Yu Qi walked into the mansion heading to the kitchen.

”Who are you? ”

Yu Qi heard the question.
She turned to the person.
She saw a woman slightly older than her blocking the entrance of the kitchen.

”Do you hear me? I am asking you a question.
Who are you and how do you enter this mansion? ” The woman asked again when she saw Yu Qi did not answer her question.

”Huh? ” Shi Yuan looked over as she heard Qian Weiwei talked to someone.
”Hah! Yu Qi.
You have come here. ”

Shi Yuan grabbed Yu Qi ’s hand.

”Auntie Shi Yuan.
It has been a while. ” Yu Qi greeted Shi Yuan.

How are you? ” Shi Yuan asked.

”I am fine. ” Yu Qi nodded.
”I have already seen your baby.
He is lovely. ”

Shi Yuan ’s smile became widened as she heard Yu Qi praised her son.

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”Ye Nai is indeed a lovely baby.
It is very easy to take care of him. ” Shi Yuan added.

”Excuse me, Sister Shi Yuan.
Who is this? ” Qian Weiwei asked, interrupting the conversation.

”Oh, I have forgotten to introduce her to you. ” Shi Yuan looked at Qian Weiwei.
”Weiwei, this is Tang Yu Qi, the owner of this mansion.
Yu Qi, this is Qian Weiwei, the part-time helper. ” Shi Yuan introduced them to each other.

”Oh, nice to meet you. ” Yu Qi nodded to Qian Weiwei.

”Huh? ” Qian Weiwei looked like she could not believe this.
”This mansion belongs to her? ”

She is a kind person, who has lend this mansion to us while our house was in the trouble. ” Shi Yuan explained.

Qian Weiwei looked like someone that just eating a sour fruit and tried to smile.
I see. ”

Yu Qi felt something was wrong with this person.

”I think I need to return home.
I will call you later, Sister Shi Yuan. ” Qian Weiwei could not wait to leave the place.

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”Huh? It ’s still early. ” Shi Yuan said.

”I suddenly remember something that I need to do at home.
I am sorry. ” Qian Weiwei opened the apron that she was wearing like now.

”Oh, okay. ” Shi Yuan could not stop Qian Weiwei from leaving.

Qian Weiwei quickly left the mansion.
She usually greeted the kids as she left the mansion but today, she did not say anything to anyone.
She just left like that.

Qian Weiwei did not want to come to this place anymore.
This was the last time that she would come there.
The reason she came working part-time there just to meet Chang Kang An.

She thought that Chang Kang An was the real owner of that mansion.
She thought Chang Kang An was a kind person that liked to help homeless children and allowed them to stay at his mansion.

She also thought that Chang Kang An was a rich person that just wanted to feel the suffering of the poor people and went to work for experiencing the feeling.

She never thought that Chang Kang An himself came from a poor family.
She felt disgusting as she remembered giving a seducing look at Chang Kang An.
She would never come to this mansion ever again.

Yu Qi silently watched the woman walked away and left the mansion.
Shi Yuan seemed did not notice the intention of that woman.
She would let it over.
If she did not know then fine.
Yu Qi would not tell her.

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”How long has she been working here? ” Yu Qi asked.

”I think it has been two months.
She is a good cook. ” Shi Yuan praised.

”I see. ” Yu Qi nodded.

”Oh, look at the time.
My husband will come home soon for lunch.
I need to set up the table.
Yu Qi, how about having lunch together with the kids? They will be happy to have you too. ” Shi Yuan invited Yu Qi.

Why not? ” Yu Qi did not reject the invitation.
”Let me help you setting the table. ”

”Oh, thank you. ” Shi Yuan said.

Then, a few moments later, Chang Kang An returned home.
He was surprised to see Yu Qi.
Chang Yu Qian just came from the garden behind the mansion also surprised to see Yu Qi over there.

”Miss Yu Qi, you are here.
It has been a while since I see you. ” Chang Yu Qian said to Yu Qi as he saw Yu Qi.
He could not bring himself to casually called Yu Qi like his father and his wife.

I just return to Shiwa Town yesterday. ” Yu Qi said.

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”Where do you go? ” Chang Yu Qian asked.

”I went for an internship about one year at Guanying City. ” Yu Qi informed them.

”I see. ” Chang Yu Qian nodded.

”By the way, where does Uncle Kang An work? ” Yu Qi turned to Chang Kang An.

”I am working at the greenhouse over there. ” Chang Kang An explained.

”Oh, is working there okay? ” Yu Qi asked.

It is good. ” Chang Kang An nodded.
”I never thought that they would accept me.
By the way, I have never seen the owner.
They said the owner is a young girl. ”

”Usually the big boss rarely comes to the place.
What is weird about that? ” Chang Yu Qian replied.

”I guess so.
She has a lot of employees to take care of the greenhouse. ” Chang Kang An nodded.

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Then, a cry could be heard.
Chang Yu Qian and Chang Kang An who just sat on the chair stood up and rushed to the cry.
When they arrived there, Shi Yuan just calmed down the baby.

”What happens? ” Chang Kang An asked worriedly to Shi Yuan.

Shi Yuan laughed.
”He just wants to turn over.
But does not succeed.
So, he cried. ” Shi Yuan explained.

Chang Yu Qian laughed as he teased his grandson.
”You cry because of that? Okay.
Don ’t worry.
You can do it in the future. ”

Chang Kang An took a relief breath.
He thought something happened to his son.

Yu Qi looked over the family.
The baby was the third generation in the family and they were waiting for him for a long time.
Yu Qi smiled.

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