The lunch was very enjoyable with two families celebrating the graduation of the two girls.
Su Xiao, Ming Yue and Ding Qian Qin and Ding Guan Ye were talking with each other.

Grandpa Tang took a look at Ding Na An.
He was very satisfied with Tang Han Lee ’s choice.
She seemed to be a good girl since Yu Qi was her good friend.
Meaning Ding Na An had a good character.
His granddaughter would not be friends with someone that had a bad character.

As for Yu Qi, of course, her attention was on Long Hui.
She never expected that Long Hui would come for her graduation day because she knew that he had a lot of work.

Leaving Tang Jung Wen and Tang Jin Wei alone.

”You don ’t tell me that you want to come. ” Yu Qi said to Long Hui.

”I just come back from a mission two days ago.
After writing the report, I have rushed here for your graduation day.
I don ’t want to miss your important day if I can attend it. ” Long Hui explained to Yu Qi.

”Do you feel tired? ” Yu Qi was worried about his health.

”I am fine. ” Long Hui said.

She grabbed his wrist to read his pulse.
After confirming that he was fine, but he was just a little tired.
He needed sleep.

”After this lunch, take rest and sleep.
You are lacking sleep. ” Yu Qi ordered.

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I want to be with you. ” Long Hui made a wronged face.

”You need to sleep.
Besides I have a plan together with my friends this evening. ” Yu Qi did not forget that she had a plan with her friends.

”You want to leave me alone? ” Long Hui felt more wronged.

”Brother Hui, I have made the plan with them first.
If I have known that you will be coming, I will not plan it.
Since I have already planned it, I need to keep my promise. ” Of course, she wanted to be with him but it would not be nice of her to cancel that plan since it might a last time that she and her friends could gather like this.

She moved closer to Long Hui and whispered.
”You will sleep in my space anyway.
We still have longer time to be together.
After you wake up, Bo Ya will inform me and I will bring you out. ”

Long Hui lifted up his eyebrows.
It was indeed a good idea.
Sleeping in his beloved Qi Qi ’s space was better compared to other place.

I will listen to you.
I will sleep later. ” Long Hui said obeying his beloved Qi Qi.
”By the way, your speech before was good. ”

”Huh? You listen to it? When have you arrived here? ” Yu Qi asked, confused.

”Actually, I have made Third Brother record the video of you receiving the scroll.
He has also recorded your speech too. ” Long Hui grinned.

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”He was here before? In the hall too? ” Yu Qi was surprised.

”Yeah. ” Long Hui nodded.

”Why doesn ’t he come and meet me? ” Yu Qi asked.

”Well, after the ceremony, he does want to meet with you but something has happened at his workplace.
So, he has to leave first. ” Long Hui explained.

”I see.
By the way, what is Third Brother ’s work? ” Yu Qi did not know much about Liang Mo Han.

”He has a business here, I guess…
I am not so sure about that.
You can ask him later when you meet with him. ” Long Hui said.

”Yu Qi does not care about us when Xiao Hui is in front of her eyes. ” Ming Yue interrupted the conversation.

Yu Qi quickly turned to look at her aunties.
She was scratching her face while smiling.
”Of course not.
You have been talking with others earlier.
I don ’t want to disturb you. ”

”Really? Humph! ” Grandpa Tang narrowed his eyes.

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”Of course, Grandpa. ” Yu Qi was acting cute.

Grandpa Tang looked at Long Hui.
”Yu Qi has already graduated.
When will you fulfill your promise? ”

”Two week from now, Grandpa Tang. ” Long Hui answered it firmly.

I will be waiting for it. ” Grandpa Long nodded, satisfied with Long Hui ’s answer.

Yu Qi was confused with the conversation.
She immediately asked them.

”Huh? What is it about? ”

Grandpa Tang and Long Hui did not answer it.
So, Yu Qi turned to Tang Jin Wei with questionable face.

”Little Sis, don ’t ask me.
I also don ’t know about that. ” Tang Jin Wei shook his head.

Yu Qi began to ask others.
However none of them knew about that either.
What promise that Long Hui made to Grandpa Tang? What made it so secretive? She was curious about that but neither grandpa nor Long Hui answered her question after being asked multiple times.

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I will know about it later. ” Yu Qi gave up.

”By the way, Auntie Ming Yue, how about my friend over here? ” Yu Qi changed the topic to Ding Na An.

”Of course, I like her.
I can ’t wait for her to be my daughter in law. ” Ming Yue was happy.

Ding Na An as the main character in the topic was blushing red.

”I have thought that my first son will never marry.
When he has told me that he has a girlfriend, I have thought that he is just lying to me. ”

”Why is that? ” Ding Qian Qin asked.

”Since I have thought he is a gay. ” Ming Yue told the reason.

Tang Han Lee coughed several times.
”Mum!!! ”

”I have just thought about it since you don ’t seem to have any feelings towards women unlike your brother. ” Ming Yue said.

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Tang Jin Wei and Yu Qi could not hold their laughs.
Ha Ha Ha… ”

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