Grandpa Su was stunned as he watched Yu Qi chasing the Mu Family away with the head of Mu Family were still here.
To be more astonished, the Head of the Mu Family did not really care about his family which had been chased away.

”Grandpa Su, what ’s the matter? ” Yu Qi asked when she saw Grandpa Su seemed to be in a daze.

Just thinking about something. ” Grandpa Su heard Yu Qi asking him.

”Something? What? ” Yu Qi asked.

”I am just wondering how amazing you are to be able to invite a great person like Mr Mu Guang Qi. ” Grandpa Su said.

”Oh… ” Yu Qi smiled.

Not everyone here knew about the real relationship between Yu Qi and Grandpa Mu.

”Well, I have invited him because he is the person who has sold this land here at an affordable price to me. ” Yu Qi made a lie.

”Oh, yeah.
I have heard this land belonged to Mu Group previously. ” Grandpa Su seemed to accept the reason.

Grandpa Sang who heard the conversation turned to Grandpa Mu and gave a look to Grandpa Mu.

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Grandpa Mu noticed the look given by his friend.
”What? ” Grandpa Mu asked.

”Nothing. ” Grandpa Sang shook his head.

Grandpa Sang was actually thinking about the reason why his friend did not announce that Yu Qi was his granddaughter.
Then, when he was thinking about the other sons of his friend, he finally understood.
It was a way for his friend to protect his granddaughter.
This girl already became his friend ’s favourite granddaughter.

Yu Qi, Long Hui and Su Yu Hi returned to the hotel at 2 a.m.
They were returning in the morning because they wanted to make sure they were cleaning up so that, it would be easy for others to come and collect the canopy, table and chair.

”Can we go inside your space? ” Long Hui asked after they entered the hotel room.

”You want to go inside? Why? ” Yu Qi asked back.

”You can rest for a longer time when we are inside your space. ” Long Hui explained.
His beloved Qi Qi worked so hard.
He was worried about her.

Let ’s go in.
Aoi. ” Yu Qi agreed to enter, so she called Aoi.

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Aoi was using his invisible mode, disable the mode and appeared beside Yu Qi.
Yu Qi grabbed Aoi while Long Hui hugged Yu Qi from behind.
One blink, they were already in Yu Qi ’s space.

Yu Qi put Aoi down.
However, Long Hui still did not release her from the hug.
He just changed his position.
He walked side by side.

”By the way, why Aoi was in his invisible mode just now? ” Long Hui asked.

I made him spy on Mu Li Zei ’s family.
They were coming to the party with an aim. ” Yu Qi told Long Hui.

”An aim? What is that? ” Long Hui wanted to know so that he could protect his beloved Qi Qi.

”They want my sample for the DNA test. ” Yu Qi said.

”DNA test? ” Long Hui inquired more.

They are suspecting me as their relative. ” Yu Qi arrived at her bedroom.

”What will happen if they know you are their relative? ” Long Hui asked.

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”Probably will plot to get me killed? ” Yu Qi also did not know.
She just predicted that.

”Is that dangerous? ” Long Hui frowned.

”I will be careful. ” Yu Qi smiled.
”By the way, why are you in my bedroom? ”

Long Hui just grinned.
”Having you in my arm for three days makes me sleep better.
How can you make me sleep alone? ” This time, the expression on Long Hui ’s face changed.

Yu Qi ’s lips twitched.
’He is really trying to master his act.
Whatever… ’ If she chased him out, he might find his way in.
Let ’s not waste any time on that.

I want to take a quick shower first before sleeping.
And I want to take the shower ALONE. ” Yu Qi highlighted the last word.

If they took the shower together, another thing would happen.
Yu Qi did not want to get tired anymore.

”Okay. ” Long Hui answered like a well-behaved student.

Yu Qi disappeared behind the bathroom door.
Long Hui felt that he also wanted to take a shower.
He returned to his bedroom and took shower too.
Less than 10 minutes, he was already back in Yu Qi ’s room.

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Yu Qi came out of the bathroom after 20 minutes.
She was already wearing fully clothed pyjamas.
Long Hui was a little bit disappointed when seeing his beloved Qi Qi came out fully dressed.

”No funny thing tonight.
I want to sleep. ” Yu Qi gave a warning to Long Hui.

She had been tortured by Long Hui for three days straight.

We will be sleeping.
Purely sleeping. ” Long Hui grinned.

”With that grin on your face, I feel I can not believe you. ” Yu Qi said.

”I promise.
We will just sleep.
I just want to have you in my arm.
Can I? ” Long Hui turned on the puppy mode.

”Alright, I will believe you. ” Yu Qi climbed up to the bed.

Long Hui also followed Yu Qi.
Long Hui quickly pulled Yu Qi into his hug.

”Go to sleep.
I have already promised you that I will never do anything to you tonight. ” Long Hui placed his chin upper Yu Qi ’s head.

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Yu Qi leaned closer to Long Hui ’s chest.
So close until she could hear the sound of Long Hui ’s heartbeat.
It was very calming.
Yu Qi keeps listening to that until she fell asleep.

Long Hui could feel that Yu Qi had already fallen into a deep sleep.
Kissing her forehead and he also closed his eyes.

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