”You just need to wait for the graduation only, right? ” Tang Jin Wei asked.

”Yes. ” Yu Qi nodded.
”But it is three months later. ”

”That is the good one. ” Tang Jin Wei lifted up his eyebrows.
He excitedly suggested something.
”You can go for a holiday. ”

”Well, there are a lot of things that I need to catch up on. ” Yu Qi was thinking about her business.

”I am home. ” Someone said it.

Then the dining room went silent.
Steward Han saw this and asked someone to prepare the additional cutlery for this person.

The person was Tang Qin Hao.
He silently took a seat beside Tang Jang Qin.

”You come home? ” Su Xiao was very surprised to see her son.

I just feel that way tonight. ” Tang Qin Hao answered.

It was indeed rare for Tang Qin Hao to return home.
Su Xiao was worried about him for not seeing him for a long time, she went to the hospital to see Tang Qin Hao and brought some food and clean clothes for him.

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”Our dinner tonight will be completed if Father is here. ” Ming Yue said.

”He is more stubborn than anyone else. ” Tang Jung Wen commented.

”Thank goodness, we have placed a good maid to take care of him. ” Tang Jang Qin said.

”But it is not enough.
It also not good for Ji Chang.
It is her time to get married. ” Ming Yue said.

Han Ji Chang was Steward Han ’s granddaughter.
The most important things, it was her primer time.

Yu Qi was thinking about something.
Then she smiled while saying something.
”Don ’t worry.
I will talk to him. ”

”I think that ’s good.
Father may listen to Yu Qi. ” Tang Jan Qin nodded.

”I hope so. ” Tang Jung Wen said.

”Enough with the talking.
Let ’s eat. ” Ming Yue said after seeing everyone did not start eating while they were talking.

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Ming Yue and Su Xiao were surprised when Yu Qi invited them to go to the spa.
Well, Yu Qi wanted to see Yung Ha Ten.
Her spa used Qi Qi Skincare Brand.
So, she wanted to see it.

Yu Qi asked the receptionist if Yung Ha Ten was around or not.
The receptionist told her that their boss did not come to the spa recently.

Yu Qi wanted to call her but Yu Qi did not have her contact number.
She remembered that her aunts were friend with Yung Ha Ten.

She then asked her aunts about Yung Ha Ten ’s contact number.
Ming Yue just gave the number to Yu Qi.
She called Yung Ha Ten.

”Hello, Miss Yung. ” Yu Qi said after the call had been answered.

It was Yung Ha Ten ’s voice.
”Yes, who is this? ” She asked.

”I am Tang Yu Qi. ” Yu Qi said.

”Oh, Yu Qi, did I have told you to call me Aunt Ha Ten? ” Yung Ha Ten was surprised to get a phone call from Yu Qi.

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It had been a long time since she last saw Yu Qi.
However, she did hear about Yu Qi sometimes from Ming Yue and Su Xiao.
She remembered that Ming Yue told her that Yu Qi was having an internship at Guanying City.

”I ’m sorry, Auntie Ha Ten.
I have forgotten. ” Yu Qi said.

”It ’s okay.
Why are you calling me? ” Yung Ha Ten asked Yu Qi.

”I just want to meet you.
Well, I am at your spa right now. ” Yu Qi said.

”Oh, really? I will come.
Can you wait for an hour? ” Yung Ha Ten asked.

”Eh, are you busy right now? If you are busy, I will not bother you. ” Yu Qi felt wronged as she did not make an appointment with Yung Ha Ten.

Yung Ha Ten was laughing.
”Don ’t worry.
I am just at home cleaning something.
I guess one hour is enough to get it clean. ”

”Oh, are you sure? Otherwise, we can meet another time. ” Yu Qi said.

”It ’s okay. ” Yung Ha Ten said.

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”Well, then, I will apply for the one-hour massage session. ” Yu Qi said.

”Oh, feel free to have it.
Don ’t forget to show the receptionist the card. ” Yung Ha Ten said.

Yu Qi ended the call.
She told the receptionist that she wanted an one hour massage session.
The receptionist wanted to say that she needed to make an appointment first before she could apply for the session but shut her mouth up when she saw the card that Yu Qi placed in front of her.

It was a first-class membership card of this spa.
The holder of this card could come to the spa without any booking or appointment.
There were not many cards.
Only 300 pieces of it.
Only the riches and close friends of the owner could have it.

The receptionist heard some of Yu Qi ’s conversation.
She heard that Yu Qi called Auntie Ha Ten.
It must be Yung Ha Ten, the owner.

Yu Qi got the card before she was going to Guanying City.
Yung Ha Ten told her that the card was her spa ’s membership card.

When Yu Qi was heading to the room that she had been assigned to, she walked passing two women.

”See, I am not lying to you right? ” The woman said to her friend.

My skin feels very hydrated and pumped. ” Her friend said happily.

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”The sister tells me that we can get the product from the store or online. ” The woman told her friend.

”I don ’t believe in online shopping.
Some of them are th fake products.
It is better to go and buy the product at their store. ” Her friend said.

”It ’s right. ” The woman agreed.
”I think I will change my current skincare product to Qi Qi Skincare. ”

”Me too. ”

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