As for the next day, Yu Qi did not rush to return to Finn City or Shiwa Town.
She still had something to do at Guanying City.

She received the information regarding Doctor Yong and Mr.
Gong from Han Baise.
When she read the information about them, she felt disgusted.

Doctor Yong.
30 years old.
He used to work at Ming Hospital for almost 5 years, another 3 years at Rain Hospital.
During these 8 years, there were a lot of things he did many things that could make him ended up behind the bar or losing his job permanently.

S.e.xual harassment the female doctors especially the interns or new doctors and nurses.
This crime was in Yu Qi ’s blacklist bucket.
The crime that she really hated the most.
Regarding what he did, she could not forgive this crime.

The next bad things that he had done was misdiagnose the patients.
Not just once but several times that the patient got complication from his misdiagnosis.
However, most of them were from poor families.
They could not afford to do anything.

This man should not be a doctor.
Thats what she could conclude.

As for the fat man, Mr.
Gong, he was 45 years old.
A businessman.
However, the company was not his.
He was just a shareholder involved in the management.

The company was involved in the construction industry.
It was not that bigger but they had their name in the industry.

A first look, this Mr.
Gong looked clean.
But after reading several pieces of information, Yu Qi was shaking her head.
Embezzlement of their company ’s funds.
He had done it multiple times.

He sometimes used the money for his own purpose.
Or the money was used for the bribery.

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Since she was free this time, she investigated furthermore about Mr.
To completely destroy him, she also needed to know about his enemies.
He should have some enemies.

After further investigation, she knew that he got several enemies.
Yu Qi smiled as she knew that she could use these enemies against Mr.


”Miss Tang, why do you call me here? ” Director Zheng asked.

They were having a meeting at the cafe that they met for the first time.

”Here. ” Yu Qi pushed the fail toward Director Zheng.

Director Zheng took the file and read it.
As he read more, the more he frowned.

”This person… ” Director Zheng could not finish his words since he felt disgusted with this man.

”My friend has investigated him.
You can choose to believe or not. ” Yu Qi said.

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”But why? ” Director Zheng asked.
It should be a reason why Yu Qi had this information.

”This person has asked me to do something.
Do you remember that earthquake incident? ” Yu Qi asked.

We have received a large number of patients on that day. ” Director Zheng nodded.
He also went to the emergency department to see the situation.

”On the day, I have treated a man.
He just had a cut on his finger but he still wanted to be warded.
I did not have time for that.
So, I ignored them.
After the situation became calm, I had been called and asked to go to the VIP ward.
It was the same man that had a cut on his finger.
This person… ” Yu Qi pointed at the name on the fail.
”He asked me to take care of the man.
With many ways. ”

”Many ways? ” Director Zheng frowned.
He understood what Yu Qi had meant by this.
He was asking for confirmation.

Yu Qi nodded.

Director Zheng ’s face changed.
It was clear that he was angry about this.

”I just hope that there is no one who would be his victim anymore. ” Yu Qi said.

That was right.
She did not want other women to be used as his tools to gain the favour of the men.

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”Miss Tang, you do not need to worry about this man.
We will do something about this man. ” Director Zheng said.

”Okay. ” Yu Qi thanked Director Zheng and excused herself.


Doctor Yong was currently chilling in his room.
He was tired of having his morning routine.
He did not expect that this hospital was very strict with the rules even though it was just a border hospital.
If not because of something, he would not choose this hospital in the first place.

However, the things that he really liked at this hospital were the female doctors and nurses.
They were beautiful in their ways.

That intern was the most beautiful one.
It was his loss that he could not get a taste of that beautiful intern since she had already finished her internship.

She finished her internship one week after he joined the hospital.
Not to mention the different department.
He could not see her at all.

She was busy like hell.
He was stunned as he heard that she became a co-surgeon of the surgery.
Even he was not so confident being the co-surgeon despite eight years of becoming a doctor.
And she was just an intern.

However, the past was the past.
He needed to focus on the current.
He could have a taste of other women.

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There was knocking on his door.
He shocked.
Then he stabilised his sitting posture and pretended to do some writing.

”You can enter. ” Doctor Yong said to the person knocking on his door.

The door was opened.
A woman entered.
Doctor Yong ’s eyes lifted up.
’Not bad. ’ He praised the woman ’s look.

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