”Excuse me. ” Long Hui called the flight attendants.

Because of the incident happened earlier, the flight attendants seemed to be so scared of Long Hui as they flinched when they had heard his name.

One of the flight attendants stood up and faced Long Hui with a trembling smile on her lips.

”Yes, Sir.
Is there something that you want? ” She asked.

”May I know, is there any alcohol in our food just now? ” Long Hui inquired.

The flight attendants looked at her colleagues.
She confirmed that from her colleagues.
After a few moments, she turned back to Long Hui.

”Yes, Sir.
There was some amount of red wine in the meal and desserts.
Is there something wrong with it, Sir? ” The flight attendants confirmed that and asked again.

Thank you. ” Long Hui shook his head and walked away.

’No wonder she became like that just now.
She became bolder and wanted to ride me.
Well, I like that. ’ Long Hui chuckled from his thought.

Long Hui did not sleep after making love with Yu Qi.
They did almost 3 rounds before Yu Qi fell to sleep.
Did not want his beloved Qi Qi sleep in that condition, he wiped Yu Qi ’s body and made her wear a pajama.

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Wondering about Yu Qi who had became bold just now, he went out to ask the flight attendants.
His assumption became the truth.
There were some amount of red wine in their meal just now.

Well, he was satisfied about that.
He would let her slept since there was one hour before they would land down.
He was relaxing.
He could see that Su Yu Hi also fell into deep sleep in his seat.

Even though he did not like another man around Yu Qi but he could tolerate Su Yu Hi.
Yu Qi treated Su Yu Hi like her Tang Brothers.


”Are you sure that Yu Qi has been travelling in that flight? ” Tang Jung Wen asked his wife.

”I am not sure but it is Yu Qi ’s flight.
She has showed me the ticket and has confirmed that flight no.
to me. ” Ming Yue answered while sobbing.

Su Xiao also cried beside Ming Yue.
Tang Jung Wen clinched his fists.

Actually there was a news saying that the plane that Yu Qi supposed to ride crashed into the sea two hours after it had taken off.

Ming Yue and Su Xiao were watching a talk show in the television when the news was reported the incident.
When Ming Yue heard properly the news, she was very shocked.

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She talked to Yu Qi last night before Yu Qi had departured.
She asked what time that Yu Qi would be going.
Yu Qi told her everything.
The seat number, the time and also the flight number that Yu Qi was going to ride.
She recorded that.

Su Xiao was surprised when seeing her sister in law who had suddenly cried.
She asked what was the matter.
When Su Xiao heard that, she felt her heart just fell off.

Butler Han also listened to Ming Yue ’s talk, he quickly called their masters and young masters and told them about that matter.

They applied the emergency leave and returned home.
Even Tang Qin Hao returned home after hearing the news from Tang Jin Wei.

”Can we confirm with the airport about this matter? ” Tang Han Lee asked.

”Right now, they will not have enough time and staff to serve us.
There are a lot of people going to the airport to ask about this matter. ” Tang Jang Qin sighed.

”Then, we just have to sit here and wait for her death news? ” Tang Jin Wei was fl.u.s.tered about this.

Tang Qin Hao slammed Tang Jin Wei ’s head.

Tang Jin Wei turned to Tang Qin Hao.
”What are you doing? That hurts. ”

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”Just calm down, will you? She has not been confirmed to be dead yet. ” Tang Qin Hao glared at Tang Jin Wei feeling annoyed with his second brother.

Everyone was silent at the moment.
While Ming Yue and Su Xiao were currently sobbing as their husbands tried to calm down them.

”Grandpa! ” Tang Han Lee stood up and greeted his grandfather that just appeared walking toward them.

”Father. ” Tang Jung Wen greeted Grandpa Tang.

”Father. ” Tang Jang Qin also greeted Grandpa Tang.

”I hear the news. ” Grandpa Tang also watched the news reported in the television.

He was not paying any attention about the news.
Suddenly he realized that her granddaughter also departured to Fanghai Nation on the same day.

Then, he received the call from Butler Han about the matter.
Butler Han called him since he felt this news needed to be reported to Grandpa Tang.

Hearing the news, Grandpa Tang decided to return to FINN City.
He asked Pei Xian to be his driver.
He also asked Han Chu Xiao to follow him.
Song Nan would be left to take things at Godly Herbs Shop.

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Han Chu Xiao was trembling as she heard the news about her missing young miss.
And she was to be suspected riding the same flight that had crashed into the sea.
She was crying without the sound.
Only the tears fell down from her eyes.

”What is the situation right now? ” Grandpa Tang asked.

”It is not be confirmed yet. ” Tang Jung Wen answered.

”I have called the airport.
But still, my call has not been answered. ” Tang Jang Qin added and sighed.

”Can we not just go to the airport? ” Tang Jin Wei asked.

”Don ’t do the stupid thing.
Going there right now will not give you anything.
Beside, the traffic will be probably jammed right now. ” Tang Han Lee said.

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