”Lee Hi… ” The husband was kind of hesitant to mention what he wanted to say to Man Lee Hi.

”Husband, what is this? ” Man Lee Hi asked.

The woman beside the husband grabbed her husband ’s hand and encouraged him.
The husband looked at the woman and nodded.

”Let ’s divorce. ” The husband said in one breath.

At first, Man Lee Hi could not understand what her husband said just now.
She was staring at her husband.
After a few moments, she understood.

”What kind of bullshit are you saying to me just now, Ye Wang? ” Man Lee Hi still asked in a low voice.
Her body already shaking in anger.

”Lee Hi, you do understand what I am talking about right now.
If you don ’t understand, I will say it to you again.
Man Lee Hi, let ’s divorce. ” Ye Wang looked straight at Man Lee Hi.

”HOW DARE YOU!!! ” Man Lee Hi snapped as she bang the table in front of her.

The loud sound made the police officer who was still guarding behind her grabbed her and wanted to her to be calm down.

Ye Wang and the woman were very shocked as they stood up and distanced themselves from Man Lee Hi.

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Man Lee Hi looked to Ye Wang and the woman.
She immediately understood right now.

”It is this bitch, right? She is the one who has seduced you, right? Ye Wang, say it. ” Man Lee Hi screamed.

Holding the woman ’s hand, Ye Wang said to Man Lee Hi.
”You are not fit to be my wife since you have already committed the crime.
This is An Qian, my childhood sweetheart.
She is already pregnant with my baby. ”

”What? You bastard!!! How dare you cheat on me? ” Man Lee Hi glared angrily at the couple.

”It is your fault.
I have clearly told you before that I want children.
But you have always told me that you are not ready to have a child yet.
You are already in your thirties.
But you still don ’t want to pregnant.
I too am not young anymore.
That is why I want to have a child as soon as possible. ” Ye Wang said to Man Lee Hi.

”This does not give you a green signal to cheat on me. ” Man Lee Hi shouted.

”So, what? Do you think I need to wait for you anymore? Don ’t think I don ’t know that you always have been sleeping with someone else as well? ” Ye Wang revealed the thing that he knew.

Man Lee Hi began to pale.
She was very shocked to hear the words came out of her husband ’s mouth.
She thought she keeps it safe.

What are you talking about? ” Man Lee Hi wanted to deny that.

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”What? Do you really think that I don ’t know about that? ” Ye Wang sneered.
”That is one of the reasons, I am cheating on our marriage since you have created first. ”

Man Lee Hi was speechless.
She did not know what to say anymore.

Seeing Man Lee Hi could not retort back, Ye Wang felt that there was nothing to say anymore.

”I will divorce you whether you want or not.
I come here just to inform you. ” Ye Wang pulled the woman out from the room leaving Man Lee Hi stunned as she was still being held by the police officer.

Man Lee Hi felt her world had been crushed.
Her husband wanted to divorce her and married another woman.
The company that she had been worked hard as hell abandoned her.


Yu Qi was smiling as she heard Ming Xuehai ’s report.
Today was the hearing of Man Lee Hi and Han Jue An ’s case.
Since it was the same case, it had been hearing on the same day.

Man Lee Hi was sentenced to 15 years in prison.
It was not the first time she had bribed a person and she also had received the bribe.

As for Han Jue An, it was his first crime to commit this crime.
And he had been a great help in this case, he was only sentenced to 2 years in prison.

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As for Lovely Spa, they gave Qi Qi Skincare the compensation of about two million.
Yu Qi asked Su Yu Hi to accept the money.
It was free money.

The news reported the case widely in the media.
Qi Qi Skincare ’s popularity increased.
More people knew about Qi Qi Skincare.
They were curious about Qi Qi Skincare as why this brand was so popular.
So, they ended up buying the product.

After the news about the case, the sale of the product boosted.
It was the highest sales ever since the opening.
Not to mention, History Spa also became popular since it was the only spa that used Qi Qi Skincare products on their treatments.

As for History Spa ’s branches project, it was about 80% completed.
Yu Qi chose three locations to open the branch first.
One was in the Wenya City.
The second was in Peqing City where the Xia family was there.
The third one was in Shixiang City where Feng Yue ’s family was there.

Yu Qi told Yung Ha Ten to train more people to work at the branches when they finished the project.
Yung Ha Ten told her that she did not need to worry about that.
Since she already covered it up.

Yung Ha Ten also thought that she would select her experienced workers to be the head of the branches of History Spa.
So that, they could be the leader and managed the branches spa according to History Spa at FINN City.

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