Yi Ang Pen ’s face changed after hearing the sentence from Ding Qian Qin.
He came to see his daughter to improve his relationship with his daughter.

Actually Yi Ang Pen was surprised to see his former wife here.
He wondered what she was doing here until he saw Ding Na An.
She had the same face as Ding Qian Qin.
Meaning it was her daughter.
Her daughter had already grown up.
If he did not saw her today, he did not remember that he had this daughter.

Yi Ang Pen remembered when he was divorcing Ding Qian Qin, Ding Qian Qin had just given birth to a daughter.
He was not paying any attention to the baby since his lover had also given birth to a daughter too.

He saw that his daughter was close to the famous Tang Family.
It seemed that his daughter was in the relationship with the eldest young master of Tang Family.
If he could use that, his status would be much higher than now.

He wanted to call his daughter but he did not know what her name was.
He became awkward.

”Everyone, let ’s go and have lunch together. ” Yu Qi said.

We can know each other better. ” Yi Ang Pen shamelessly wanted to join too.

Yi, I think your daughter, Yi Ren Shiang ’s ceremony will start soon.
And we are not familiar to you.
So we will not have any kind of relationship with you after this. ” Ming Yue already concluded that this man was not a good person when Ding Qian Qin said that he had a mistress when he was Ding Qian Qin ’s husband.

”But I am her father. ” Yi Ang Pen pointed at Ding Na An.

”Sorry, Sir.
You are not my father.
My surname is Ding while your surname is Yi. ” Ding Na An would never acknowledge the man in front of her as her father after what had happened to her mother.

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When she was young, she had asked her older sister about her father.
Why did they not have a father while others have? Her older sister explained everything to her.
After that, she had already erased the existence of a father in her life.
It would be fine even though she did not have a father.

”You! ” Yi Ang Pen felt angry.
He then turned and looked at Ding Qian Qin.
”You have told her to hate me, right? ”

Yi, my mother doesn ’t have to say anything.
I am already grown up and have my own thoughts.
I can think. ” Ding Na An rebuked.

And we are not stupid.
You are not in my sister ’s life for so many years.
Who do you want to fool, huh? ” Ding Guan Ye joined in.

”You two… ” Yi Ang Pen was speechless that he had been bombed by his two daughters.

Yi, I think you can leave now since you are not welcome here. ” Tang Jung Wen finally made a voice.

Yi Ang Pen could not reject when Tang Jung Wen spoke.
He left reluctantly.

”I am speechless when meeting such a shamelessly man like him. ” Su Xiao rolled her eyes when seeing that man ’s back.

”I am sorry, you have to witness such an embarrassing situation. ” Ding Qian Qin apologized.

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”Don ’t apologize.
It is not your fault. ” Ming Yue said to Ding Qian Qin.

”Yeah, Mother.
It is not your fault. ” Ding Guan Ye was afraid that her mother would think much about that.

”Stop thinking about it.
Let ’s go and have lunch together. ” Yu Qi said.

Let ’s go. ” Grandpa Tang nodded.

Yu Qi wanted to walk away.
But her eyes stopped at a man who walked towards her.

That man gave a smile to her.
Everyone looked at him especially, women, as they melted when they saw that smile.

The man stopped in front of Yu Qi.
He called Yu Qi ’s name intimately.
”Qi Qi. ”

”Brother Hui. ” Yu Qi threw herself into Long Hui ’s arm.
”I have never thought you will be here today. ”

”I am sorry, I am late. ” Long Hui caught his beloved Qi Qi.

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Humm… ” Yu Qi shook her head.
”I don ’t mind.
I am just happy since you can come here. ”

Ehem… ” Grandpa Tang made a fer fake coughs.

Both of Yu Qi and Long Hui released each other from the hug.
Long Hui maintained that stoic face while Yu Qi was blushing in red.
She forgot that they were in public.
She just very happy that Long Hui could show up on her graduation day.

”We will have lunch together.
Xiao Hui, will you like to join us? ” Ming Yue asked saving Yu Qi and Long Hui.

”Sure, Auntie. ” Long Hui agreed.

Long Hui grabbed Yu Qi ’s hand and held it.
Yu Qi did not reject.
She was actually happy about that.

Tang Han Lee saw that.
He also acted the same way as Long Hui.
He grabbed Ding Na An ’s hand and held it while walking together.

Ding Na An was very surprised.
She was also blushing.

Ming Yue and Ding Qian Qin saw that.
They were chuckling.
Ming Yue felt her son had a good lesson from Long Hui.
She also pulled her husband ’s hand and hugged it.
Tang Jung Wen felt his wife ’s happiness.
Ding Qian Qin was happy that Ding Na An could find her happiness.

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Tang Jin Wei looked at the couples.
He was very jealous right now.
His girlfriend was not here.
Otherwise he would not feel like this.
After returning, he would be cuddle with his lover.
That was for sure.

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