”I don ’t know. ” Yu Qi made a gesture that she also did not know anything.

”Don ’t think about an insignificant thing too much. ” Mei Lilli felt that matter was not worth thinking about.

Okay… ” So Pang Lim gave up thinking about that matter.

They headed to the reservation room.
Entering the room, they immediately ordered some drinks and snacks.
So Pang Lim saw some drinks with weird colour so she wanted to try to order them.

”Look, there are some drinks in beautiful colour.
Let ’s order and try them. ” So Pang Lim said.

”Don ’t order them if you don ’t know what its contains.
It may have dangerous substances. ” Mei Lilli stopped So Pang Lim.
”I really doubt your identity as a medical student. ”

”I study about human skin.
Not in those substances. ” So Pang Lim rebuked.

”Usually those beautiful drinks have a high concentration of alcohol.
One sip and you are down.
It targets women to drink since it has a beautiful colour that usually women will like to choose. ” Yu Qi explained.

That dangerous? Okay…
I will not order those drinks. ” So Pang Lim shook her head.

The room had a lot of games.
It even had a karaoke set.
Mei Lilli liked to sing.
She immediately grabbed the microphone and chose the song that she wanted to sing.

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Seeing Mei Lilli chose the familiar song, Yun Xiao grabbed another microphone and went duet with Mei Lilli.
Both of them had a nice voice and the song was very good.

They took turns singing.
Yu Qi just watched them singing.

”Yu Qi, can you accompany me to the toilet? ” Song Ha Ting asked Yu Qi.

”Okay. ” Yu Qi nodded.

It was better for Song Ha Ting if Yu Qi accompanied her.
Anything could happen to a weak woman like Song Ha Ting in this place.
After doing her business, both of them returned to their room.

Yu Qi was looking at her phone reading the message from Ming Xuehai regarding Harmony Orphanage.
So, she did not pay much attention to the surrounding.
She just followed Song Ha Ting.
She heard that Song Ha Ting opened the door.

However, Song Ha Ting did not enter and stopped in front of the door.
Yu Qi bumped into her back.
Yu Qi did not have time to ask Song Ha Ting.
She heard an unknown man ’s voice.

”Oh, two beauty come and has delivered themselves to us. ” An unfamiliar man ’s voice stroked Yu Qi ’s hearing.

Yu Qi lifted up her head and looked in front of her.
Song Ha Ting opened the wrong door.
She glanced inside the room.
There were several men accompanied by several women.

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Yu Qi could see that the women were hired by those men since their clothes were very revealed.
She did not want to make trouble.
So, she quickly pulled Song Ha Ting ’s hand and wanted to get out.

But one man quickly stood up and got in front of them, stopping them from stepping outside.
Yu Qi narrowed her eyes looking at the man.

”Beauty, let ’s drink together. ” The man wanted to touch Yu Qi ’s face.

Yu Qi ’s face smoothly moved her face aside avoiding the man ’s hand from touching her face.

”We have entered the wrong room.
We are sorry.
I hope you can step aside so that we can get out. ” Yu Qi said to the man.

”It is destiny for you to come to this room.
Come and drink with us. ” The man did not give and invited Yu Qi and Song Ha Ting to drink with them.

Yu Qi glared coldly at the man.
”You better let us go since I have asked you nicely. ”

”Oh, you are so fierce.
I am scared. ” The man clearly did not have any intention to let the beauties go.

Yu Qi pulled Song Ha Ting behind her back to protect her.
The people inside the room just sat on their seat and watched the show silently.

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The man came forward and wanted to grabbed Yu Qi ’s hand.
Instead of grabbing the beauty ’s hand, his body frozen.
Only his face could make a little movement and could speak.

”What happen to my body? ” The man spoke in a panic.

”Don ’t worry.
Nothing happen to you.
The effect will be neutralized in fifteen minutes.
However, if you force yourself to move, the damage will be severed. ” Yu Qi said blankly.

”What? ” The man ’s face expression was shocked.

Yu Qi stepped approaching the man and pulled out the needles that she had thrown at the man.
When the man saw this, his eyes became widened.
He did not see when the beauty threw the needles to him.
And the most terrific part, the needles struck at the point that she wanted them to be.

Even the onlookers in the room were very shocked seeing this scene.
Really, like the man, they did not really know when the beauty threw the needles to their friend.

”I think I can leave right now.
If someone wants to become like him, feel free to block me. ” Yu Qi glanced at the man ’s friends.

None of them moved to block Yu Qi and Song Ha Ting.
They did not want to be like their friend.

”Oh, like I say before, your friend can move in fifteen minutes.
So let him be.
Otherwise, he will be injured. ” Yu Qi managed to turn and gave the advise to them before leaving the room with Song Ha Ting.

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