”He is? ” Yu Qi looked at the man who was sitting beside Feng Yue.

When she got the call from Feng Yue yesterday, she assumed that Feng Yue stayed at her ryokan.
So, on the next morning, she went to her ryokan.

Wanted to meet and surprise Feng Yue.
Instead of Feng Yue getting surprised, she was the one who got surprised when she saw Feng Yue was eating her breakfast with an unfamiliar man.

”Well, he is Xia Zi Qie.
One of my friends whom I have met while doing my internship. ” Feng Yue mentioned his name.
Looking at Xia Zi Qie then, she introduced Yu Qi to Xia Zi Qie.
”She is Tang Yu Qi.
The one from yesterday. ”

Yu Qi remembered that Xia Zi Qie was the one who gave Feng Yue love trouble.
’Oh, he is the one.
Not bad. ’ Yu Qi evaluated Xia Zi Qie.

Xia Zi Qie also remembered that Feng Yue mentioned about her friend been the owner of this hotel.
He did not expect that she would be so beautiful as Feng Yue.

”Hello, Mr Xia. ” Yu Qi bowed as she greeted Xia Zi Qie.

”Oh, hello. ” Xia Zi Qie replied.
”You can call me, Zi Qie, Miss Tang, since you are Xiao Yue ’s friend. ”

You also can call me, Yu Qi. ” Yu Qi glanced at Feng Yue as she made fun of Feng Yue when she heard Xia Zi Qie called Feng Yue, Xiao Yue.

”Xiao Yue? ” Feng Yue turned and faced Xia Zi Qie.

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Xiao Yue.
Your nickname. ” Xia Zi Qie nodded.

”When do I approve of you calling me, Xiao Yue? ” Feng Yue asked.

”You don ’t but I just want to. ” Xia Zi Qie grinned.

Feng Yue was speechless.
She glared angrily at Xia Zi Qie.

Yu Qi was watching them could not help to chuckle.
Making Feng Yue turned in her direction and glared at Yu Qi too.

”Yu Qi, don ’t laugh. ” Feng Yue said.

Yu Qi smiled and said.
”I am not laughing. ”

”You… ” Feng Yue pouted.
Ignoring these two people, she continued to eat breakfast.

”Don ’t be angry.
I am just kidding. ” Yu Qi said.

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Don ’t be angry.
But I will not stop calling you, Xiao Yue. ” Xia Zi Qie ’s turn to talk.

”Up to you. ” Feng Yue was lazy to rebuke anymore.

”Yu Qi, I have heard from Xiao Yue that this is your hotel. ” Xia Zi Qie began to talk with Yu Qi.

He was curious about Yu Qi since Yu Qi was so young to be the owner.
He wanted to meet Yu Qi and here was the chance.

”Yes. ” Yu Qi nodded.

”What makes you decide to open the hotel here? ” Xia Zi Qie wanted to hear the reason.

”Shiwa Town is the mountain village.
If you do not know, there is a waterfall nearby this hotel.
Considering these two factors, I decided to open the hotel here.
The customer who likes to do hiking can do the hiking.
The customer also can go and enjoy the waterfall. ” Yu Qi explained.

Well, that was not the only reason.
She was reborn.
She knew that Shiwa Town would be popular among the people that lived in the busy city.
They wanted to enjoy nature.
Shiwa Town would be the best place.

In the future, the government would value these kinds of town very much.
They would be protecting nature and they would directly observe the construction around Shiwa Town.
They wanted Shiwa Town would be the green place.
Well, not only Shiwa Town.
Several towns like Shiwa Town would be protected.

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”But why this kind of hotel? I hear this is kind of the traditional Japanese Hotel. ” Xia Zi Qie was curious about that.

”Well… ”

”Well? ” Xia Zi Qie could not wait to hear the reason.

”It is my preference.
I like this kind of hotel. ” Yu Qi smiled.

”Oh… ” Xia Zi Qie nodded several times.

Feng Yue laughed.
Xia Zi Qie was probably thinking that there were some reasons behind this hotel.
But Yu Qi just told him that it was her fond of this kind of hotel.

”Well, Yu Qi has more companies under her name besides this. ” Feng Yue said.

”What? More companies? ” Xia Zi Qie looked at Yu Qi.

She was around his age.
He was quite proud of his achievement.
Having a company under his name.
But the girl in front of him right now…
More companies? Meaning not just one.

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Have you heard about Qi Qi Skincare Brand? ” Feng Yue asked.

”Yes. ” Xia Zi Qie nodded.
He knew that this was a skincare brand that just became popular during these years.
He knew since her mother and grandmother also used the brand.
They were very happy after using the skincare brand, they appeared younger than their true age.

”Yu Qi also has an entertainment company and investment company.
Oh, before I forget, the greenhouse in this town also belongs to my Yu Qi. ” Feng Yue listed out Yu Qi ’s business.

Now Xia Zi Qie looked at Yu Qi like a monster.
This girl was a monster.
She was very young but had a lot of business under her name.

”Enough with this topic. ” Yu Qi was awkward talking about this.
Yu Qi changed the topic.
”By the way, Zi Qie? ”

”What? ” Xia Zi Qie asked.

”Are you serious about Yue? ” Yu Qi asked in a serious tone.

This topic completely changed the vibe.

Xia Zi Qie looked at Feng Yue first and then turned to face Yu Qi.
I am serious about her.
I want her to be my wife in the future. ”

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