Yu Qi was busy handling the matters regarding the party.
The canopy had already been set up and the tables, as well the chairs were currently being arranged.

Grandpa Su and Su Fan were dumbfounded as they saw the people were working on the place.
They would not believe that Yu Qi could get it covered just in one day.

Yu Qi was currently at the kitchen cafe in the greenhouse.
Ye Bai Qian and her two assistants had arrived with the ingredients for the party tonight.

Long Hui helped them unloading the ingredients and brought the things to the kitchen.
Yu Qi wanted to help them to cook the meal.

Ye Bai Qian asked whether she could cook or not.
Yu Qi confidently said yes.
Well, not like she was showing off, but it was true.

Ye Bai Qian told Yu Qi if she did not like the way Yu Qi worked, she would ask Yu Qi to step away from the kitchen.
Yu Qi nodded as she understood that.

However, Ye Bai Qian would not have the opportunity to chase Yu Qi away since Yu Qi worked even better than her two assistants.

”You really know how to cook. ” Ye Bai Qian said.

”Well, I like cooking.
So, I have practised a lot. ” Yu Qi grinned.

”Let ’s do our best.
We have about 200 mouths to feed. ” Ye Bai Qian said.

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”Yes, Chef Ye. ” Others shouted.

They had 5 hours to cook and got ready for the party.

Su Yu Hi was relieved that everything had been completely arranged.
His boss was really reckless.
She just planned the party for 200 people in one day.
But he was already accustomed to her crazy brain.
Now, they only needed to wait for the food to be served and it was done.

”How is she doing this? ” Su Fan asked Su Yu Hi.

Since you will be working under her, you will understand later. ” Su Yu Hi smiled.


”What? My grandfather will be attending a party tonight? ” Mu Li Zei looked at his secretary with a questionable look.

I get this info from a reliable source. ” The secretary said.

”Do you know what party? ” Mu Li Zei asked again.

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”From what I know, it is a celebration party for greenhouse opening. ” The secretary looked through her tablet.

”Where is the party? ” Mu Li Zei inquired more.

”At Faway Hill. ” The secretary said.

Hearing the place ’s name, Mu Li Zei looked at his secretary with the narrowed eyes.
The land belonged to that person now.
Tang Yu Qi.
He clenched his fist.

”What is my schedule for tonight? ” Mu Li Zei asked.

”You have dinner with Mr William. ” The secretary answered.

”Postpone it.
I have another party to go. ” Mu Li Zei grinned evilly.

”Yes, Sir. ” The secretary nodded as she held back her anger.

Her boss really knew Mr William ’s temper but he just cancelled the long arranged appointment just like that.
It was not him that faced Mr William ’s anger but her.
Life sure sucks. ’

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Mu Li Zei returned home.
He saw Su Yu Qing and Mu Yian were talking in the living room.
Su Yu Qing turned around and saw her husband coming home.

”Husband. ” Su Yu Qing smiled.

”Dad. ” Mu Yian greeted Mu Li Zei.

Where is Kuang He? ” Mu Li Zei asked.
He did not ask about his second daughter, Mu Ring Xie since he knew that she was in her room.

”He still has not returned home. ” Su Yu Qing answered.

”That boy…
Can he be more mature? ” Mu Li Zei felt angry.
It was his only son but he was so foolish.

”Dad, he is still in high school.
Just let him be for now.
Let him enjoy first. ” Mu Yian tried to calm down her father.

”Humph!!! ” Mu Li Zei did not say anything.

When he was in Mu Kuang He ’s age, he struggled.
He needed to be competent since his older half brother was very excellent in what his older half brother did unlike himself.

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He did not have time to waste.
Improved his skill…
That was all he was doing at that time.
Even though his father did not say anything but he knew that his father compared him with his older half brother.

It made him very fl.u.s.tered.
Not only his father but everyone in the school liked his older half brother, making Mu Li Zei grew more hatred in his heart towards his older half brother.

Mu Li Zei took a deep breath.
’That man has already died.
No need to think about him anymore. ’ He remembered today ’s plan.

”We are going for a party tonight. ” Mu Li Zei announced.

”A party? Whose party? ” Su Yu Qing quickly asked.

She really loved to attend the party because she could show off herself and her family.
Those women were very jealous when she was the centre of the women.

Having a rich husband with three good children made herself completed.
People always talked about herself.

”Celebration party of the opening of the greenhouse.
That Tang Yu Qi ’s party. ” Mu Li Zei answered.

”What? Her party? ” Su Yu Qing frowned.
Even though that girl helped to treat her daughter, she still disliked her very much.

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”Has she invited us? ” Mu Yian looked at her father.

But she has invited Father. ” Mu Li Zei smiled.

”She has invited grandfather? ” Mu Yian ’s eyebrow raised.

”Yeah. ” Mu Li Zei nodded.

”Is it okay for us to come over without invitation? ” Mu Yian asked.

”She will not able to reject us since Father is there too. ” Mu Li Zei paused before continued again.
”We need to use this chance to get her sample for the DNA test. ”

”Oh, that is what you aim for.
Okay, Dad.
Let ’s crush her party. ” Mu Yian casted an evil smile.

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