When Pei Xian heard the question, his face became slightly red.
Yu Qi caught that.

”You? ” Yu Qi pointed to Pei Xian.

”Young Miss, I hope you give me chance to pursue Chu Xiao. ” Pei Xian bowed to Yu Qi.

Yu Qi was blinking several time before she managed to make a sound.

”What? ” Yu Qi was very surprised.

”I really like Chu Xiao, Young Miss. ” Pei Xian said again confessed his feeling toward Hang Chu Xiao.

”You come to work here mostly because of Sister Chu Xiao? ” Yu Qi asked.

Actually, protecting Doctor Tang Jiang Man does not require me to stay close like this.
But… ” Pei Xian could not finish his sentence.

”You stay here because of Sister Chu Xiao? ” Yu Qi repeated her question.

”Yes. ” Pei Xian slowly nodded.

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Yu Qi was silent for a few moment.
Pei Xian was nervous to wait for Yu Qi ’s reply.
Yu Qi ’s reply would determine whether he could stay here or not.

”I see.
You can stay here as you want. ” Yu Qi gave the permission.

”Thank you, Young Miss. ” Pei Xian bowed deeply to Yu Qi.

”No need to bow to me. ” Yu Qi asked him to stand straight.

”Young Miss… ” Pei Xian called Yu Qi.

”What? ” Yu Qi looked at Pei Xian.

”I hope that Young Miss does not tell Chu Xiao about my feelings right now.
I will tell her later. ” Pei Xian requested.

”I know.
I will not do anything about that. ” Yu Qi nodded, smiling and left the place.

Yu Qi saw Grandpa Tang was hiding beside the wall.
Grandpa Tang startled as he saw Yu Qi in front of him.
He faked a cough.

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”What are you doing here? ” Yu Qi asked the obvious question.

”I just walk here. ” Grandpa Tang lied.

”You already know him, right? ” Yu Qi looked at Grandpa Tang with the narrowed eyes.

Grandpa Tang sighed.
I know he is the soldier that needs to protect me. ” He straight forwardly said that.
However he added with a surprised tone.
”But I don ’t know he come here because of Chu Xiao. ”

”Me too. ” Yu Qi also surprised by Pei Xian ’s confession.

”I guess Ji Chang will not worry anymore. ” Grandpa Tang nodded several times.

”Worry? What is he worried about? ” Yu Qi asked.

”To get his only granddaughter married. ” Grandpa Tang answered.

”Owh… ” Yu Qi also nodding.

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”What about you? When do you want to get married? Ask Long Hui that brat come to formally discuss about your engagement first if you don ’t want to get married yet. ” Grandpa Tang looked at Yu Qi.

I will talk with him later. ” Yu Qi left the place after waving her hand to Grandpa Tang.

”That girl… ” Grandpa Tang sighed.

After a long investigation, Ming Xuehai got the lead of the one who was behind Chang Yu Qian ’s case.
Tiang Shui Nan was a Director of Public Relation Office in Sun City where the actual Harmony Orphanage was.

He also was a distant relative of Wei Zhu Feng, the Minister of Tourism.
Using power of Wei Zhu Feng, he wanted to take the place in the rude way.

However, Wei Zhu Feng reminded Tiang Shui Nan to give the compensation to the owner of the place.
Tiang Shui Nan followed the order by offering some amount of money.

But the amount would not be enough to Harmony Orphanage to find another place.
It is not included food and other nessacery things that were needed by the children.
That was why Chang Yu Qian rejected to move to another place and rejected the money at the first place.

It seemed Tiang Shui Nan did not want to give up.
So, it made the things harder to the Harmony Orphanage.
Chang Kang An lost his stable job because of this case.
The fresh groceries suppliers did not want to sell their products to Harmony Orphanage.

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”So, you have already collected enough evidences to submit this case to the court? ” Yu Qi asked Ming Xuehai.

They were currently discussing the matter at Godly Herbs Shop.
Well, not in the shop actually, but at the gazebo.
Song Nan and Pei Xian was not far from their place.

Thanks to Shiro.
He has helped me in getting the evidence. ” Ming Xuehai.
”His power abuse is known to everyone but everyone seems to close their eyes about the matter due to Wei Zhu Feng. ”

”He is taking bribes too. ” Yu Qi read the evidence ’s file.

He owns several properties but his salary is not enough to buy them. ” Ming Xuehai nodded.

”So, his family is doing money laundering. ” Yu Qi chuckled.

”To be more specific, his son. ” Ming Xuehai explained.

Yu Qi opened another file about his son, Tiang Ji Wan.

”So, their idea to open the hotel on Harmony Orphanage is… ”

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To cover their money laundering activity. ” Ming Xuehai continued.

You can proceed. ” Yu Qi was satifised with the evidences.

”Yes, Miss Yu Qi. ” Ming Xuehai nodded.

”You need to be careful after you submit this case.
Their people may want to do something to you. ” Yu Qi worried by Ming Xuehai ’s safety.

I will pay more attention on that matter. ” Ming Xuehai assured Yu Qi.

”As for now, you can take day off starting from today. ” Yu Qi ordered.

”Day off? Why? ” Ming Xuehai was blinking like a fool.

”I have heard from Brother Yu Hi, that, you, Brother Xuehai, does not take a day off during these six months.
Weekday, you will handle our company matters.
Weekend, you will investigate this case.
When do you rest, Brother Xuehai? ” Yu Qi sighed.

”Take minimum four days off.
You can spend your time with your sister.
This is an order. ” Yu Qi did not give any chance for Ming Xuehai to reject.

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”Okay. ” Ming Xuehai reluctantly accepted that order.

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