Yu Qi looked at the restaurant in front of her and felt nostalgia.
It was exactly accidentally she first found out about this restaurant.
As Su Yu Hi had guessed, not many people knew about this restaurant since it was located in secluded area.

They needed to know the way to come to this restaurant.
Yu Qi first found out about this restaurant in her past life.
She was introduced to this restaurant by someone.

When she first time ate in this restaurant, she ended up eating too much.
Strangely, she did not have any digestive problem that she used to have.

In her past life, because of her life in Wang Family, she had always been starving, so she had the digestive problem since then.
She could not eat much, otherwise, her stomach would hurt.

When Yu Qi asked the owner of the restaurant, the owner told Yu Qi that all of the food that she cooked was the herbal meal.
She put some herbs into her cooking.
It was very delicious.
Yu Qi wanted to eat the food that the owner cooked again.

Yu Qi appeared at the entrance of the restaurant.
It was just evening time but the restaurant was almost full.
Everyone saw the beautiful woman were surprised.
Then appeared two men behind the woman making all of men in the restaurant that having some thought about the beautiful woman threw the idea away.

”Welcome, come in.
We still have some seat over there. ” The cheerful waitress said to Yu Qi.

”We want to meet your owner.
Is she here? ” Yu Qi asked.

The waitress ’s face turned gloomy.
She forced to smile to Yu Qi.

”I know that I have broken the rich girl ’s bracelet.
I will pay you.
So, does not need to tell my boss about that even she has promised you that she is going to pay for it. ” The waitress said.

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Yu Qi was stunned.
She turned and looked at Long Hui and Su Yu Hi.
Long Hui just made a small gesture that he did not know anything.
Su Yu Hi also shook his head telling her that he also did not know anything.

”Miss, I think you have misunderstand us.
We don ’t know what are you talking about.
I am here for the owner because of different reason. ” Yu Qi said to the waitress.

”Eh, you are not her friend? ” The waitress asked.

”Whose friend? ” Yu Qi tilted her head.

I am sorry.
I think that you are someone else. ” The waitress apologized quickly after realized that.

”It ’s okay.
Can you call the owner for me right now? ” Yu Qi said.

”Oh, okay.
Wait a minute.
You can sit here first. ” The waitress told them and ran off calling her boss.

”What are we doing here? ” Su Yu Hi asked.

”Ordering the catering services for tomorrow ’s party. ” Yu Qi answered while smiling.

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”Here? ” Su Yu Hi pointed his finger down.

”Yes. ” Yu Qi nodded.

Not long after that, the same waitress came out with a middle aged woman.

”Miss, here is the owner. ” The waitress pointed to the middle aged woman behind her.

”You want to meet me? ” The middle aged woman stepped forward and asked Yu Qi.

I have something to discuss with you.
Can we talk in private? ” Yu Qi asked.

The middle aged woman thought for a minute.
And then she nodded.
”Follow me. ” She walked away.

Yu Qi and the two men followed her to one room.
This room might be the middle aged woman ’s office.

”Sit here. ” The middle aged woman said.

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So, they sat facing the middle aged woman.

”Why do you want to see me? ” The middle aged woman asked directly.

”Chef Ye, I want to hire you as the chef for tomorrow ’s party.
Are you interested? ” Yu Qi asked.

The middle aged woman was a chef.
Her name was Ye Bai Qian.
She was a nutritionist before becoming the owner of this restaurant.

”Party? ” Ye Bai Qian asked back.
”You really want to hire me as a chef for the party? Just because of that? Then, I refuse. ”

Yu Qi did not feel angry with the rejection because she knew that Ye Bai Qian would be rejecting her.

”Don ’t reject us first.
I offer something that you want. ” Yu Qi chuckled.
”Chef Ye, do you hear about the greenhouse that has just completed the construction? ”

Ye Bai Qian looked straight at Yu Qi.
Of course, she heard about that.
She heard that the new greenhouse would grow up many kinds of herbs.

But why are you? ” Ye Bai Qian asked.

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”Chef Ye cooks herbal food.
Must use a lot of herbs in the cooking.
Is there enough herbs? ” Yu Qi asked mentioning the herbs.

Seeing Ye Bai Qian was silent, Yu Qi continued.
”The greenhouse can be your main supplier for the herbs. ”

”How can you talking about that? ” Ye Bai Qian asked.

Yu Qi definitely caught her attention now.

”Because I am the owner of that greenhouse.
You can confirm it with Mr.
Su Jin.
I bet you know him. ” Yu Qi simply told her identity.

Ye Bai Qian was stunned.
Of course she knew Su Jin.
She usually bought the herbs from his shop.
Then she remembered talking with Su Jin about the greenhouse.

Su Jin told her in an excited tone that there would be a greenhouse built for the herbs and he was personally involved in the construction of the greenhouse.

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