”Doctor Tang, I have thought you already finished your internship. ” Nurse Shing Yu Ten greeted Yu Qi.

She was surprised to see Yu Qi at the hospital.
She remembered that the internship students for the previous year have already finished their internsh.i.p.s.

”I have just come here for some business. ” Yu Qi said.

”Oh, I see. ” Nurse Shing Yu Ten nodded.

”By the way, here is the souvenir from me. ” Yu Qi gave a plastic bag to Nurse Shing Yu Ten.

Nurse Shing Yu Ten took and looked inside.
She was surprised to see the things inside the plastic bag.

”This is… ” Nurse Shing Yu Ten looked at Yu Qi.

”You are the first person who has talked to me when I have first come to the hospital.
So, it was my appreciation. ” Yu Qi smiled.

Nurse Shing Yu Ten smiled and saying thank you to Yu Qi.
It was indeed true that she was the one who guided Yu Qi when Yu Qi had first entered Guanying Hospital.

Yu Qi walked to Director Zheng ’s room.
She greeted Secretary Mei.
Secretary Mei saw her, stood up and greeted her.

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”Is Director Zheng inside? ”Yu Qi asked.

”Yes. ” Secretary Mei nodded.

”Can you ask him whether I can meet him? ” Yu Qi asked again.

”Wait a minute. ” Secretary Mei said as she called Director Zheng.

She informed Director Zheng telling him that Yu Qi wanted to see him.
She nodded several times and ended the call.

Secretary Mei looked to Yu Qi.
”Director Zheng tells that you can enter the room. ”

Yu Qi thanked Secretary Mei and entered the room.

”You come. ” Director Zheng greeted Yu Qi.
”You saw Doctor Yong earlier. ”

I come and saw him being escorted by the policemen. ” Yu Qi nodded.

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”I have already submitted the evidence regarding the misdiagnosis on the patients and what he does to keep the patient ’s family quiet about this. ” Director Zheng informed Yu Qi.

I will handle the evidence that he has done s.e.x.u.a.l harassment on female doctors and nurses.
It may be difficult since those victims may be unwillingly to step forward but it ’s still worth trying. ” Yu Qi told the further action that she would take to Doctor Yong.

Director Zheng just nodded.
He was relieved that he had not offended Yu Qi while she was doing her internship at Guanying Hospital.

”So, what are you planning for your career? ” Director Zheng asked.

”I don ’t know yet.
But I think my grandfather might tell me to work at Tang Private Hospital. ” Yu Qi said.

”Oh, I see.
I can tell you, that hospital is the best hospital in the nation.
Many doctors want to join that hospital but still could not get into it. ” Director Zheng said.
He was not lying though.
It was the truth.

”I know.
Before I forget, here. ” Yu Qi handled out the plastic bag for Director Zheng.

”What is this? ” Director Zheng was confused.

”This is the Qi Qi Skincare. ” Yu Qi said.
”It is a gift to you since you have been taking good care of me during my internship. ”

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”Qi Qi Skincare? ”

Director Zheng was a man.
So, he did not know much about skincare product but he seemed to hear this brand somewhere.
Then, he remembered that his wife was talking about this skincare product.
There was a very high demands for the products.
So, the product was usually out of stock.

”I have remembered that your wife likes this brand.
I will give a complete set with our new product.
I will tell your wife if the product is finished, she can give me a call and I will give some discounts to your wife. ” Yu Qi said.

Director Zheng was dumbfounded.
’What does she meant? ’ He seemed could not brain the sentences.
”Miss Tang, what do you mean by that? Give discounts? ”

Qi Qi Skincare is a company under my name. ” Yu Qi explained.

Director Zheng was dumbfounded for the second time.
’She has a company under her name? And that company is growing bigger and bigger that can stand among other players.
No one knew the person behind the company.
What an impressive girl. ’ Director Zheng did not suspect that she was lying.

”Oh, you don ’t need to worry.
Our product only consists of herbs.
There are no chemical substances inside the product.
So, it was good to use it. ” Yu Qi promoted her skincare product in case Director Zheng did not know about it.


Yu Qi packed up the things in the house.
She would be returned to FINN City by tomorrow.
She looked around.
After feeling satisfied, Yu Qi rested a bit little.

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Even though she did not spend much time in this house, she did feel the attachment for this house.
So, she made the conclusion to buy the house.

She already negotiated the price for the house with the previous owner.
The owner agreed to sell the house with the house that she mentioned.

”Master, what are we going to eat tonight? ” Aoi came and asked.

Let ’s cook something.
What should I cook for today?Hmm…
Let ’s have a hot pot for today. ” Yu Qi said.

”Hot pot? Spicy one? ” Aoi asked.

She was silent at the moment.
Then, she looked at Aoi.
”Let ’s ask Brother Xia too. ”

”Him too? ” Aoi questioned.

”Yes, I have not seen him for a long time.
He seems busy.
Well, let me call Brother Xia first. ” Yu Qi brought out her phone.
She called Qin Xia.

Qin Xia at the moment was in the meeting.
His phone vibrated.
He looked down to see the caller.
His eyes narrowed down as he saw the name on the screen.

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