”By the way, I heard the news about a spa has bribed one of your managers, Yu Qi. ” Mei Lilli remembered reading the news about that.

She paid attention to the news since the Qi Qi Skincare brand belonged to Yu Qi, her friend.
After using Qi Qi skincare, her complexion became better.
So, she had changed her product skincare to Qi Qi Skincare.

”It has been settled.
Don ’t worry about that. ” Yu Qi smiled.
”How about we having fun for tonight after having dinner together? ”

”That is a good idea.
I want to drink at Rose Night club. ” So Pang Lim supported the idea.

Yu Qi remembered Rose Night Club.
The owner, Mr.
Black gave his help while she encountered a problem with a man named Young Master Han.
He sent Mr.
Yan to her aide.

Let ’s have dinner together and after that, we will go to Rose Night Club. ” Yu Qi confirmed the time.
”I want to go to my shooting club later to see my juniors. ”

I also have promised my junior to see her. ” Song Ha Ting clapped her hand once.

Let ’s meet later. ” So Pang Lim was excited that she seemed to shout a little louder making others looked at them.

Mei Lilli felt a little embarrassed when others looked at them, hit So Pang Lim ’s back.

”Ouch! Why are you hitting me? ” So Pang Lim asked with a questionable face.

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”Can you lower your voice? It is embarrassing. ” Mei Lilli said to So Pang Lim.

”When I am looking at you two, I feel like I have been watching drama between mother and rebellious daughter. ” Yun Xiao chuckled.

”If she is my daughter, I will hit her even harder. ” Mei Lilli rolled her eyes.

”You are a cruel mother. ” So Pang Lim also rolled her eyes at Mei Lilli.

Then everyone laughed together.


Yu Qi walked into the shooting club area.
They were some of the club members that being practised in the shooting ground.
She walked around.
Then, someone approached her.

”Senior Tang? ” He called.

”Yes? ” Yu Qi tilted her head.
She did not know this student.
Probably a first year student.

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”It is really Senior Tang. ” The first year student became excited.
He began to shout to his friends.
”Guys, Senior Tang is here.
Senior Tang is here. ”

Yu Qi was dumbfounded as she watched the student shouted like that.
Then people started gathering around Yu Qi asking questions to Yu Qi.
If the questions were in the range of Yu Qi could answer the question, she would answer.

”Sister Yu Qi. ” A girl shouted excitedly.

Yu Qi turned around and saw Zhu Xiao Ling running toward her.
She was smiling.
Everyone was stunned as they looked at the smile.

”I hear about you becoming the Captain of Shooting Club.
Congratulation. ” Yu Qi said to Zhu Xiao Ling.

”Actually, it is because of our club members that want me to be the Captain.
Since I have accepted the role, I will act like one. ” Zhu Xiao Ling explained.

”Good. ” Yu Qi nodded.

”By the way, why are you here, Sister Yu Qi? ” Zhu Xiao Ling asked Yu Qi since she did not know why Yu Qi was here today.
She seemed to forget that the graduation day was nearby.

”Captain Zhu, Senior Tang must have come for graduation day. ” One of the members answered the question.

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”Oh, I forget about that. ” Zhu Xiao Ling was surprised.
”Is it the day after tomorrow? ”

”Yeah. ” Yu Qi nodded.

”I will go and see you on that day. ” Zhu Xiao Ling said.

”How about your sister? Is she also graduating this year? ” Yu Qi asked.

However, it has been scheduled for the next month.
By the way, she has already entered the military compound as a soldier. ” Zhu Xiao Ling gave information about her sister, Zhu Lao Lin.

”I see. ” Yu Qi nodded.

”Senior Tang, since you are already here, can you show us your ability? I really want to see the queen of shooting competition. ” A first year member asked Yu Qi politely.

”Sure, why not? ” It was her junior in the shooting club.
She could satisfy his request.


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After having dinner with her friends, as they planned, they went to Rose Night Club.
Since it just passed 9 p.m., the people in the club were not that many.
Yu Qi already made the reservation so that, they could enter directly.

The club entrance had two guarda controlled the entrance.
So, the minor had no chance to enter since the guard would ask for your identity card.

Yu Qi was surprised when she first time saw this rule.
Usually, a night club would not bother about that so much.
If the minor had money to spend in the night club, the night club did not mind having them inside.

Yu Qi gave her identity card to the guard.
When the guard saw the name on the identity card, they asked her politely.

”Miss Tang, how many are your friends? ” The guard asked.

”Six people including me. ” Yu Qi answered.

”Then, you and your friends can directly enter the club. ” The guard gestured Yu Qi and her friends to enter the club.

They entered the club.

”They don ’t have to check our identity card? ” So Pang Lim asked.

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She had come multiple times here.
Each times she came, the guard would definitely check her identity card.
Even though her friend already made the reservation.

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