”Doctor Yong, you require to go and see Director Zheng. ” The woman said.

”Maybe I know what is the reason? ” Doctor Yong asked while looking l.u.s.tily at the woman.

”I don ’t know anything about it.
I have just received the order to tell you to go and see Director Zheng.
That ’s all. ” The woman felt disgusted with the look given by Doctor Yong.
She was not a stupid woman.
So, she understood that look.

”Oh, I see.
May I know your name? ” Doctor Yong wanted to get to know the woman.

”You may call me Secretary Mei.
Doctor Yong, I hope you can go now since Director Zheng has been waiting for you. ” Secretary Mei wanted to leave now.
Whether this doctor wanted to go or not, it was not her business anymore.

Seeing the cold look on Secretary Mei, Doctor Yong smiled.
This kind of woman would obey a man when she was on the bed.
Doctor Yong stood up as he was thinking about how to make Secretary Mei sat on his bed.
It might be fun.

He did not know that his life might be over after this.
He walked to Director Zheng ’s room.

He arrived at Director Zheng ’s room.
Outside the room, Secretary Mei was at her table.
When she saw Doctor Yong, she looked Doctor Yong smiled at her.
She just ignored him.

She called Director Zheng to inform him that Doctor Yong was already here.
Director Zheng told her to ask Doctor Yong to enter his room.

”Director Zheng has asked you to enter the room right now. ” Secretary Mei said.
She wanted to chase Doctor Yong from here.

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”Before that, can I get your number? ” Doctor Yong wanted to flirt with Secretary Mei.

I can ’t give my number to you. ” Secretary Mei rejected without blinking her eyes.

”Why can you not give it to me? ” Doctor Yong asked.

”Why should I give it to you? ” Secretary Mei also asked.
”Doctor Yong, you should enter the room now. ”

Doctor Yong just smiled.
But when I get out, I will get your number no matter what. ”

Secretary Mei did not say anything.
She just watched Doctor Yong entered the room.

In the room, Director Zheng saw Doctor Yong entered the room and stopped his work and closed the file.

Doctor Yong sat in front of Director Zheng.
”Director Zheng, why do you call me here? ”

Director Zheng looked at Doctor Yong.
If not because of Yu Qi ’s information, he could not believe that the man in front of him could be doing something like that.

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The phrase was correct. ’ We should not judge the book by its cover. ’

Read this. ” Director Zheng gave a file to Doctor Yong.

Doctor Yong was curious about the file, took it and read it.
Director Zheng looked at Doctor Yong ’s expression.
He could see the change of Doctor Yong ’s expression from smiling to frowning.

”Director Zheng, what is this? Where do you get it? ” Doctor Yong nervously asked?

”You should know better about this.
As for where I have gotten it, I can say it was from a reliable person. ” Director Zheng snorted.

The information inside this file is not the truth.
Director Zheng, you should not believe this. ” Doctor Yong wanted to convenient Director Zheng.

”Do you think I am stupid? I have already investigate the truth behind this file.
I have called your previous hospital and have asked for it.
They also have the same information about you. ” Director continued.
”I have accepted you here under Doctor Su ’s recommendation.
I think I should investigate Doctor Au too. ”

Doctor Yong was silent.

”You are fired. ” Director Zheng said.

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”Can you give me a chance? I will change it. ” Doctor Yong begged Director Zheng.

”And wait for someone to die? No. ” Director Zheng firmly rejected it.

A call came.
Director Zheng took the call.

”Sir, the policemen are here. ” Secretary Mei said.

”Oh, let them in. ” Director Zheng said.

A few moments later, the policemen came inside.
Seeing policemen arrived, Doctor Yong begun to panic.

”We are here to escort Doctor Yong to the police station to help our investigation. ” A policeman voiced his aim for coming here.

”Director Zheng you should not do this. ” Doctor Yong protested.

”It is not me who has reported you. ” Director Zheng said.

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”What? ” Doctor Yong was dumbfounded.

”You have just offended someone that you should not offend. ” Director Zheng told Doctor Yong.

”Someone that I should not offend? ” Doctor Yong did not know that.
He did not remember offending someone like that.

The policeman told Doctor Yong to follow them to the police station.
Doctor Yong could not do anything except following the policemen ’s order.

Being escorted by two policemen attracted people ’s attention.
Doctor Yong was still in his white coat that indicated him as a doctor.

”Look, the police comes to arrest him. ”

”He seems to be a doctor. ”

”Why is he being arrested like that? ”

”He must be doing something bad. ”

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”That ’s great he has been arrested. ”

”Why are you saying that? ”

”I have seen him molesting a nurse before. ”

”What!!? ”

”You really saw that? ”

When I want to save the nurse, he saw me and released the nurse.
He even clicked his tongue when he passed me. ”

”What a horrible doctor. ”

”He should be arrested then. ”

”Maybe that nurse was his girlfriend. ”

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”I don ’t think so.
In fact, the nurse was crying and thanked me because I have walked there. ”

”Oh. ”

Yu Qi was standing among the onlookers looking at the scene.
Doctor Yong had been escorted by the policemen.
It was a good scene to watch.

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