It was the last day for the first year residents.
Yu Qi and others finished the report for that day.
They handed the report to their respective doctors.
Their patients would be transferred to another doctor starting by the next day.

Since it was the last day, they decided to have dinner together and wanted to go to the karaoke after that.
They would have fun and drinks as a celebration for finishing the internship.

They booked the large room at the karaoke box since they were a lot of them.

”Doctor Tang, you should sing too. ” One of them offered Yu Qi.

”Me? I don ’t know how to sing.
My voice is not good. ” Yu Qi tried to reject.

”Don ’t worry about whether it is good or not.
Just have fun. ”

They pushed the microphone to Yu Qi.
Their eyes showed some wishes to hear Yu Qi singing.
Since they wanted it, Yu Qi stood up and chose her song.

When Yu Qi wanted to choose her song from the list, her eyes caught a song ’s title that she liked after reincarnating into her second life.
She immediately chose the song.
The song was called Pheonix Nirvana.

’I live in the darkness

No one seems to remember me

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No one seems to see me

Darkness is my friend

I embrace it like a thousand years

Alone and alone

Suddenly the light came through

I have been pulling out

Like a clueless child

I stand alone

Looking around

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This is the new world

This is the new world

I am alive again

I am alive again. ’

The song was very powerful.
Yu Qi just sings like she wanted to sing.
She was very very immersed with the lyrics.

After she finished singing the song, it was a moment of silence.
Then everyone was cheering and clapping their hands.

”Doctor Tang, I don ’t know that you know how to sing.
You are very good. ”

”Your voice is very good too. ”

”Cheer for Doctor Tang ’s sing. ”

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They raised their cups and drank.
Yu Qi chuckled.
They just wanted to drink.

Yu Qi told them that she wanted to go to the toilet for a moment.
A girl from their group asked Yu Qi whether she wanted someone to accompany her or not.
Yu Qi shook her head and told them it was okay.
She could go alone.

After finished her business in the toilet, she walked out.
When she was passing a corner, she heard some one talking.

”Let me go. ”

”It is not fun playing by yourself.
Come with us.
We can show many interesting ways to play around. ”

”No need.
We already have our accompanies. ”

”What? Your boyfriends? ”

”Please, let us go. ”

Yu Qi took a look at the corner that she heard people talking.
It was two women surrounded by four men.
It was clear that these two women were afraid of these four men.

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”What are you doing? ” Yu Qi asked them.

”Oh, another beauty. ”

”I like this one. ”

”Doctor Tang. ” Both women called Yu Qi.

It meant that these two women were from her group.
When she looked at their faces.
She remembered that it was Doctor Lu and Doctor Xie.

”I hope you can let my friends go. ” Yu Qi did not want to use her hand yet.

”How about coming with us too? We can have a lot of fun too. ” A man raised his eyebrows several times while showing a l.u.s.t look to Yu Qi.

”So, you do not want to cooperate with me? ” Yu Qi sighed.

These men really liked to do the hard way.
Yu Qi approached the men slowly.

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Come to me. ” A man raised his arm to touch Yu Qi ’s face.

However, Yu Qi chopped that hand.
A scream could be heard.

”You bitch.
What are you doing to my friend? ” His friend asked angrily.

”Do you think I will let his dirty hand touch me? ” Yu Qi snorted.

”You bitch!!! ” Three men wanted to pounce on Yu Qi.

”Doctor Tang, be careful!!! ” Both of the women shouted.

However, what they could see only the three men fell onto the ground groaning in pain.

”I think it will be enough. ” Yu Qi wiped her hands.
She looked at these two women.
”Let ’s go. ”

These two women blinked several times while looking at each other.
They were very shocked when they saw these men had fallen onto the ground.

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’Doctor Tang is so strong. ’

That was what these two women thinking right now.

’So manly. ’

These two women looked at Yu Qi ’s back admiring Yu Qi.
They were changing their perspective of Yu Qi right now.
Before this, they did not like Yu Qi much since she was beautiful, good at her work and also had a good family background.
All people were jealous of Yu Qi.
And that included them.

But this accident just now made them realised how small their thinking.
Yu Qi approached them in order to help them even though she was alone.
She was very strong.

’Doctor Tang, you are a nice person.
Very manly. ’

These two women changed their view of Yu Qi.
They began to admire Yu Qi in different ways.

Yu Qi was ignorant about what these two women thinking about her right now.
She also was ignorant that she was changing two normal women into a lesbian.

She was thinking that this kind of place always had sc.u.m men around.
It was indeed a dangerous place to come.
Same as the night club.

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