”Where is the man? ” Yu Qi asked Su Yu Hi after entering the company.

”He is in the meeting room.
Our men guard him. ” Su Yu Hi said.

”Let ’s go and meet the traitor. ” Yu Qi stepped inside the meeting room.

When she was about to enter the room, she listened to that man talking.

”Hey, you can not hold me here.
It is illegal. ” The man said to the guard.

”Illegal? It is nothing other than what you have been doing to my company. ” Yu Qi smiled coldly at the man.

”What? Who are you? What are you talking about? Your company? ” The man was shocked at the beginning however he was mocking Yu Qi at the end.

”I wonder how do you get into this company.
Brother Yu Hi, you have the answer, right? ” Yu Qi looked over at Su Yu Hi.

”Yes. ” Su Yu Hi nodded respectfully.

The man saw Su Yu Hi.
He knew that Su Yu Hi was the boss.
And the man that he knew as his boss obeyed a young woman.

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”Look like we are going to have a long talk. ” Yu Qi glared at the man.

Who are you? ” The man began to panic.

Yu Qi ignored the man.
She opened the file that Su Yu Hi just gave to her.
It was the man ’s information.
’Han Jue An.
30 years old.
Working at Hanuel Company before coming to Qi Qi Skincare.
The reason for resigning was to get caught after selling the company ’s information. ’ Yu Qi frowned.

”Bring me that person who has brought this person in. ” Yu Qi shouted.

”Yes. ” Su Yu Hi nodded before going out.

Han Jue An was shocked.
This woman…
Is this company really hers?

”You! ” Yu Qi pointed to Han Jue An.
”Let ’s talk about how you have signed the contract with Lovely Spa. ”

Han Jue An felt the pressure.
The pressure released by Yu Qi was not normal.
He felt really difficult to talk.
Looked like the contract that he had been signed with Lovely Spa exposed.

”You don ’t want to talk? Then, I will let you talk. ” Yu Qi smiled wickedly to Han Jue An.

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Han Jue An felt danger as he looked the young woman slowly approached him.

”Don ’t…
Don ’t come near me. ” Han Jue An tried to stop the young woman from approaching him.

Yu Qi brought out a long needle.
She put it on Han Jue An ’s hand.
Han Jue An quickly shouted.

”Argh!!!! Hurt!!! It ’s hurt!!! ” Han Jue An shouted in pain.

”Of course, it is hurt.
When someone strikes that point, it will hurt like hell. ” Yu Qi explained.
”If you don ’t want to be in pain anymore, tell me quickly. ”

”I will talk.
I will talk.
Just make the pain go away. ” Han Jue An agreed at once.
It was hurt so badly.

Yu Qi quickly pulled out the needle from Han Jue An ’s hand.
Han Jue An breathed hardly.

”Then, talk. ” Yu Qi said to Han Jue An.

Han Jue An hesitated again.

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”Do you need to feel the pain again to make you talk? ” Yu Qi asked again when seeing Han Jue An had been unresponded to her.

”No! ” Han Jue An shook his hand.
He really did not want to feel that pain again.
It was really hurt like hell.

”Then talk.
I don ’t have all day. ” Yu Qi snapped.

I have been approached by one of my friends three months ago…
At first, she has been just asking about the products since she knows that I am working at Qi Qi Skincare Factory.
After a while, she has come again telling me that she wanted to cooperate with Qi Qi Skincare and told me that she is working at Lovely Spa.
She wants me to make a contract that Qi Qi Skincare will supply its product to Lovely Spa.
I have hesitated at the beginning.
However, after had been bribed with my friend, I drafted the contract and she signed it. ” Han Jue An told the whole story.

”Tell me your friend ’s name. ” Yu Qi said.

”Man Lee Hi. ” Han Jue An straightly mentioned it.

Yu Qi took out her phone and dialled one number.

Han Baise: ”Hello. ”

Yu Qi: ”Hello.
Investigate a person.
Man Hee Hi, woman.
She may be a worker at Lovely Spa.
I also want her account bank transaction. ”

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Han Baise: ”Okay. ”

Yu Qi ended the call.
She turned back to Han Jue An.

”Where do you see her? ” Yu Qi questioned Han Jue An back.

In a restaurant. ” Han Jue An answered.

”Alone? ”

”Yes. ”

”Restaurant ’s name? ”

”Qixing Restaurant. ”

”In a private room? ”

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”Yes. ”

”How has she bribed you? ”

”She has given me a bag of cash containing 5 million. ”

”Cash… ” Yu Qi narrowed her eyes.
”Where did she hand the bag to you? ”

”In the same room in the Qixing Restaurant. ”

”Do you remember the date? ”

2nd August. ”

”On the night? ”

”Yes. ”

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Yu Qi became silent.
Then, her phone was ringing.
She quickly answered it without looking at the caller.

Yu Qi: ”Hello. ”

Han Baise: ”I have already sent the file to your email.
Please check. ”

Yu Qi: ”One thing.
Please check the CCTV in Qixing Restaurant on 2nd August.
Find Man Lee Hi.
She was going with a man that night. ”

Han Baise: ”Okay. ”

The call ended again.
Yu Qi turned to Su Yu Hi.

”Brother Yu Hi.
Bring my laptop here. ” Yu Qi ordered.

”Yes. ” Su Yu Hi left the meeting room leaving Yu Qi and Han Jue An alone.

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