So, Mei Ling thought it would be the same case with this man.
Never had she thought, this man was very loyal to his girlfriend.
He did not even think about other women except for his girlfriend and his cousin, Feng Yue.

Mei Ling walked confidently towards Long Hui.
However, she noticed that the man just looked outside the window without looking at her once.

Mei Ling needed him to turn and look at her.
With that, he would like her.
She knew that his current girlfriend was beautiful but she never think she would loose to his current girlfriend.

”Should we stop her? ” Her friend asked another friend.

”No need.
It is her own choice.
If this succeeds, she may get what she wants.
If this fails, she will be falling in the pit.
I don ’t want to get involved with this. ” Another friend said.

Mei Ling thought of a plan.
Falling onto his body was a good idea.
She quickly began her plan.
She walked back approaching the man from behind.

When she felt she was close enough to fall onto his body, she faked the misstep.
She straight fell onto his body.
However, she did not have any time to say something to the man, she could feel her body had been pushed hardly before she fell on the ground.

Mei Ling felt the pain on her forehead since her head collided with the table in front of the sitting man.
When she touched the part, it hurt, she could feel the wetness.
And she saw the blood.

The man slowly stood up and looked down at Mei Ling.
Right now, the atmosphere felt tightened to Mei Ling.
She could feel like her neck had been strangled by something.
She felt breathless.

The murderous aura came from the man.
He glared sharply to Mei Ling.

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”You really want to die, right? ” The deep voice could be heard.

Mei Ling was trembling so much.
She felt that she was facing the grim reaper that wanted to welcome her to the underworld.
She wanted to say something but her voice could not get out.

”Brother Hui. ” Yu Qi came and touched Long Hui ’s hand.

The murderous aura dissapeared and Mei Ling felt she could breath again.

”Qi Qi… ” Long Hui wanted to say something.

Yu Qi looked at Long Hui and smiled.
She understood.
She trusted Long Hui.
He must be doing this because of the woman who was sitting on the floor had provoked him first.

”Don ’t worry.
I believe you. ” Yu Qi said.

Long Hui was relieved that Yu Qi believed him.

Yu Qi bowed down and looked at the woman.

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”You know what? The most thing that I hate is someone doing something to my man. ” Yu Qi said to the woman.

Once again, Mei Ling felt that she could not breath again.
She trembled as she looked up to the woman who had talked to her.
This time, she felt that she was facing the devil that wanted to kill her.

Seeing the wound on your forehead, it most likely will leave a scar.
Are you happy, right? ” Yu Qi mocked.

If this woman did not do something like converting her man, she would not end up like this.

”I will ask First Brother to fire her and make her never step on this career anymore. ” Long Hui said fully disgusted with Mei Ling.

Mei Ling shook her head but her mouth could not say anything.

”Qi Qi, I will go and take some shower.
Her smell is attached on my body.
I feel sick. ” Long Hui said.

”Okay. ” Yu Qi nodded.
She also could smell the woman ’s perfume on her man.
It had attached when the woman fell onto Long Hui ’s laps.

She was watching when Mei Ling fell and had been pushed one second after she landed on Long Hui.
She could see that Long Hui did not hold back his strength when he pushed the woman until her head hit the table there.

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”Don ’t blame others about this.
You are the one to bring this on yourself. ” Yu Qi said to the woman.

Yu Qi looked at the other flight attendants that also watched the situation.

”Take her and treat her wound. ” Yu Qi asked them.

The flight attendants were startled as they heard the woman addressed them.
They quickly lifted Mei Ling and brought her away.

They brought her to the other room.
They performed the first aid.
The wound looked bigger than they had thought after cleaning the blood.
However, they felt that she deserved that.

They already warned her about the consequences doing something like that.
But she never took the advice.
So, when something like this happened, they did not think that the man was wrong.

Someone would be startled if something fell on his laps.
With her motive like that, they could said, ’Serves you right ’.

Both man and woman just now were people that they must not offend since they could not afford that.
Well, people that could use the private plane must be someone either they were rich or they were important people.

Yu Qi went to the bedroom.
The water falling from the shower could be heard.
Long Hui probably was not done yet.
After 15 minutes, Long Hui came out with the towel on his waist.
Her eight packs were very enchanting.

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Yu Qi felt her throat had dried.
She swallowed her saliva.

Long Hui saw Yu Qi doing that, he smirked.

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