Hao like he was a rare animal.
Even Grandpa Tang was doing the same thing. 

Yu Qi watched everyone.
”What is happening? Why do you have that kind of expression on your face? All of you. ” 

Hearing Yu Qi ’s voice, the family started moving. 

”Qin Hao, you have a fever, right? ” Aunty Su Xiao asked with a worried expression.

”Do you hit your head? ” Uncle Tang Jang Qin asked with the same expression that Aunty Su Xiao had.

Yu Qi and Tang Qin Hao had a ridiculous expression on their face.
They could not process why they were questioning Tang Qin Hao like that.
What was the connection between ’let me send you back ’ with ’you have a fever? ’ or you hit your head? ’

Grandpa Tang laughed when seeing his two grandchildren in a confused state.
He did not expect Yu Qi also did not understand the meaning of Tang Qin Hao ’s parent asking that questions.
Seeing their grandfather laughed making the two of them became more confused. 

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”Grandfather, why are you laughing? ” Yu Qi asked.

”Yu Qi, just now that brat Qin Hao offers to send you back to the university.
This is the time first that he offers doing something like that.
That is why his parent asking questions like that. ” Grandpa Tang explained to Yu Qi.

”Huh? ” Yu Qi looked at Tang Qin Hao that sitting beside her.

”Really? ” Yu Qi turned to Aunty Su Xiao.

We are shocked when he volunteers to send you back. ” Uncle Tang Jang Qin nodded feeling shocked when facing unusual behavior from Tang Qin Hao.

Tang Qin Hao ignored the people that talked about him like they just talking about someone else.
He ate breakfast. 

After finished eating breakfast, he stood up and said something.
”I ’m going to meet old mine at Starlight University.
That ’s all. ” Then Tang Qin Hao left the dining room.

”My son, he is really uncute. ” Aunty Su Xiao sighed.

”Qin Hao is okay.
Unlike my son, Jin Wei…
he is a chatbox. ” Aunty Ming Yue laughed.

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”Are they on-call? Big Brother Han Lee and Brother Jin Wei? ” Yu Qi asked. 

The two of them were not here for this morning breakfast.

”Jin Wei is on-call.
Han Lee is out of the country.
He is attending a medical conference.
I ’m not sure where.
Hubby, where is it? ” Aunty Ming Yue turned to Uncle Tang Jung Wen.

”It is in Russia. ” Uncle Tang Jung Wen said.

”How long he will there? ” Yu Qi asked curiously.

”Probably one week.
He just departure yesterday. ” Uncle Tang Jung Wen told Yu Qi.

”I see.
It ’s bad since the university is going to start.
Otherwise, I want to go to the conference and experience some of it. ” Yu Qi said.

It is a good experience if you go there. ” Uncle Tang Jang Qin nodded.

The doctors should go to a conference like that.
There were a lot of benefits in doing so such as gained new knowledge or technology on the medical, involve into the circle of medical people.
There were a lot of people were going to the medical, so, Yu Qi might get to know some people with the same interest.

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”I will inform you if there are any conferences in the future. ” Uncle Tang Jung Wen said paving a path to Yu Qi.

”Thank you, Uncle Jung Wen. ” Yu Qi thanked Uncle Tang Jung Wen happily.

”Enough with that stuff.
Qin Hao is waiting for you. ” Aunty Ming Yue ended the conference topic.

Finish your meal and go packing your stuff. ” Aunty Su Xiao nodded.

So, they ate breakfast after all the chats.
Yu Qi went to her room brought out the luggage that she brought from Shiwa Town that not been opened.
She went to the living room.

Grandpa Tang was talking to Uncle Tang Jung Wen.
Probably the discussion about the hospital.
They stopped when seeing Yu Qi approached them with the luggage. 

”You only brought this single luggage? ” Aunty Ming Yue appeared bringing some tea to Grandpa Tang and Uncle Tang Jung Wen.

”Yeah, everything is already in my room there. ” Yu Qi nodded.
”Aunty, do you see Aoi? ” Yu Qi asked on the surface, however, she already shouted Aoi ’s name using telepathy. 

”He probably in the kitchen. ” Aunty Ming Yue said while laughing when she remembered Aoi.
That dog really likes to eat.

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