Han Chu Xiao was blinking over and over again.
Her brain was working very slow at the moment.
She was currently at Saisei Ryokan Hotel.

Han Chu Xiao was being pulled by her Young Miss here.
She was left in a room as she was told by her Young Miss that she could go and enjoy the onsen.

After Yu Qi returned home, she told her grandfather that she wanted to go to Saisei Ryokan Hotel.
Old Master Tang just nodded.
So, she invited Han Chu Xiao too.
They would stay over the night.

Actually, it was not the first time Han Chu Xiao came to this place.
She came several times.
Sometimes she was running a request for her Young Miss.
Sometimes, Old Master Tang and her Young Miss just told her to enjoy the onsen like today.

Han Chu Xiao changed her clothes to yukata.
Her Young Miss was nowhere to be found.
Following her Young Miss ’s order, she went to enjoy the onsen.
She liked it very much.
She felt her body relaxed as she slipped into it.

Not long after that, Yu Qi already came in.

”Enjoy yourself? ” Yu Qi asked Han Chu Xiao.

”Yes. ” Han Chu Xiao nodded.

It was the beginning of the week.
There were not many people who came and stayed over.

Before coming into the onsen, Yu Qi went to see Chui Mei Fung.
Chui Mei Fung looked younger and beautiful.
Somehow, those who worked here looked like that.
Younger, beautiful.
They improved their skin complexion.

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”Miss Yu Qi. ” Chui Mei Fung greeted her happily.

”Sister Mei Fung. ” Yu Qi greeted her back.

”You look even beautiful, Miss Yu Qi. ” Chui Mei Fung praised Yu Qi.

”Don ’t tell me that.
You also look younger. ” Yu Qi said to Chui Mei Fung.

”I also notice it.
It was probably because of the onsen, Miss Yu Qi. ” Chui Mei Fung smiled.
Who was not happy if her skin improved? Not to mention if that woman slowly reached 30 years old.

Yu Qi laughed.
Her onsen indeed had some good stuff.

”How is the business? ” Yu Qi asked seriously.

Sensing her boss ’s tone, Chui Mei Fung became serious.
”The business is good, Miss Yu Qi.
The customers have increased over this year. ”

”I see. ” Yu Qi nodded.

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”Miss Yu Qi, I think it is time for us to build our own website. ” Chui Mei Fung said.

I think that same way too. ” Yu Qi indeed thought that.

”Our customers usually called for booking.
If we use the website, they can just book on the website.
Foreign people also can come by just book on the website. ” Chui Mei Fung said.

That was right.
There were not many foreign people that came to Saisei Ryokan Hotel.
Those who came here knew from their friends that were from Binhai Nation.
They also needed to ask their Binhai Nation ’s friend to book for them.
It was very inconvenient.

”Take the pictures of this ryokan that you think beautiful to put on the website.
Show them to me later.
We will choose the best one. ” Yu Qi said to Chui Mei Fung.

”Yes, Miss Yu Qi. ” Chui Mei Fung nodded.

”By the way, I will spend the night here. ” Yu Qi informed her.

”Okay. ” Chui Mei Fung nodded once again.

”Young Miss, Young Miss! ” Yu Qi felt someone called her, she opened her closed eyes.

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”Young Miss, if you are tired, don ’t sleep here.
It is dangerous. ” Han Chu Xiao told Yu Qi when she saw her Young Miss closed her eyes for quite some time.

But I am not sleeping.
I am thinking about something. ” Yu Qi explained.

”I have thought you are sleeping.
I am just worried that you will slip down. ” Han Chu Xiao said.

”Thank you, Sister Chu Xiao. ” Yu Qi smiled.
”But this is surely relaxing. ”


In the evening, Chui Mei Fung called Yu Qi to come over.
Yu Qi quickly went there.
She straight headed to Chui Mei Fung ’s office.

In the large table, laying many photos of the ryokan.
The photos displayed the beauty of this place.

”Who takes these pictures? ” Yu Qi curiously asked.

”Why Miss Yu Qi? Is something wrong with these pictures? ” Chui Mei Fung was nervous.

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No… ” Yu Qi shook her head as she continued, ”These pictures catch the beauty of this place that I want to show to others. ”

”Actually, it ’s me.
I am taking these pictures. ” Chui Mei Fung confessed.

”Oh… ” Yu Qi did not expect that.
”I don ’t know that you have a nice talent here. ”

”I just learn it for quite some times. ”Chui Mei Fung said feeling a little bit shy.

” Okay, let ’s choose the good picture. ” Yu Qi said.

So, they spent about one hour choosing the pictures.
After satisfied with all of the pictures, Yu Qi requested Chu Mei Fung to give her a soft copy of the pictures.
She would compile the selected ones and gave them to Han Baise.

Yu Qi would ask him to make a standard website that allowed the people to viewed the hotel.
She also would ask him to make a system to allow people to book the room from the website only.

”Miss Yu Qi, you will do it by yourself? ” Chui Mei Fung asked.

I will ask the expert one to do their job. ” Yu Qi grinned.
”Before that, I also want to take pictures of our employees.
Especially you, Sister Mei Fung.
You will be on the front page of the website. ”

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