After returning from the market, Yu Qi directly entered in her space.
She wanted to store part of the meat and the seafood that she brought inside her space.

Aoi also argued how much they should store and eat for tonight.
Aoi also joined in.
Yu Qi gave in to them.
She followed their instruction on how much they should eat tonight.

Then, they went to the garden to harvest the veggie that Yu Qi wanted to put in her hot pot tonight.
She was humming while harvesting the vegetables.

Since she would be eating outside her space tonight, she decided to cook in her house.
It was not hard to cook the soup for hot pot.
She set up the table for them to eat the hot pot.

Then, someone was knocking on her door house.
It must be Qin Xia, she thought.
She opened the door to welcome him.

Standing in front of Yu Qi ’s door was indeed Qin Xia.
He was driving three hours from Capital City for eating dinner with Yu Qi.

”Come in, Brother Xia. ” Yu Qi invited Qin Xia in.

Qin Xia entered the house and saw the packages sitting in the corner of her house.

”You have already started your packing? ” Qin Xia remembered it was already one year since Yu Qi had worked as an internship student at Guanying City.

It is my last night here before returning to FINN City. ” Yu Qi said to Qin Xia while preparing the plate for Qin Xia.

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”Then, what is your plan after this? ” Qin Xia asked.

”I think I will start working at Tang Private Hospital. ” Yu Qi did plan for her future.

However, she was still considering.
Her family wanted her to work at their family hospital.

”I see.
Then, do your best. ” Qin Xia smiled at Yu Qi.

”Brother Xia, eat a lot, okay. ” Yu Qi put a piece of meat into Qin Xia ’s bowl.

Qin Xia just nodded.


Yu Qi stopped her car in front of the post guard outside Tang Main Residence.
The guard looked at the driver carefully.
Then he realized that it was their young miss.
Even though their young miss did not usually come home but the steward had already informed and told them how their young miss looked like.

”Young Miss, you are back.
I am sorry for holding you back.
I have not received any notice, telling you are coming back today. ” The guard apologized to Yu Qi.

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”It ’s okay.
I h not told my family either.
I want to make a surprise.
Can you open the gate for me? ” Yu Qi smiled.

Wait a minute, young miss. ” The guard nodded.

Yu Qi drove her car into the garage and parked her car.
She could saw the car that usually her aunties used for going out was parked beside her car meaning both of her aunties were home.

Yu Qi entered the house.
Steward Han was there to welcome her.
He greeted Yu Qi with a smile.

”Welcome home, young miss. ” Steward Han said to Yu Qi.

Yu Qi was indeed surprised.

”You know that I ’m coming home today? Yu Qi asked.

”Of course not, young miss.
I had been informed by the guard outside. ” Steward Han answered politely.

”Oh… ” Yu Qi looked around.

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”However, I still have not told anyone about your arrival. ” Steward Han added.

”Really? Meaning both of my aunties still don ’t know I am back? ” Yu Qi asked.

”Yes. ” Steward Han said.

”Where are they right now? ” Yu Qi excitedly asked her aunties ’ whereabout.

”First Mistress is cooking while Second Mistress is at the garden. ” Steward Han informed Yu Qi.

”I see. ” Yu Qi smiled.
”I will go and see them. ”

”By the way, Young Miss, where is your luggage? ” Steward Han asked.

”In the car.
I have 2 boxes and luggage.
I will bring them outside by myself.
It may be difficult for Grandpa Han to take care of them. ” Yu Qi was thinking not to rely on Steward Han since the boxes were a bit heavy.

”Young Miss, you don ’t need to worry about that.
I will call someone else to lift them. ” Steward Han said.

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”Oh, okay.
Here is the key. ” Yu Qi handed out her car key.
”Then, I will go and surprise my aunties.
See you later, Grandpa Han. ”

Steward Han watched Yu Qi ran from there.
Then he walked away to call someone to take care of Young Miss ’s things.

Yu Qi approached the kitchen.
While she was heading to the kitchen, several maids saw her.
They wanted to greet her but she signalled them to keep silent.

The maids nodded and walked away from there.

”Sister Jue, who is that girl? ” A maid asked her colleague.

”Oh, that is our young miss. ” Her colleague answered.

”I see.
But why am I have not seen her before? ”

”Young Miss was doing her internship at Guanying Hospital for the past several months.
She has probably finished her internship and coming home.
Enough about this.
Let ’s do our job. ”

Yu Qi already arrived at the entrance of the kitchen.
She was peeking inside.
She saw her Auntie Ming Yue was cutting the potatoes.
Her back was facing Yu Qi.

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She entered the kitchen slowly.
The people around Ming Yue realized it was their young miss.
Yu Qi made the same signal.
The people nodded.

Yu Qi slowly approached Ming Yue.
She then hugged Ming Yue from behind.
Ming Yue was very surprised to receive a back hug.

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