Seeing a familiar building in front of her made her felt nostalgic.
Yu Qi went to her university to take the graduation robe.
All the students that would graduate had to go and collect their graduation robes at their faculty.

Yu Qi walked into the faculty building.
At that time, some of the classes just finished their session.
So, the faculty hall was filled with the students who were just lingering to wait for their next class.

When they saw Yu Qi, their eyes lifted up and they rushed to greet Yu Qi.
Yu Qi was their senior who had managed to maintain her top place in her year.
Four pointers straight on 8 semesters.
What an achievement.

”Senior Tang… ”

Yu Qi saw some of the students came and greeted her.
She greeted them back with a smile.

”How are you guys? Is your study going well? ” Yu Qi asked them.

It is okay.
But it is getting difficult. ”

”That is because you are lazy to study. ”

”Don ’t say like that in front of Senior Tang. ”

Two of the students were bickering among them.
Yu Qi chuckled.

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Then one of the female students asked Yu Qi.
”Senior Tang, have you come to get the graduation robe? ”

Do you know where is it? ” Yu Qi asked the female student back.

”I am one of the members who has organized the graduation ceremony.
I will bring you over there. ” The female student offered her help.

”Is it okay? Don ’t you have class after this? ” Yu Qi asked since she did not want to bother the female student.

I don ’t have any classes after this. ” The female student quickly mentioned that.

You can lead the way.
Thank you. ” The female student said happily.

So, Yu Qi left with the female student.
Some of the students in the faculty hall were first year students.
So, they did not know who Yu Qi was.
So, they went to ask one of the seniors over there.

”Senior? Who is that beautiful girl just now? ” The first year student asked.

”Oh, that is one of our senior that will graduate in this year.
She is one of the top students in her year.
She has managed to get a full score in all of her exams.
The amazing thing is she gets that in four years straight. ” The person sing praises to Yu Qi.

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It is totally amazing. ” The first year student could not help to feel impressed with Yu Qi ’s achievements.


Yu Qi finally collected her graduation robe.
When she was doing so, her friends, Song Ha Ting, Mei Lilli, Yun Xiao, Ding Na An and So Pang Lim entered the room together.

So Pang Lim shouted excitedly to Yu Qi as her eyes laid on Yu Qi.
”Yu Qi. ” She went forward to hug Yu Qi.

However, Yu Qi dodged.
Well, she did not look at the person just now.
Having the thought of stranger hugging her was not a good feeling.
That was why she dodged.
Then, she lifted her face to see who was in front of her.

”Owh, it is you. ” Yu Qi said.

”Yu Qi, why are you so cold to me? ” So Pang Lim asked with a sad face.

”Sorry, I don ’t know it is you.
Here. ” Yu Qi came forward and hugged So Pang Lim.

”Pang Lim, you are such a child. ” Mei Lilli rolled her eyes.

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”You come together? ” Yu Qi asked her friends.

”Well, Pang Lim and I have already promised to meet today while we meet Yun Xiao, Ha Ting and Na An are on the way. ” Mei Lilli said.

”Hey, let ’s grab our robe and talk at another place. ” Yun Xiao said to his friends.

”Owh… ”

They went to collect their graduation robe and moved to the cafe.
Since it was lunchtime, there were a lot of students currently eating at the cafe.

”How does your internship going? ” Yun Xiao asked his friends.

”It is very good. ” Song Ha Ting excitedly answered it.

”Why? Have you found your prince charming over there? ” So Pang Lim asked jokingly to Song Ha Ting.

However, Song Ha Ting smiled shy as she answered that.
”Yes. ”

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”What? Really? ” So Pang Lim was surprised.
She was joking just now.

He is a second year houseman.
He always helps me out . ” Song Ha Ting shyly telling about her prince charming.

I want a boyfriend too. ” So Pang Lim was jealous.

”Just be patient.
You will get one someday. ” Mei Lilli said.
”Even I don ’t have a boyfriend yet. ”

”So, I have to wait for you to get a boyfriend first, until then, I can get my boyfriend? ” So Pang Lim asked.

”That is not what I mean. ” Mei Lilli rebuked.

Don ’t fight, okay.
It has been a long time since we are meeting each other. ” Yun Xiao stopped their fighting.

Okay… ” Mei Lilli did not want to continue.

We are just joking around. ” So Pang Lim laughed.

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”By the way, the ceremony will be held on the next day after tomorrow.
What is your plan for tomorrow? ” Ding Na An asked others.

Mei Lilli : ”I don ’t have any plan. ”

So Pang Lim: ”So,do I. ”

Yun Xiao: ”Me too. ”

Song Ha Ting: ”I also don ’t have any plan.

Then, everyone turned to Yu Qi.

”I have work to do. ” Yu Qi just smiled.

”Oh, I have forgotten that you have your own business here. ” So Pang Lim nodded.

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