Chapter 753: Lying Because of Her

One of his employees was currently talking about the project.
He lifted his hand and signalled the employees to stop talking as he answered the call.

”Hello. ” Qin Xia answered.

”Hello, Brother Xia.
Are you busy right now? ” A girl ’s voice could be heard on the phone.

All the employees in the meeting room looked at Qin Xia because they could hear the female voice on their boss ’s phone.
It was not clear but still, they could distinguish the difference between female voice and male voice.

I am not busy right now… ” Qin Xia answered.

His employees were like…
Qin, what do you mean by that? We are currently in the meeting. ’

”Why are you asking that? ” Qin Xia asked back.

”Oh, I have forgotten to ask.
Where are you right now? Are you in Guanying City right now? ”

I am. ” Qin Xia nodded.

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”Oh, great.
Actually, I just want to ask you to have dinner with me.
Are you free tonight? ” Yu Qi asked.

”I am free tonight. ” Qin Xia said lazily.

We are going to have a hot pot tonight? Do you like spicy or plain? ” Yu Qi asked again.

”Spicy. ” Qin Xia answered.

I will be going to prepare a spicy one.
You will be surprised. ” Yu Qi said happily.

”Hmm… ” Qin Xia replied.

I will see you tonight. ” Yu Qi wanted to end the call.

”Bye. ” Qin Xia ended the call.

Everyone around Qin Xia looked at him curiously.
They did not know that their boss had a girlfriend.

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”You can continue.
I only have one hour to spend. ” Qin Xia said to his employees.

Actually, Qin Xia was lying to Yu Qi.
He was at Capital City, at his headquarters.
He was in the meeting discussing his new project at Guanying City.
He had to return to Guanying City after one hour of this meeting to arrive at Yu Qi ’s house on time.

”What are you waiting for? Continue the meeting. ” Qin Xia said again after seeing his employees had just kept silent and staring at him like a stupid person.

”Yes, Sir. ”

The people in front of Qin Xia answered and started to continue the meeting.
So, the meeting continued for one hour.
After one hour, Qin Xia said it was time for the meeting to end even though they still had some more agenda to discuss.
But Qin Xia did not want to hear anymore.

Qin Xia directly stood up and left the meeting room making everyone looked at each other.
Then one of the members of the meeting asked Min Liang that just silent took care of his boss ’s paper.

Min, where is Mr.
Qin going? ” He asked.

”He will be going to Guanying City. ” Min Liang answered.

”Oh, does Mr.
Qin ’s girlfriend lives there? ” Another question popped up.

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Min Liang just made a questionable face.
He was also not sure whether to call Miss Tang, Mr.
Qin ’s girlfriend or not.
From what he saw, he concluded that Miss Tang was like Mr.
Qin ’s sister.

”I don ’t know. ” Min Liang gave a safe answer.


Yu Qi was currently at the market.
She decided to buy some fresh seafood and meat for her hot pot.
As for the veggies, she would collect it from her own garden in the space.

She already brought her trolley bag to make her work for carrying the groceries easier.
Well, she learnt from her previous visit to the market.
The middle aged woman, as well as, the seller at the market told her to the trolley bag to carry the groceries while shopping here.

She agreed with what the middle aged woman said and saw a lot of people were shopping there would pull their trolley bag.
They even sold these trolley bags to the customer that came to the market.

Aoi followed her and looked around.
’Master, everything here looks fresh and delicious. ’ He said and looked around while swallowing his saliva.

Tell me what do you want to eat.
I think our stock in the space also already decreased.
We need to pile stock it up. ’ Yu Qi said.

’Okay. ’ Aoi was happy since he got to choose the food that he could eat.

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After buying a lot of seafood and meat, they stopped a while.
A middle aged woman saw her and just came to talk to her.

”Wow, you are buying a lot. ” The aunty said.

”Well… ” Yu Qi just smiled.

”You are the one who is going to cook? ” The aunty asked.

”Yes. ” Yu Qi nodded.

”Your husband must be happy to get a wife that can cook.
Nowadays, women like to go outside and work like a man.
No one likes to cook. ” The aunty sighed.

Yu Qi did not answer anything.
She just smiled.

”Aunty Chua, come here and eat this. ” A seller from a shop shouted.

I will be there. ” The aunty that was talking to Yu Qi answered the shout.
”Take care while you return home. ” The aunty said and she left, walking to the seller that shouted to her just now.

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Then another middle aged woman came to Yu Qi.

”We are sorry if Aunty Chua talks nonsense to you.
Oh, the woman that talked to you just now is Aunty Chua. ” The middle aged woman explained.

”Oh, it ’s okay.
I don ’t mind. ” Yu Qi shook her head.

”She just likes to talk to people.
So, she often stopped someone and talked to them.
My friend called her to let you leave.
Otherwise you will be stuck here for many hours. ” The middle aged woman said.

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