Unknown to Yu Qi, Manager Wang called Min Liang and reported the things here.
His big boss already told him that if the girl with the name ’Tang Yu Qi ’ came, he needed to inform him.

”What is it, Manager Wang? ” Min Liang currently prepared a doc.u.ment for Qin Xia, answering the call.

”I want to inform you that Miss Tang has come to have dinner at the Moon Hotel with several peoples.
Probably her colleagues. ” Manager Wang said.

”What is it? ” Qin Xia asked without looking at Min Liang.
He knew that Min Liang ’s eyes on him right now.

”Manager Wang inform that Miss Tang has come to have dinner with her colleagues. ” Min Liang told Qin Xia.

”Oh, just gave her 20% discounts for all the dishes that they eat. ” Qin Xia gave the order.

Min Liang passed the order to Manager Wang.
Manager Wang nodded.
He did not understand.
Big Boss should not ask them for the payment, it was a good idea to impress the girl.

Not only Manager Wang did not understand, but Min Liang also did not understand about it.

”What is this? ” Once again, Qin Xia asked without looking at Min Liang.

”Mr Qin, you should let them eat for free.
That way, Miss Tang will have a good impression of you. ” Min Liang explained.

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Qin Xia chuckled.
”Min Liang, you don ’t know her.
She will not like that. ”

Qin Xia knew her character.
She only took what she paid for.
That was her moral.

”Doing that just makes her think that you are looking down on her. ” Qin Xia said.
”Min Liang, you should learn more about women. ” He gave a loathing look to Min Liang.

Min Liang was speechless.
’Mr Qin, you are not normal.
Miss Tang too. ’ He just protested in his mind before returning back to his work.

Yesterday gathering was very fun.
Yu Qi managed to take a sip of the c.o.c.ktail.
She did not drink much.

Others invited her to drink more but Yu Qi rejected softly telling them that she could not drink top much due to her health.
Hearing that, as a doctor, they understood and finally let Yu Qi go.

One of them suggested that they should play the ’truth or dare ’ together with a combination of a spinning bottle game.
They would be spinning the bottle.
Once the top of the bottle stopped and pointed to someone, others would ask that person to choose truth or dare.

Then they would be asking a question.
If that person chose ’truth ’ at the beginning, he or she needed to answer it honestly.
If that person chose ’dare ’, he or she needed to perform that task that others gave to him or her.

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They played several times.
Until the bottle stopped and pointing to Yu Qi.
Yu Qi was blinking several times.
Yu Qi chose ’truth ’.

Everyone was excited to ask Yu Qi.
But they did not want to offend Yu Qi by asking something that might hurt Yu Qi.

Then someone asked a question.
The question was, ’If you are not a doctor right now, what are you going to do? ’

Yu Qi was laughing, saying it was an easy question.
She directly answered that she would be a businesswoman.

Some of the men were angry at the man that asking Yu Qi that question.
They wanted to ask some personal questions to Yu Qi but now the chance gone.

As for the girls, they also were angry.
They actually wanted to ask for some information about the three young masters.

However, the mood heated up again after one of the men confessed to one of the girls.
Both of them were from the same department.

The man told her that he already liked her from day one.
He did not have the courage to confess the feeling to her.
But their internship would be going to end soon, he was afraid that he would never meet with her again.

So, he encouraged himself to confess to her tonight.
He even prepared a gift for her.
It was a bracelet.
The girl shyly accepted the man ’s feeling.
It was a happy event.

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”Emergency! Emergency! Emergency! All staff, please standby.
We will be received a lot of patients.
Please standby. ”

There was an announcement telling them that they would be received the patients.
Yu Qi rushed to the emergency department.
There were already three vans at the entrance.

”What is just happen? ” Yu Qi asked the staff.

”It was an earthquake at Shela City.
However, the place is near to our hospital.
They are sending the patients to our hospital first. ” The staff explained.

”Oh, thank you. ” Yu Qi said and began to her work.

The people kept being sent to their hospital.
The staff maintained their work in order.
Yu Qi treated someone that had a huge wound in her leg.

There was a patient that had a rock stuck in his head.
Yu Qi asked her nurse to call another doctor to help with his case.
It was more complicated compared to others.
He would be needed surgery to remove the rock.

Then she heard some voices that yelled to a nurse.
The nurse was on the brink of tears when the voice keeps yelling at her.

”What happens? ” Yu Qi asked.

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”Are you a doctor? ” The man asked arrogantly.

”Yes. ” Yu Qi nodded.
She signalled the nurse to leave and let her handled it.

The nurse slowly retreated to help others.

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