Ye Bai Qian came out to refill the food.
She had been cooking for additional portions.
She knew that those men ate in the large portion.
It would not be strange if the food ran out quickly.

”Ye Bai Qian? ”

She heard a person called her name.
She lifted up her head and saw the person in front of her.
When she looked at the person, her expression went off for a moment before turned back to normal.
People would not notice the change.

”Ye Bai Qian?!!! ”

Her name had been called once again.
But this time by another person.
She looked over at the other person.

”Ye Bai Qian? What are you doing here? Do you follow my husband? ” Su Yu Qing said while pointing to Ye Bai Qian.

Mu Li Zei seemed to participate to hear Ye Bai Qian ’s answer.

”Of course not.
Don ’t you see I am working right now? ” Ye Bai Qian asked her people to refill the food.

Su Yu Qing looked up and down to Ye Bai Qian.
It was true that Ye Bai Qian was wearing an apron.

”Oh, are you working here? No wonder the food tastes bad.
I bet you are the one cook who have these food. ” Su Yu Qing threw a disgusted look at the food in front of her.

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”If you don ’t want to eat, you shut up.
There are a lot of people that want to eat. ” Ye Bai Qian responded.

Mu Li Zei did not do anything.
He was busy looking at Ye Bai Qian.
He did not expect to see her here.
It had been a long time since he last met her.

”Only low class eat the food like this. ” Su Yu Qing insulted Ye Bai Qian.

She had hated this woman for a long time.
It was because Ye Bai Qian was Mu Li Zei ’s first love.
Yeah, like she said, Mu Li Zei ’s first love.

Mu Li Zei met with Ye Bai Qian in the high school.
He was Ye Bai Qian ’s deskmate.
At first, he disliked her since she came from a poor family.
She had been accepted by the school because of her excellent result.

After interacting with her a few times, he became attracted to Ye Bai Qian.
He began to pursue her.
After a long time pursuing, Ye Bai Qian began to accept him.

Their relationship grew better until they finished school.
Both of them accepted by the same university.
Their relationship became better until Mu Li Zei felt that he wanted to get married to her.

Mu Li Zei brought Ye Bai Qian to his mother.
That time when things went wrong.
His mother disagreed with the relationship.
Mu Li Zei did not know what to do.

Then, his mother introduced him to Su Yu Qing.
Su Yu Qing was a daughter of a rich businessman.
His mother told him that Su Yu Qing could be his help to obtain power in the company.

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At that time, his father favoured his older half older brother so much.
He expected his family would be giving his older half brother a higher position in the company.

Because of that, he accepted Su Yu Qing.
As for Ye Bai Qian, he could not let her go.
So, he was two-timing her with Su Yu Qing.
He would explain to Ye Bai Qian if she found out about that by telling what he was doing for their future.

Ye Bai Qian really found out about his relationship with Su Yu Qing.
So, Mu Li Zei explained to her as he thought before.
Ye Bai Qian laughed heartily when she heard the reason.

She never wanted to live a rich life nor to be surrounded by wealth.
She just wanted a simple life with her beloved.
But she was thinking too much.
Mu Li Zei was not the person that could stand together with her.

She told Mu Li Zei that she wanted to break up with him.
Mu Li Zei did not want to.
He insisted that he was doing it for her sake.
Once again, she laughed.
She did not need his permission.
She would not have any relationship with him anymore.

However, Su Yu Qing also found out about Ye Bai Qian.
She attacked Ye Bai Qian after finding out about her.
She asked someone to kidnap Ye Bai Qian.
Thankfully, there was someone who was kind saw Ye Bai Qian and saved her from those men that wanted to kidnap her.

The man that helped Ye Bai Qian was a businessman too.
But he never told Ye Bai Qian about his identity.
He helped Ye Bai Qian finding out who the kidnapper was.
She found out that the person that instructed the kidnapper was Su Yu Qing.

Ye Bai Qian had a strong personality.
She confronted Su Yu Qing about that.
Su Yu Qing was laughed off about that.
Su Yu Qing told Su Yu Qing that she could not do anything to her

She could not do anything to Su Yu Qing.
However, she managed to give one slap to Su Yu Qing before leaving.
Su Yu Qing was very angry so much that she wanted to give a lesson to Ye Bai Qian but she could not able to find Ye Bai Qian anymore.

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”You are still a poor bitch as usual. ” Su Yu Qing mocked Ye Bai Qian.

”Oh, you are an arrogant bitch as usual. ” Ye Bai Qian replied with a mock too.

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