”He is your friend? ” Yu Qi asked.

”Yeah. ” Tang Qin Hao nodded.

”I see.
Thank you for sending me here. ” Yu Qi thanked Tang Qin Hao.

Tang Qin Hao nodded.
He entered the car back and left the female hostel.
After Tang Qin Hao left, a car stopped at the same place Tang Qin Hao stopped just now.
Then, the door of the car opened and Yu Qi got hugged from the girl that came out from the car. 

”Yu Qi, long time no see.
I miss you. ” The girl was Song Ha Ting. 

Yu Qi smiled and patted Song Ha Ting ’s head like she was patting small children.
She always thought Song Ha Ting was a kid since she behaved like one.

Song Ha Ting released Yu Qi from her hugging.
”Yu Qi, let me introduce my family to you. ”

Song and Mrs.
Song came out from the car right after Song Ha Ting came out.
They were looking at the two girls when they were hugging each other. 

”Mum, Dad, this is Yu Qi, my friend.
She is one of the top students in our batch. ” Song Ha Ting introduced Yu Qi to her parents.
”Yu Qi, this is my parents.
My dad, Song Kang Won, and my mum, Song Ji Ji. ”

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”Hello, Mr.
Song and Mrs.
I ’m Tang Yu Qi. ” Yu Qi bowed a little bit showing her respect to the couple.

”No need to call us Mrs.
Song and Mr.
Since you are Ting-er ’s friend, just call us aunt and uncle.
That is much better. ” Mrs.
Song said.
She had taken a liking to her daughter ’s friend. 

”Okay, Aunty Ji, Uncle Kang Won. ” Yu Qi nodded.

”Okay, since we already arrived, we will excuse ourselves.
Ting-er, study well. ” Mrs.
Song said to Song Ha Ting. 

”I will try my best, Mum, Dad. ” Song Ha Ting nodded making a promise to her parents.

Song Ha Ting ’s parents left.
Then Song Ha Ting ’s eyes fell to Aoi.
Just now, she did not pay attention to anything.
So, she did not see him.
Now, seeing Aoi in front of her eyes, she felt it had been a long time since she saw Aoi.

Sensing the eyes on him, Aoi shivered.
He did not manage to run away.
He was caught by Song Ha Ting.
Song Ha Ting had given him a lot of kisses.

”Aoi, I miss you so much. ” Song Ha Ting gave her kisses during talking about how much she missed Aoi.

Yu Qi laughed when she saw this scene.
The two of them entered the hostel.
Song Ha Ting still did not let Aoi go.
However, the good mood was bounded to be destroyed when someone appeared in front of them.

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”Tang Yu Qi, long time no see.
I guess you get a new boyfriend. ” Yi Ren Shiang appeared with her best friend.
Her friend, of course, Fung Meng Xuan. 

”Oh, and  what does that have to do with you? ” Yu Qi smiled coldly.

”Miss Tang, if you don ’t love him, you should leave him to someone else. ” Fung Meng Xuan gave the advice like a good friend. 

”Humph, yeah, you want to say, leave him to you, right? IN YOUR DREAM! ” Yu Qi sneered.

Fung Meng Xuan did not reply back.
She just showed a hurt face when Yu Qi said something like that. 

”Tang Yu Qi, you are a s.l.u.t. ” Yi Ren Shiang said and made like she was spitting her saliva onto the ground.
She was angry when Yu Qi said something like that to Fung Meng Xuan. 

Listening to Yi Ren Shiang ’s word, Yu Qi approached her with high speed, grabbed Yi Ren Shiang ’s neck.
Yi Ren Shiang ’s back bumped into the wall.
She shouted in pain. 

”Tang Yu Qi, what are you try to do? ” Yi Ren Shiang said in pain.
Her voice seemed to stuck since Yu Qi grabbed her neck.

Yu Qi ’s face approached Yi Ren Shiang ’s ear.
She was whispering something to Yi Ren Shiang. 

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”You really want to die, is it? Believe me.
I will kill you without no one knowing that it is me that doing it.
Don ’t challenge me too much.
Otherwise, your body will dissolve into the thin air.
Oh, you can tell anyone what I ’m telling you right now if you want to die that much. ” Yu Qi gave a warning.

Yi Ren Shiang shivered when Yu Qi was whispering to her.
She felt Yu Qi ’s voice somehow was very scary.
Like a voice from hell.
It was cold.
She became more scared when she looked at Yu Qi ’s eyes right after Yu Qi was whispering to her.
Yu Qi seemed to mean what she just said. 

Yu Qi let Yi Ren Shiang go.
Yi Ren Shiang sat on her own.
Her legs gave up.
Fung Meng Xuan quickly went to help Yi Ren Shiang.

”Ren Shiang, are you okay? ” Fung Meng Xuan asked.

Yi Ren Shiang did not answer.
She looked at Yu Qi.
Yu Qi was still looking at her with cold eyes.
She afraid when she was telling Fung Meng Xuan about it, she was pretty sure she would be dead. 

”Miss Tang, you can attack someone like that. ” Fung Meng Xuan said to Yu Qi.

”Attack? What is your evidence saying that me attacking her? ” Yu Qi snorted.

”I ’m a witness.
I saw you grabbed her neck.
She can not even speak just now. ” Fung Meng Xuan behaves as a good girl that wanted to give justice to her friend. 

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