After finished his task, Xi Ling Won left.
Then Yu Qi ’s friends immediately surrounded her asking for the situation.
Yu Qi knew it would be going to happen after this.
She might get a headache about this. 

”Yu Qi, what is that? ” So Pang Lim referred to the earlier situation. 

”What was Mr.
Xi gave to you? ” Mei Lilli asked while looking at the spray bottle.

”Yu Qi… ” Yun Xiao also demanded the same thing.

While Song Ha Ting also wanted to know about the truth.
Only Ding Na An looked uninterested to know about the truth of the situation.

”Okay, guys, let me explain, will you? ” Yu Qi sighed.
She was very thankful to Xi Ling Won that giving back her lotion but this situation really made her getting a headache.

”I came here with my brother sending me back here.
I left this lotion behind in his car.
So, he asked Mr.
Xi to give it to me because after my brother sent me, he left to meet Mr.
Apparently, they are a friend.
I just know that yesterday. ” Yu Qi explained.

Her friend nodded meaning they understood the situation. 

”Now, can we go and eat? ” Yu Qi asked.
She was quite hungry.

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”Oh, okay.
Let ’s go.
I ’m also hungry. ” So Pang Lim said.

”So, where we want to eat? Our cafe or outside? ” Mei Lilli threw the question.

”Let ’s eat at our cafe.
There are a lot of insects that will come and disturb us when we eat at the outside cafe. ” Yu Qi gave out the reason.

Her friends nodded understanding the situation.
They also experienced it.
However, someone did not get the message.

”Wait, insects? Really? That is disgusting. ” Song Ha Ting said innocently.
She also made a facial expression.

Everyone was stunned for a moment.
Then they were laughing at Song Ha Ting.

Song Ha Ting did not get why her friends were laughing, so she asked.
”Why are you guys laughing? ”

”Our Ha Ting is really innocent. ” So Pang Lim said while patting Song Ha Ting ’s head.

”Guys, tell me why are you laughing? ” 

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It was the weekend.
Because it was the beginning of the new semester, there were no assignments to keep Yu Qi at University.
So, she decided to go to the Harmony Orphanage to talk a look at the children there. 

So, in the morning, after breakfast, she went to the bus station Aoi.
Getting the bus ticket to Sun City, and got on it.
Three hours later, she arrived at the Sun City bus station. 

Yu Qi thought it was bad going to the Harmony Orphanage with an empty hand.
So, she decided to go to the shopping mall first to get something to those kids in the Harmony Orphanage. 

Because it was the weekend, the shopping mall had many visitors.
Yu Qi walked straight to the bookstore.
She wanted to buy some of the stories books to the younger kids to read.
For the older kids, maybe some of the reference books might help them in their studies. 

”Miss, are these books can be delivered to the place that I want to? ” Yu Qi asked the shop assistant after she was done choosing the books that she wanted to buy. 

This was not that Yu Qi did not want to carry by herself but there were too many of them.
She could not bring them alone.
Asking Aoi ’s help was out of the question. 

We do the delivery. ” The shop assistant was surprised when suddenly a beautiful girl asked him a question.

”Okay, then.
Please deliver these books to Harmony Orphanage.
Here is the address for the orphanage. ” Yu Qi wrote down the address of Harmony Orphanage. 

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She made the payment for these books and left the bookstore.
She then wandered around.
She spotted the toy shop.
She could buy some games that the children could play together.
She chose some games and made payments for them.
Same as the bookstore, Yu Qi asked the shop assistant to deliver the game that she purchased to the Harmony Orphanage.
She e already satisfied with the things that she bought. 

’Want to eat something? ’ Yu Qi asked Aoi through telepathy. 

I will love to. ’ As a foodie, Aoi always agreed on eating. 

So, they walked to find a shop that sold some food.
So, they head up to the three floors.
From what Yu Qi had asked people, there were plenty of shops and cafes on the three floors.
Yu Qi did not want to use the elevator because it was almost packed in there.
So, she decided to use the escalator. 

When things were good, something that not good was bounded to happen.
Right after Yu Qi was about to get off from the escalator, someone pushed her aside.
She did not have time to balance herself ended up falling from the escalator.
However, she managed to grab something that stopped her falling.

’Master!!! ’ Aoi screamed Yu Qi ’s name.

’Don ’t worry.
I ’m alright. ’ Yu Qi assured Aoi.

’But… ’ 

’I will be safe.
You, track the person that pushes me.
Hold him back.
Don ’t let him escape. ’

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Yes… ’ Aoi went to chase the man.

Everyone was screaming when seeing a girl fell from the escalator.
Someone called the police and ambulance.

”Girl, just hang on.
Help will come soon. ” Someone shouted to Yu Qi trying to calm Yu Qi. 

You will be alright. ” Another one shouted too.
Right now, they just could wait for help to come and save the girl.

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