Han Chu Xiao turned above to get a look at the person who saved her at the moment.
It was a young man.
Probably in the same age as her.

”Are you okay? ” The man asked.

You. ” Hang Chu Xiao nodded.

”Who are you? What do you want? ” Brother Chen asked in anger.

Other both of the men also glared at the man who saved the girl from their hand.

”You want to do something to my girlfriend and you ask that question to me? ” The man also glared at the men.

Brother Chen, Wang Bo, and Sang Bi flinched.
’His girlfriend? ’ They looked between the man and the girl.
They did not want to fight with the man since the man looked strong with his body.

”Bro, I ’m sorry to disturb your girlfriend. ” Brother Chen felt it was not worth angering this man for a woman.
It was like seeking death.

Don ’t let me see you ever again here. ” The man let go of the three of them.

We will go first. ”

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The three men picked up their motorcycle and left the place leaving Han Chu Xiao together with the man.
Han Chu Xiao glanced at the man.

”Where do you want to go? I will send you over.
Afraid that those men will come and disturb you again if I leave you all alone.
I am sorry for admitting you are my girlfriend. ” The man said.
”By the way, I am Pei Xian. ”

”Thank you for helping me.
It ’s okay.
I am don ’t mind. ” Han Chu Xiao faked a cough.
”I am living nearby the market. ”

I will send you over.
Hop up. ” Pei Xian jumped on his motorcycle.

Okay… ” Han Chu Xiao rider behind Pei Xian.

”You can hold me if you want. ” Pei Xian said.

”I am okay. ” Han Chu Xiao replied.

”Okay. ” Pei Xian did not think much about that.

As the motorcycle started to move, Han Chu Xiao was startled.
The motorcycle moved very fast.
Han Chu Xiao quickly hugged Pei Xian ’s waist.
She was scared that she might fell over.

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Sensing Han Chu Xiao was scared, Pei Xian lowered his speed.
He forgot that a girl did not like the high speed.
Even though Pei Xian had already slowed down, Han Chu Xiao still hugged him.

Pie Xian already entered the market area.
He slowed down even more.
He did not know where this girl ’s house was.
So he needed to ask herself.

”Miss Han, where is your house? ” Pei Xian asked as he turned around to look at Han Chu Xiao.

Han Chu Xiao felt Pei Xian ’s body was moving.
So, she automatically released Pei Xian from her arms.

”Oh, sorry. ” Han Chu Xiao said.

”It ’s okay.
I don ’t mind…
But can you tell me where are your house? ” Pei Xian asked.

”Oh. ” Han Chu Xiao looked around.
She realized that they were already in the market area.

”My house is over there.
I think I can walk from here. ” Han Chu Xiao said.

”I can send you over there. ” Pei Xian increased the motorcycle speed.

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Pei Xian stopped at the location that Han Chu Xiao told him about before.
He read the signboard.
’Oh, it is a herbs shop. ’

Han Chu Xiao stepped down from the motorcycle.

”Thank you so much for saving me and sending me home.
I appreciate that. ” Han Chu Xiao bowed.

”It is okay.
Here is your house? ” Pei Xian asked.

”Well, technically yes. ” Hang Chu Xiao smiled.

”Technically? ” Pei Xian did not understand.

”Well, I am a maid here. ” Hang Chu Xiao just told him.

She did not feel embarrassed about her job here.
Furthermore, she was proud of it.
Her master was not a normal person but a legendary doctor.

”I see. ” Pei Xian did not say much about that.

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After that day, Pei Xian always came and met Han Chu Xiao.
From there, Han Chu Xiao knew that Pei Xian came to Shiwa Town for job searching.

Pei Xian was changing many jobs before this.
Some of the reasons were the employer did not pay the salary as they promised to.
He was struggling to search for a job.

Pei Xian was seriously attracted to Han Chu Xiao.
He wanted to stay close to Han Chu Xiao.
Because of that, Pei Xian braved himself to come to the Godly Herbs Shop to ask whether the shop needed people to help around.

When Grandpa Tang heard someone came and looked for a job, he came out.
He was staring hard at Pei Xian up and down.

”Are you strong? ” Grandpa Tang asked.

”Yes. ” Pei Xian answered confidently.
It was a good point that he could use.

”What is your expected salary? ” Grandpa Tang asked again.

”I hope to get a salary that commensurates with my job. ” Pei Xian answered clearly.

You are hired. ” Grandpa Tang made a quick decision.

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Pei Xian was dumbfounded.
His ears were not wrong, right? He got hired just like that?

”You can call me Old Master Tang and he is Song Nan.
He will tell you more about your duty. ” Grandpa Tang said while pointing to Song Nan that just came from behind.

Song Nan looked at them.
He did not know that Grandpa Tang just hired a man.

Grandpa Tang was doing for his own and Song Nan sake.
They were old.
So, the heavy thing, they would not have the energy to do so.
Han Chu Xiao was a girl so, there was no way that they could ask her to do that.
So, Grandpa Tang hired that man.

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