”Please treat my boss first.
He is injured. ” The man said and pointed to the fat man beside him that currently sat up.

Yu Qi looked at the fat man.
”Where are you hurt? ”

The fat man lifted his finger and showed the wound on his middle finger.
It was just a small wound.

Without saying anything, Yu Qi treated the wound.
The fat man purposely made contact with Yu Qi ’s finger as Yu Qi treated him.
Yu Qi ignored it.
After treating the wound, she bandaged his wound.
And it was done.

However, she heard the man, assuming, he was the fat man ’s assistant, telling Yu Qi that his boss wanted to stay at the ward.

Yu Qi ignored them and ran to another patient that needed her treatment more.
She felt ridiculous when the fat man wanted to stay at the hospital just for the small wound.

Well, she did not care.
He could stay at the paid ward.
She just did not want to care about that nonsense when there were a lot of patients waiting for the treatment.
She could hear the slimmer man shouting angrily at Yu Qi.

Yu Qi spotted a woman who had injured her hand and her leg.
Yu Qi checked her injuries.
The injury at her hand was somehow serious and needed to be operated on now.

Yu Qi called a nurse to ask her to call the doctor.
So, the doctor could operate it now.
Because of the number of patients that needed, the doctors were all busy and there was no doctor who was free right now.

The woman who was injured was just silent.
She did not say anything.
Her face did not show any emotion.
She waited there.
Yu Qi felt something.
She did not know how to describe her feeling right now.

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She looked at the injury at the woman ’s leg.
She checked that injury.
The ankle bone was just dislocated.
Yu Qi thought she could treat that injury.

”The bone of your leg is just dislocated.
I can treat it right now but it will be hurt so much for a moment.
Can you bear the pain? ” Yu Qi asked the woman.

The woman nodded.
Given permission from the woman, Yu Qi touched the leg.

”I will start it.
Endure it, okay. ” Yu Qi gave her advice.

A minute after she said that, her hands did its done.
’Krak ’.
The dislocated bone had already in its original place.
The woman still did not make any sound at all.

Yu Qi asked the nurse about a free doctor that could operate on the woman.
But there was still no doctor who was free.

Director Zheng also came to the emergency department to see the situation.
He happened to see Yu Qi asking for the doctor to operate on the woman.
Director Zheng looked at the woman.
Indeed it was serious injury.

”Prepare the surgery room immediately.
Doctor Tang, you will be the main surgeon. ” Director Zheng ordered.

Yu Qi was surprised when she heard the order.
She had not forcefully operated on this woman like before when she became the main surgeon of the man that had the tree stuck near his heart.

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This time, the injury was quite serious but still could be waited.
Since Director Zhen gave the order, Yu Qi nodded.
She asked the nurse to transfer the woman to the empty surgery room.

The nurse brought the woman into the surgery room.


The surgery was done.
When Yu Qi got out of the surgery room, the situation in the emergency department already could be controlled.
The patient from the earthquake had decreased and there was no serious injury that had been reported.

Then a nurse came to Yu Qi and told her that her presence was needed at a certain ward.
Yu Qi nodded and went to that certain ward.

It was a luxury ward.
Yu Qi suddenly had a bad feeling about it.
When she arrived at the ward, she could hear an angry voice from inside the room.

”I want that doctor here.
Where is she? ”

”Be patient, Sir.
She will be here soon.
I have already asked someone to call her here. ”

”How long I have to wait? ”

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”She will be here at the moment. ”

Right after the sentence came out, Yu Qi pushed the door open.
Yu Qi entered the ward.

Is there anything that needs my help? ” Yu Qi asked.

You have come. ”

It was the fat man that just injured his finger before.
He really requested to stay at the ward for a cut on his finger.

”Doctor Tang, how can you treat your patient like that? ” The doctor inside the room asked Yu Qi with a righteous tone.

Yu Qi turned to the doctor.
She narrowed her eyes while looking at the doctor.
The doctor felt scared for a moment.

”What do you mean by that? ” Yu Qi asked the doctor.

”How can you reject to treat him? ” The doctor pointed to the fat man on the bed.

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”Doctor… ” Yu Qi looked down and saw his surname.
”Yong, I have already treated this man.
He is having a small cut on his finger, so I have treated and bandaged his wound.
After checking his pulse, everything has come out normal, so I set him free. ”

The doctor panicked a little bit when he heard Yu Qi ’s explanation.
However, he calmed down himself.
He could handle it.

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