After getting all the pictures that she wanted, Yu Qi and Han Chu Xiao returned home.
They saw Grandpa Tang was ordering Pei Xian to lift the pots and moved them to the back.

”Young Miss, I will go and do my work. ” Han Chu Xiao bowed.

”Okay. ” Yu Qi nodded.

Han Chu Xiao went to her work station.
Yesterday, she had been pulled by her young miss just like that.
Leaving her work just like that.
And Grandpa Tang only nodded without saying anything seeing the scene.

Yu Qi went to see her grandfather.

”What are you doing, Grandpa? ” Yu Qi asked when watching Grandpa Tang asked Pei Xian to move the pot.

”I have just bought these pots to grow a flower. ” Grandpa Tang said.

”Grow a flower? ” Yu Qi turned to look at Grandpa Tang.

Grandpa Tang knew that his granddaughter watched with a weird look.

”Of course it is not a normal flower.
When it blooms, it produces seeds.
That seeds are the herbs that can be used for inflammation after being processed. ” Grandpa Tang explained.

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”Oh, hycrosliy. ” Yu Qi mentioned the name of the flower.

She remembered reading about the flower before.
It was a beautiful flower with a red pink colour.

That flower. ” Grandpa Tang nodded.

”Where do you get its seeds? ” Yu Qi asked.

”I ask someone to export it to me. ” Grandpa Tang grinned.

The flowers were not from Binhai Nation.
It came from the south region.
To be more specific, it came from Blue Island.

”Are you sure you can grow it up? ” Yu Qi asked.

”That needs trials. ” Grandpa Tang would not say that he was confident since he did not know about that.

”Oh… ” Yu Qi glanced at Pei Xian.

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Pei Xian felt his back had been watched, turning and saw the girl was watching him with an unexplainable look.
Then the girl left the place.

’Is she noticed something? ’ That was what Pei Xian thought.
The girl seemed did not care much about him but somehow he felt he had been watched several times by the girl.
He remembered the reminder given by the girl.


Han Baise was currently playing the game noticed the upcoming file entered his private inbox.
And he knew who was the sender.
Then the message popped out.

Snow: ”Have you opens the files? ”

Shiro: ”Not yet.
What are the files about? ”

Snow: ”The pictures of a hotel. ”

Shiro: ”Pictures of a hotel? ”

Snow: ”Yes, my hotel. ”

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Han Baise opened the files.
It was indeed the pictures of a hotel.
It looked nice.
She told him, it was her hotel.
His current boss really involved in many sectors.

Shiro: ”What do you want me to do with these pictures? ”

Snow: ”Make a website for it.
Make some feature that people can book the room from the website.
Show it to me first after you finished it. ”

Shiro: ”Okay. ”

Han Baise just accepted the job.
It was not hard work to do.
His boss could do it but he thought that she was just too lazy to do this kind of work.


Pei Xian sat after doing the hard work.
He was sweating hardly.
His current boss, Old Master Tang really made him do the hard work.

It had been several months since he had been working here.
Actually, he did not mean to ask to work here.
He just could ask to work nearby this place as required.

However, he changed his mind because of the girl named Han Chu Xiao.
As he said before, he was seriously attracted to Han Chu Xiao.
He thought that it was a good thing since he could do the work as he required to and at the same time, working on his relationship.

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”Here, drink this. ” Han Chu Xiao put a drink in front of him.

”Thank you, Chu Xiao. ” Pei Xian already called her by her first name.

”I will go first. ” Han Chu Xiao smiled and left Pei Xian alone.

Not long after Han Chu Xiao left, Pei Xian could see a girl walked toward him.
He automatically stood up when the girl stopped in front of him.

”Young Miss. ” Pei Xian greeted Yu Qi respectfully.

Yu Qi sat down.
”Just sit down. ” Yu Qi invited Pei Xian to sit on the chair in front of him.

”Yes, Young Miss. ” Pei Xian obediently sat down.

”I just want you to tell me what is the reason you have come here. ” Yu Qi went straight to the point.

Pei Xian flinched.
’Has my cover blow out? ’

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Yu Qi was watching Pei Xian ’s expression.
She could see that he was flinching as she asked him the question.

”Just tell me otherwise I will ask my grandfather to fire you. ” Yu Qi gave a little threat.

”I am Major Pei Xian from the military. ” Pei Xian introduced himself.

Yu Qi raised her eyebrows.
’What the heck is he doing here if he is from the military? ’

”I am here to protect Doctor Tang Jiang Man. ” Pei Xian explained his purpose here.

”Protect my grandpa? ” Yu Qi asked again.

”Yes. ” Pei Xian nodded.

”From what? ” Yu Qi asked again.

”Doctor Tang Jiang Man is a national human treasure for our nation.
It is normal that he needs to be protected. ” Pei Xian said.

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”I know that but does it mean you have to stay here? ” Yu Qi knew that her grandfather was an important person to the nation but the previous person did not even come and stay at their house.
So, it made Yu Qi wondered about that.

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